Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless

Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless
Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless

Are there times when you feel alone and helpless? Are there situations where you think that nothing can be done now and only thing you can do is to give up! Do you sometimes get a feeling that somebody has disconnected you from the source of power and nothing can be done now!

If you are experiencing such a state of mind or have had such feelings then read on and read very carefully please.

Don’t Worry, Don’t Lose Hope

Firstly, it would be unfair to think that only you have been put to such an extreme situation. Do not feel miserable. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. There are many people who are going through much worse. May be this is some message from Higher Powers for you. Therefore, listen carefully.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11(NIV) 11

A real life case

Recently I met up with my old friend, whom I have known for over 20 years now. I was seeing her after a long period of time and it seemed that she had aged a 100 years in just a couple of months.

We had a long chat session. Initially she was hesitant and unsure if she wanted to share her problem but she finally opened up. My friend revealed that a close family member was suffering from very serious medical problem. She was feeling helpless and remorseful. She had only consulted couple of doctors in India and in USA. Being an educated person, she also tried collect as much information as possible through the internet.

Why the state of feeling helpless and hopeless?

The more she delved deeper into the information about the nature and type of disease, the stronger she felt that this medical situation is almost incurable. At the end of all these exercises, she was a totally shattered woman and had almost gone in to the state of depression.

The outcome of being helpless and hopeless

Whenever in life you find yourself stuck in an adverse situation, incessantly being attacked by untoward events, your mind will see nothing but darkness all around you.

In the wake of mental turmoil and because of the turbulence happening inside, one tends to digress taking dubious paths, not sure of where one is headed.

This further worsens the situation. The human being begins to accept defeat and entertains thoughts such as:

    • Nothing will ever work out.
    • I am too old to start my career again. 
    • There is no point in trying now
    • I’ll never be happy.
    • I am not worthy of love
    • My relationship can’t get better.
    • I’ll never be able to afford what I want.
    • People are not nice anymore
    • I can’t compete. 
    • I have no energy (or money, resources, friends etc.)

Hold on! Don’t lose hope! Try something different

These no need to sit there with a broken heart. When you are facing such difficult situations, remind yourself that “Change is only constant and will occur only for better”.

Such phases in life are times when our spirituality is put to it’s sternest test.Our savior is only one and that is God. Under his shelter you will be able to maintain your inward calm even in the hardest of times.

Connecting to the Godliness gives strength and solutions.


Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless
Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless

Step 1: Develop Solid Faith / Strengthen your Faith

To free you from all worries is not at all difficult for God. Faith and acceptance will ensure a positive change in you. Bodily systems which had gone haywire will start falling in place again.

God’s blessings are beyond the tools of logic and reason.

Step 2: Banish Negative Thoughts

You should never allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. You always have a choice to let your mind welcome negative feelings, negative thoughts or to throw them out and stop new ones entering your mind. A negatively charged mindset is dangerous, because it makes the person to lose confidence in God and higher powers.

There are two easy methods to do this. First, whenever a negative thought occurs to you or someone talks negative, say loudly STOP, STOP, STOP. Second, consciously fill your mind with positive, healthy thoughts leaving no room for the negative thoughts.
With a positive attitude, trusting that the pain will end becomes increasingly easier.

Pray to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless
Pray to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless

Step 3: Pray

Pray to God, keep faith. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. History is replete with examples, where tough situations and hardships in a man’s life bring out the best in him.

Different faiths and religions prescribe different methods but you should not feel constrained by the complicated rituals – if there are any. Do what you feel is right in your heart, whether that means singing or saying your words in your heart or whispering slowly or speaking out clearly.

Simply connect with GOD. Just be sincere and you will know in your heart that God is listening to you.

Meditate on GOD if feeling helpless / hopeless
Meditate on GOD if feeling helpless / hopeless

Step 4: Do Meditation

You might wonder that if you are praying then is there a need of meditation. Well the answer is quite simple, the purpose of prayer is communication with God. Meditation calms the mind leading to a state of peace and stillness of thoughts. This facilitates focused attention. Wise and spiritual people say that God chooses to talk to us inside of our own minds. Therefore, it is the most intimate communication possible.

Step 5: Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

We must try and nourish our subconscious mind by showing gratitude for the abundance that adorns our lives.

Concluding Remarks

Open your heart to HIM, share your griefs and sorrows and try to remain simple and clear headed in the midst of complexity.

Seek inner strength, make yourself emotionally stronger. You must develop a meditative mind set, keep faith in God and drop the fear, as ‘God can make impossible, possible.

At the same time the efforts on physical plane must also continue simultaneously.

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