Work Less Achieve More Get Ahead in Life

Work Less Achieve More Get Ahead in Life

At first, this concept “Work Less Achieve More Get Ahead in Life” may mean different to different people. The working professionals can be broadly divided into 3 categories. First, who believe in doing a lot of hard work to achieve success. Second, who believe in methods or strategies other than hard work to achieve success and finally those who are somewhere in between.

This means there are at least 33% people who already believe in “Work Less, Achieve More and Get Ahead in Life ” or in something similar. Interestingly, the contents of this article shall be found relevant by the people of all these three categories.

Different people different reactions

The hard working professionals will always advocate that there is no substitute to hard work. ‘How can there be a path to success without working hard?” …”Success is not easy.” …”Nothing can ever be achieved by merely wishing, you have to work hard to achieve something.”…. and such type of many arguments can be given by the first category.

Conversely, the people who do not believe in hard work and rather other methods of achieving success will be too happy with the initial part of this article.

What is this concept of ‘Work Less Achieve More Get Ahead In Life’?

Never ever it is the intention of this author to advocate insincere working or incompetent working or incomplete working. On the contrary, the idea is to explore various methods through which the output of a working professional can be more and better while keeping the input same.

Work Less Achieve More Get Ahead in Life

Why this concept of Work Less and Achieve More ?

Perhaps you have not noticed or taken into cognizance the many advantages which can accrue to you in case you work for lesser number of hours and yet you can achieve more in life. As a matter of fact, there are many advantages of not working long hours and yet you can achieve a lot in professional life.

Not convinced enough? Well, here are some of the advantages of work less and yet achieve more and get ahead in life:

1. Better Work Life Balance

Suppose you have been working for long hours – say 12 to 14 hours per day and now you want to experiment with this concept and decide to work no longer than 8 to 10 hours a day.

Therefore, with some extra time available, you can spend that much time with your family which generally comprises of parents, spouse and children. Just imagine how happy they would be to see you back home earlier than before? And that too less tired, with a lot of energy, walking in with a smile and ready to spend quality time with them.

In return, you would get the love and affection of your children, the blessings of your parents and the attention of your spouse. Don’t you think this is a great mental and spiritual tonic which will manifest in your physical output the next day? Please do read: How to achieve your Career Ambitions

2. Better Physical Fitness

With more time in hand, you may think of joining a gym or going for a morning walk or taking up some sport. Over a period of time, you would be healthier, more energetic and a vibrant self being. This good health will add years to your life span.

If you have been sleep deprived, you may now get adequate sleep – daily. We all know getting proper and full sleep daily is absolutely essential. Simply put, you can be productive for more number of years and enjoy your life too.

Mathematically you have added more active years in your active life.

3. Better Emotional and Mental Health

You now have new beneficial inputs to yourself which you did not enjoy earlier. These are a better physical condition, more love and affection from family members, a good home full of harmony etc. Are these not great and important blessings for you to let you enjoy a better mental health and emotional well being?

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4. Opportunities for great professional Networking and Socializing

By now you are better than many average persons. Your more energy, better mood and higher efficiency and smarter mental capabilities should not come as a surprise to you. The direct benefit of this is that you are already able to do more and better in lesser time.

With some more extra hours at your disposal and a great health you’d like to enjoy some time with friends, colleagues etc. and expand your social circle. It is but natural that you would like to network with people who are from the same career line or the domain you belong to. As your network increases, you will naturally be in a position to make use of more opportunities for career advancement or increasing your business, in case you are a business owner.

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5. Opportunities to upgrade your skills or learn new skills

You are now more physically fit, well connected and an emotionally happier person. Naturally you would like to think of ways of making further progress in your life. Thus adding to your skill sets or upgrading your skills would be one of the best options to move ahead in career and line of specialization.

Of course, you will now have the time, energy and the right intentions to do so. Over a period of time, you should be a more qualified, more skilled and more presentable person than your peers.

6. Better ability to Think, Plan and Execute

They say “a healthy mind in a healthy body” Naturally with the new schedule of lesser number of working hours, you are blessed with both ( physical and mental health). You will also the time to sit down in a relaxed manner to take stock of your current situation. You will be in a better position to understand the opportunities in the near future and distant future and make a proper plan which is in line with your career. This will enable you to fully exploit the opportunities which near future may have for you.

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7. More time to Read and Study

It is said “reader today, leader tomorrow”. Once you form a habit of doing good reading in your spare time, you will actually be inspired towards better things and higher goals in life.

With a more trained, educated and learned brain, your subconscious mind will vibrate at higher frequencies. If you believe in the law of attraction, you will naturally attract bigger, better and higher results for yourself in the times to come. You may also like to read: How to Slow Down Time Simple Techniques


Hopefully you are quite convinced about the concept of work less achieve more get ahead in life. The key to make this concept successfully work is:

  • Enjoy your work
  • Follow your passion

and you will perform better than a person who is only working very hard to get ahead in life.

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