What does a woman look for in future husband

What does a woman look for in future husbandIf Marriage were to be looked at with full respect and from a traditional view point then marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment. But the irony is that the rate of divorce is increasing worldwide. On the top of it, the period for which the marriages last happily and successfully is also being shortened.

Of course, no lady would choose a man to be her husband for a short time only. You may also like to refer to: What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife

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What does a woman look for in future husband?

If you or your parents are looking for a match how do you know you’ve found the right guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Well, ladies, keep these basic qualities and ideas to look for in your future husband, here is the must have checklist of important qualities to look for in your future husband.

If you’re on the husband hunt through dating or dating sites or matrimony sites, then be sure that your standards are set, but also give way for a little adjustments outside of these qualities. Since no one is perfect, these ideas and qualities will at least give you a baseline of what to look for.

1. Sincerity and Commitment to Marriage

It is one of the most important qualities to look for in your future husband and obviously it should be the first quality which you should check in him.

Depending on your choice and the custom of your land, whether it is a marriage or live – in relationship, your choice of an ideal spouse should fall on a person who is respects the institution of marriage and is ready to commit himself to maintain a happy married life throughout – no matter what! In the orient, the concept until now has been ‘one life – one marriage’.

Now how will you check if your guy is committed? This should not be difficult. If you observe his behavior, action and deeds carefully over a period of time, you will get your answer. See if he delivers what he promises or conveniently forgets? Is he a man of his words who shows up in time to your dates? Does he help his less fortunate relatives and friends? Is he a good mentor to his juniors in his office?

Simply put “Commitment is an attitude which speaks volumes about the character of the man”. On the other hand, if you may first want to know about the Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love with Other Woman

2. Emotionally well balanced

Only thing permanent in life is change. No two days are same for each day brings new and different situations, new set of challenges and problems. To be successful in life, it takes a person to have confidence, competence, experience and emotional maturity to face them with calmness. Therefore, when you are dating a man don’t just look for charm in him, but also the core qualities integrity, high moral character, and high EQ ( emotional quotient).  Check out: How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally and When does your husband need your emotional support.

3. High Self Esteem

While choosing a life-long mate look out for a quality in a man who has a feeling of “Self Worth”. This comes from good “self respect” or “self esteem”. Anybody who has had good family background, good upbringing, and achievements in career is bound to automatically be walking with his head high with high self esteem.

In other words, you are also ensuring that your future husband does not have any inferiority complex or suffers from any guilt.

On the other hand it is equally important to guard against the excess of this trait which may result into “Superiority complex” or “Ego”.

“Self-Esteem” and “self respect” are important traits. Your future husband has to sure of himself, sure of what he does, clear of his goals in life, and sure of how he treats his wife and children.

Men who possess a solid moral character stand a better chance to be successful both personally and professionally. They exude both a “wholeness” “completeness” about who they are (consistent thoughts, ideas and actions), and a “completeness” of personality (emotionally balanced, grounded and cool).

Therefore, don’t be tempted to choose a “Yes Man” – as it may be short term pleasure with a weak personality.

4. Love

What does a woman look for in future husband

Love merely doesn’t mean physical attraction or passion. Real love is the most powerful emotional force which exists in this universe. It is the love for life which includes love for self, near and dear ones and humanity at large. Compassion and love are two sides of the same coin and which woman would not want a husband who is compassionate towards her and the children.

In other words, you can say that such a husband would be very affectionate. You may like : How to Support your Spouse Emotionally

5. Financially secure and smart

Financially secure and smartThere is an old adage which says “Money makes the mare go”. The love or relationship will not last long if there is not financial stability or regular income. Not only you husband to be needs to be a man of enough financial resources – which means a good job or a business with regular income but he should be a good financial planner and smart investor too.

The other side of the picture should also be checked and this is his debt load. Check if is under any major debt or he is into the habit of taking loan too frequently or does he use too much of plastic money – for this is going to drain away his real income, leaving very little residual income in hand.

Don’t just look for a an ideal man to be your husband, he has to be good with money also.

If both of you are pretty young then he need not be very rich or wealthy but his financial outlook should take him in the right direction and to the proper monetary goal.

6. Street Smart

This world is not easy. There are all sorts of people and situations in this world which required high level of motivation and varied skills to tackle them. For example, it is not easy to convince a neighbor to park his car properly as every night he returns home drunk and parks his car blocking your driveway. Another situation could be fixing plumbing or electrical problems at home.

Imagine two kinds of men, one who would pick up a fight with the neighbor or call police and would rather call a costly plumber to fix the leaking tap. While the other type is suave and diplomat, he is able to charm the neighbor and when there is a need, he opens his toolbox and fixes the minor electrical or plumbing problems himself.

Now you decide which one is more suitable candidate as your future husband? Obviously the second person as he has the drive and zeal to live life at the same time has enough motivation to deal with life’s challenges effectively.

7. Share same perspective

In the beginning of this article we talked of a lifelong marriage. For the marriage or the relationship to last forever, it’s important that you and your future husband have the same frequency of thoughts. In other words, your perspective or outlook on most subjects and issues of life has to be same. If he is a reserved and private person and you are an outgoing, party loving person then you need to discuss this issue. If you want kids immediately after marriage and he wants none or wants to wait, then perhaps you two may have make a compromise.

Similarly if one of you has strong religious convictions and other does not, then this may become an issue if one wants to impose his or her ideas on the other.

There are always some things you will have to compromise on, because no two persons – even siblings have exactly same outlook. Therefore, it’s important you and your future husband have maximum common grounds on where you’d like to be in for the rest of your lives.

How many of above qualities does your fiancee or future husband, has? Do share with us here in the comments box!

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