Valid Reasons to Get Married

Valid Reasons to Get MarriedAs a first reaction, almost everyone in the modern world would agree that with every passing day the concept of marriage is going out of fashion. While the youth of today has a lot of reasons for not getting married and quite of a few of them are very logically very strong, the parents and grandparents wonder if their son or daughter will agree to get married. Therefore, without any bias, we present a few important and valid reasons to get married.

But first let us discuss if marriage is getting out of fashion.

Is marriage out of fashion?

As the world becomes more and more influenced by the western culture and way of life, the men and women of today are permanently and temporarily not interested in getting married. As permanent and temporary are my terms, I need to elaborate upon them.

Permanent ‘No’ as the name suggests is a clear and firm No from the person of the marriageable age and there are no ‘u turns’. The temporary ‘No’ is a list of very unique, novel and sometimes interesting conditions. This includes, ‘that I want to live in with the potential spouse’ for some time and see if there is compatibility between us. Another easier to understand example is that the boy wants to be in job for a few years, after that he will go in for a Master’s course which will help him to get into his own business or change his line of profession. If he is successful after all these years, he will get married.

Now look at the reasons and remarks being given against Marriage:

  • Marriage is for suckers
  • What if there is no compatibility between us
  • It is full of lifelong responsibilities and prone to legal problems
  • It restricts the freedom
  • How can marry a person whom I don’t know or don’t love

Not only that, they have an easy way out, “why make a lifelong commitment when live in is an easier and more flexible option”. It would be interesting to read:

Valid Reasons to Get Married

Valid Reasons to Get Married

But you know what? Our truth finding have taken us to facts and researches which prove that there are still many reasons to get married which are solid which prove great advantages and benefits of getting married.

Of course, here are both sides to the coin as one can experience advantages and disadvantages in being married. Looking at it positively, if the union is blissful, the couple may experience good health, better social life, financial benefits, mutual support, emotional bondage and overall a more fulfilled life.

Check out if you agree with the following positive points regarding benefits of getting married.

Better Health

Studies have shown that men when taken good care of are not only physically healthy but feel loved and appreciated. This makes men in marriage healthier in all respects – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Is it not good for men’s heart? Their cardiovascular system improves and they are less prone to heart attacks, strokes and other diseases.

Secondly, the couple has a regular and stable sex life. When the partners love each other and stay loyal and faithful to each other, they do not need to look for a sexual partner outside of the marriage. This lowers the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Also see Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love with Other Woman

Thirdly, there are health benefits for women also in getting married. Good sex life provides for a complete feeling of satisfaction and happiness. This influences mood and makes her cheerful and happy. Wholistic health comes from mental and emotional well being as much it is contributed by a good physical health. Recommended blog How to Support your Spouse Emotionally

It is scientifically proven that single persons are more prone to suffer from mood swings and even depression.

Better sense of responsibility

Married people tend to become more mature and feel responsible towards their partner and the kids. They start taking better care of themselves, adopt a healthier life style and quit bad habits.

Letting go of Bad Habits

This is quite connected to the previous point. A sense of responsibility towards themselves and spouse, makes them quit or reduce smoking, drinking, drugs etc.

Psychologically also, for a single person, fighting his addiction on his own becomes far more difficult challenge. Is it not a desirable valid reason to get married?

Better Financial Situation

Mathematically one may feel that marriage can put financial burden on the person because of increase in expenses. Yet it is quite obvious, but looking at it from a different perspective, together as a couple they may make more money. Also individually the person may climb higher in his career which could be due to direct or indirect role of an evolved personality, better networking, better social life and better health.

Psychologically also marriage and the family acts as a motivator for the person to earn more money as the married men realize that they have to look after their wives and kids. Hence they start earning better money while single men are not motivated on this account as they can live on a lower salary .

Another factor worth considering is paying of more attention to savings and investments by the married person to increase the safety net.

Fulfilling Life

Since a couple earns better money, want to enjoy happy moments together, wish to give their family a great life style they are motivated to improve their living condition – such as buy a better house or a nice car. They can also afford travelling, better food and education for their children.

Longer Life

Statistically, it is estimated that the number of unmarried people who die are twice as high married persons. Statistical data also shows that married females and males are healthier. The reasons are many and obvious. Happily married people take better care of each other. Happy married life promises fun filled and satisfying period.

They support their partners emotionally, financially and provide help if needed. As mentioned in the previous lines, people who feel responsible for their spouse and kids have a sense of need to take better care of them. They understand that there is someone who is dependent upon them and needs them.

So, the point here is that do not get married for the sake of marriage but to be happy, financially more prosperous, having a better social life, responsible, giver and loving and get back many times more in life.

Lifelong Companionship

Valid Reasons to Get Married

It is great to be living with someone for the rest of your life with a sense of happiness and mutual commitment. Life becomes purposeful when you know that there is someone who is great and has happily committed herself or himself to be voluntarily with you for the rest of his or her life. It’s great to have a loving person who cherishes, cares and protects you. These are everlasting virtues.

Most of us dream to meet our Soul Mate some day with whom we will spend the rest of our lives and many more.

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