What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife


What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife

Would you be interested to know what qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife ? Finding this subject quite interesting and debatable, we decided to do some research on internet and also talk to some married men as well as ‘ready to get married’ men and we got a huge list of the points. Naturally we had to edit by eliminating the unintelligent ideas and combining under one head the common points.

We begin this blog with some very common qualities which men look for while choosing their future wife and then take you to some specific as well as unique points. Hence read on. In addition to reading this article, there is also an interesting video at the end of this blog.

Introduction to men’s preferences while choosing their future wife

Since the inception of the human civilization it has been observed that men tend to marry women who are young, good looking and smart. Across the world it has been observed that the preferred choice of men is a woman who is at least 5 – 7 years younger than their age; she should be shorter in height than their height, should be good looking and attractive and well dressed. Interesting article: Valid Reasons to Get Married

The list does not stop here. She should be preferably from a rich cultural background and with a good IQ level. Another preference added to the list recently is that she should be financially independent as well and if not then at least financially well off.

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Next level of Men’s Expectations

It is a human nature to want more and more. This is equally applicable in this case also. While choosing a wife for himself, the person wants to go beyond the above list.

Somewhere at the back of their mind, quite few men would prefer to choose a lady as their wife who can play multiple roles successfully.  They want a lady who is not only good at house hold chores including cooking, home making and being a good mother to the kids but she should be equally smart enough to move along with men at the social functions and parties. Also you should know of Honest Questions Every Man Should Ask His Future Wife

What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife

Here is a further list of demands. It would not be surprising if these are termed as unreasonable by some, while it may be easy to very difficult to find such qualities in some women:

1. The future wife should be perfectly homely

She should look and dress up like a devoted and dutiful wife. Look after the house and children and welcome the husband with a smile when he returns home in the evening. During her free time she should read some good books.

2. Share the interests

She should join her husband to watch programs on TV which interest the husband and enjoy them too. The lady should take interest in sports like cricket or football and be update about the rules, players and current matches – just because the husband is interested.

3. She should possess a university degree and be financially independent

Yet she should give first priority to husband and home and last priority to her career.

4. She should have great social skills and excellent table manners

While she is expected to join the drinking session yet she should be sober and capable enough to bring her man home when he is totally drunk.

5. The lady should share husband’s beliefs

Do you think it is easily possible? Parents, family, neighborhood and society, education, situations and surroundings – all jointly contribute to the development of a personality of a person which includes the belief system together. Sometimes, even the siblings have different value systems, so how can a lady coming from a different family at a different location share 100% the belief system of her husband? No two individuals can ever be exactly the same.

6. She should make him a better man

Men expect the potential wife should lift up the person’s level of competence and success. Is it not too much to expect? If the man himself could not do it for himself then how can he expect the magic to happen after marriage?

7. The wife should take responsibility of the man’s professional success

This is a few steps ahead of the previous expectation. Some husbands want their wives to remember appointments and meetings! She should help her husband (part time) in managing his business and do a good job – while managing her own life!

8. Keep the Life and Relationship Interesting

Human beings especially men and kids get bored very easily. Whether it’s in work place, the workout plan, or in the bedroom, men want their women to keep things interesting, challenging and fun, and even spring surprises for him sometimes. Living with the same domestic partner for many years can easily bring monotony in the relationship as fun and excitement begins to dull. But if the woman can somehow manage to maintain a freshness and sense of discovery within the marriage partnership, the couple can enjoy a happy and monogamous relationship for a long time.

9. Emotionally stable and mature

While men look for woman who is emotionally mature and at the same time she should not lack the right emotions all together. The husband would want his wife to be a stable and mature lady who can stand on her own feet and has a well developed personality.

Since the life’s experiences give rise to emotions – both good and bad thus it is important to handle emotions responsibly and know when they are getting troublesome. It is generally believed that men are more practical compared to women who tend to base their decisions on emotions instead of logic or facts. However, life is a great teacher and as women grow older, they stop being over emotional and start to find a way to be practical, without losing their sensitivity and emotional edge.

10. Honesty and Sincerity

Generally men are perhaps more venerable than women, therefore, they want a life partner whom they can trust fully. A would be husband looks for a wife who will always be honest with him, no matter how tricky the situation. If he feels that his spouse may lie to him, even about little things, he will never open his heart fully to her, and will ultimately look elsewhere for the woman he can trust totally.

Some more typical demands of men: What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife?

11. Truthful Communication

A candid and clear communication is top priority for men. They want a wife who answers questions honestly, and even volunteers information. They want a life partner who values the truth, stand up for themselves and tell it like it is.

