Weak Personality to Strong Personality

Weak Personality to Strong Personality

Almost everyone wants to make a powerful impact with his personality in the society, especially in his circle of friends and family. This calls for having a powerful and strong personality. Without getting into the literal definitions of personality or strong personality, I am sharing with you how to move from Weak Personality to Strong Personality.

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Is it possible to move from Weak Personality to Strong Personality?

This is a logical question, but only in the minds of those who have not seen a transformation. The answer is a simple, yes. Having lots of self confidence and acquiring a strong personality is a dream that many people have. While many people dream of a strong personality, yet only a few people actually achieve it.

As a life coach and mentor, I have seen and facilitated many changes from self pity to self confidence, from low self esteem to self empowered and overall from weak personality to strong personality quite regularly in my personal development training programs. Also I see such examples of self improvement around me as well.

From Weak Personality to Strong Personality – Powerful Tips

Here are some effective yet simple to follow tips to make your personality stronger, increase your self esteem and improve your self confidence.

1. Increase Positive Thinking and Reduce Negative Thinking

Positive thinking makes you optimistic. You have the power of belief that good things will happen. With this motivation, you work towards making good things happen in your life. You also notice good opportunities.
A little bit of negative thinking is also important, because it allows you to foresee what could go wrong. You can then plan and prepare to deal with those situations.

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2. Find a Strong Motivation

Motivation helps keep the desire burning, which empowers you to keep moving ahead to achieve your high goals.
Find a strong and positive reason to achieve your goal. This will give your energy to carry on – no matter how bad the circumstances might get. Please read: Solid Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

3. Stay Focused

Begin with one or two goals. Keep your room, home, office, desk and your car clean and clutter free. This helps keep you focused.

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4. Improve your Body Language

Let your walk, posture, hand shake, eye contact etc. exude confidence. Learn to use this to your advantage. This way you will command more respect and others will take you more seriously.

You must avoid low self esteem signs like: humping your back, lowering your shoulders, crossing your arms.

5. Power Dressing

The way a person dresses speaks a lot about this person’s of confidence as well as his present mental, emotional, and economic state.

What you wear and how you carry it is a clear reflection of your personality.

Therefore, you should choose to dress smartly, while keeping in mind your comfort, line of profession, weather and current fashion. You don’t have to spend much on clothes. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Just ensure its clean, has a good fit and right color combination.

6. Ask for help when in need

Being strong doesn’t mean that you should not be seeking help.

It means you should acknowledge it when you can’t do better than others or don’t know how to do it. At that time, do not hesitate to ask for help. Please read: Why Being Selfish Is Good For You?

7. Don’t Indulge In Self-Pity

Self-pity drains away all mental and emotional energy. This kills your self confidence and self esteem. It also adds to your current state of misery.

In case you are in the habit of self – pity, then stop it immediately. Please do read: Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself

8. Stop Worrying About The Future

Worry about our future — about our career, health, living, finances, etc. makes us feel scared. Worrying doesn’t make anything. Stop worrying and start taking actions towards your goals. You may like to read: How to Overcome Fear of Failure

9. Drop Your False Ego and Be True

Too much ego makes us arrogant, fake and inflexible.

To move from a weak personality to a strong personality, let go of your ego and open the door of opportunities to yourself. Be truly happy and receptive.

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10. Positive Affirmations

This is my favorite subject as I am a strong believer in the power of affirmations.

Our mind is a fertile garden, whatever seeds you throw there – by choice or inadvertently, it will grow into plants of flowers and fruits or weeds will grow.

It is a well known fact that a deliberate self talk in a positive and constructive way will make you a happier, self confident person who is aspiring for a strong personality.

One of the best ways to do this is to do affirmations regularly. Here are links to two very helpful blogs:

11. Positive People

The nature, attitude, personality and level of success of the people with whom you work, have friendship, nd associate will have a direct and powerful impact on formation of your personality. This will also determine the level of success you are likely to achieve.

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Thus take a decision this moment to associate with winners only. Your friends and associates should be people with positive attitude, with a happy and optimistic approach in their lives.

12. Replace Bad Habits with Good Habits

Our habits are an integrated part of the overall personality. We all have some good habits and some not so good habits or maybe bad and unwanted habits.

For example, nail biting, shying away from speaking to strangers, shaking leg are some unwanted habits. But if you consciously try to stop them, it would be application of will power and it would be effective only for a short period of time.

The best solution would be replacing a bad habit with a good habit. If you are shy of speaking to strangers in a party, learn public speaking, improve your communication skills and make it a point to deliberately strike a conversation with a new person – every time you go to a party.

13. Do Meditation Everyday

Try to meditate at least once a day.

If your mind is cluttered with thoughts and anxiety, your energy will get dissipated. When the habit of worry, anxiety, and negative thinking is not corrected it leaves the person weak and exhausted.

Meditation gives us the power to effectively control our emotions, thoughts and behavior in ways that will make us a person of stronger personality.

Please see:

Video: Weak Personality to Strong Personality

Towards the end

Before signing up for expensive self development courses, do try these personality development tips. You will be amazed with the results!!

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