12. Trust and True commitment

Of all the virtues and qualities, fidelity and loyalty, is an absolute must for both man and woman for the relationship or the marriage to be successful and long lasting. Men never want a woman who has a “roaming eye”. In fact, situations like infidelity, adultery, cheaters, having an affair outside of the marriage are simply not acceptable to any partner who is committed to an honest relationship. So men want a wife who can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship. Interesting article: Why Married Women Cheat and have Extra Marital Affair

13. You offer him respect and priority

If you are a woman then you can win your man over by appreciating him with your words of genuine praise, affection, time, and your smile. When he comes home from work, you stop what you’re doing, stand up and greet him: it is the man you love has just walked in.

Do this no matter how occupied you are. Do this even if you’ve been married 10 years. It shows respect. Your man will always appreciate this quality in you.

14. Nurturer

Inside a big chest of every man, there is tiny heart which is soft, sensitive and may easily get emotionally overwhelmed. Perhaps, this is the reason that men love to be nurtured. If a woman treats her husband in ways that boosts his self respect, makes him feel wanted and gives her reasons to be confident then this is the kind of lady he would have for his wife. Men would rather have more praise, more endorsement of what they do right, more confirmation that they are great guys who are loved and appreciated. Also please see: When does your husband need your emotional support ?

15. Dependable 

16. Selfless

Overall: What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife?

A great wife is a joy to come home to after a long day. When the husband has had a bad / long / tough day, you give him the comfort and listen to his problems. You don’t shock him with a bad news when he walks in the door.

The man would always love his wife could sense that he’d had a rough day. She would make him a drink, turn on his favorite music, and sit with him. She’d rub his hands for a few minutes to reassure that everything would be alright and let him de-stress for 30 minutes without disturbing him with any other issue.

These important characteristics are exactly what a man looks for in a wife. Maybe there’s something you can do to more readily fit that role.

Threats from such a woman

With the perfect girl you might be searching for as per your expectations, there comes in a lot of threats as well. The lady who is ready to go with you in midnight for late night parties and is ready to drive you back home all alone, does not really require you.

Such a woman is self dependent and possesses the capability to pay back the bills in time and is not actually financially dependent on her man. She has the skills to drive and has the ability to perform all kinds of tasks on her own thus making her completely independent. At times such a lady can be good during dating times but when it comes to a more committed relationship they might not be apt. Such a woman at times might dump you for some better men who might be more capable or rich as compared to you. It would be interesting to know Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love with Other Woman.

How to find a woman of your choice?

While dating it is easier to find women with higher IQ. You might ask her about her degrees or her family background. A woman with more of higher degrees is supposed to be smarter than a women who is less educated. Similar so a female with an effluent family background is supposed to be smarter because of the social circle; she is a part of. A girl wearing a nice dress with a vibrant make up and especially who possess the attraction to hold your attention at the very first sight can be one made for you.

Is it preferable to date a divorcee?

It is not always preferable to date a divorcee. Firstly, try to know the reasons why the divorce actually happened. In certain cases more smart women tend to supersede men which might become a cause of divorce. Thus, if you are heading towards a serious relationship be it happily married life or live in relationship firstly try to know the background of her divorce as her high headedness might be cause of obstacle and might lead to disaster in the relationship.

For any successful relationship it is always preferred to have a good understanding between both the partners, and expectations at one end might kill a relationship. Thus this is always advisable to have a balanced relationship where expectations from either of the partner do not suppress the other one.

What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife – the final word

Of course a man can marry a woman smarter than him. Smartness does not mean the facial beauty of a lady rather smartness is the behavior that the lady possesses which include both simple looks and pleasing manners. It is up to the man who can appreciate her behavior.

Video: 10 Qualities Men Look For While Choosing Their Future Wife


The list goes on but these are some of most common qualities that men look for in their future wife. However, it is particularly important to keep in mind that just expecting these qualities in your wife is not enough. The practical side is that it is almost impossible to find a girl who possesses all these qualities. Even if we presume that you have come across such a girl then it is not necessary that she is interested in you and is therefore, ruled out as a your wife.

The true wisdom lies in being practical and realistic. One should list down the most important two or three qualities and then check your circle of friends or find a girl in the social or family circle.

Next comes the test of compatibility. A man may find a girl of his dreams to be his wife but if there is no mutual give and take in the relationship over a long term then it is not a fulfilling relationship. Expressed in another way, all the above mentioned qualities must also be present in the man so that his wife can also have a positive experience in the marriage – just like the the relationship men expect out of the relationship.

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