Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends

Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends

There can be many reasons to prove the fact that why you should choose the company of good friends. All parents and elders, wise and learned persons, counselors and spiritual leaders have always been emphasizing the importance of good friends. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends. For example, the Bible also tells that you should choose your friends very carefully in this life.

Bible says:

“Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”

In case you are in a hurry, there is also an interesting video on the subject: Importance Of Choosing Friends Carefully.

Value of true friends

These verses more than emphasize that you should always be in the company of wise friends and you will become wise yourself, but if you keep yourself in the company of wrong friends or fools, you will perish.

Therefore, it is for your overall good that you should choose a good company of friends – who support, encourage, guide and sometimes correct you too.

Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends

There can be many reasons to prove the fact that why you should choose the company of good friends. Keeping in mind the times we live in, here are a few most important points which shall convince you of the importance of the subject:

1. Friends strengthen your thinking and thought pattern

Friends strengthen your thinking and thought pattern
Friends strengthen your thinking and thought pattern

‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is a well known and often used adage. Going deep into its meaning in the context of this subject matter, there is a subtle but beautiful message that individuals become friends because they are quite alike in certain ways. Viewed from the other end, people think or act or behave alike because they are friends.

Either way, it is convincing that if you are interested in a certain sport or have a taste for certain kind of food, your friends too shall share or have the same interests. The more time you spend with each other, your common interest areas become stronger in your life. Choosing a good friend can help reinforce good qualities in you while a bad friend may make a major impact on your life with unwanted qualities.

Since you begin to think and behave like your friends, it is quite likely that you are also going to become like them.

2. Friends help you progress in life

Good and caring friends are genuinely interested in your personal growth. They are concerned and would like you to progress well in life. In fact, a good friend will celebrate an ounce of your progress more that his pound of achievement. By simply listening to them and observing them you will knowingly or unknowingly learn a lot of things from them.

This does not mean that they will not share good tips or their experiences with you. In fact, they shall be more than happy to do so and would go an extra mile to ensure that you get benefited through them.

A company of just a few good friends is better than the company of a large number of people of just friends or casual friends. Good friends help you evolve as a better person by making a positive impact on your personality. They would like to implant a bunch of good qualities in you which will facilitate your progress in life in a smooth fashion.

Of course, it would depend from individual to individual that they may contribute directly or indirectly; overtly or discreetly.

Good friends play a very important role  that contributes to your personal growth (directly or indirectly). They knowingly or unknowingly teach you a lot of things. They even contribute to your success. They support you in every situation you come across in your life . They like to support you in every possible manner so that you may move forward in your life. Thus, friends are important for you to grow as an individual.

3. Friends help you in times of need

Friends help you in times of need
Friends help you in times of need

Life is a continuous cycle, where new events, situations and circumstances keep replacing the old ones. These situations could be of different shades ranging from undesired to very welcome and of various types such as emotional, physical, monetary, professional or just very personal.

It is said, that if you share your happiness with your true friends the happiness get multiplied many times over. Similarly, if you share your problems and difficulties with genuine and close friends then these challenges get divided thereby reducing your burden. In the times of difficulties, the person loses his capability to think clearly or to act fast.

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For example, if there is a situation like loss of job or health issue the friends will rush to be with you and do their best to bring you out of situation. Similarly, it is human nature to celebrate the moments of happiness with the friends – be it a marriage or an increment or a promotion. Undoubtedly, the happiness gets doubled.

4. Friends save you from negativity

Friends save you from negativity
Friends save you from negativity

This is simply a further extension of the previous point but more specifically and strongly stated. We live in a world where the negative forces co exist with the positive forces. There may be various kinds of mental, physical, emotional and financial situations which are impacting you negatively, such as:

  • Bad relationship
  • Undesired habits
  • Lack of confidence
  • Family unable to support you
  • Family being not close to you
  • Non-constructive criticism

There are many ways in which your friends can shield you from the negative effects of such situations on you, your personality or your life. You may also like to read: How to Overcome Fear of Failure

5. Friends unconditionally love and care for you

True friends are always around and they unconditionally love you and care for you. There are friends who keep in mind your every smallest need, choice and taste and try to fulfill the same.

Your friends share a unique bond with you. Their love and care knows no bounds. Even if you meet them after years, your friends will very affectionately take care of you. Perhaps this is one of the top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends.

6. Friends give you honest opinions

Friends give you honest opinions
Friends give you honest opinions

Genuine friends are there not to just pamper you or to shower their love and affection on you. More than that, true friends are genuinely concerned about your welfare, progress and growth. They will always give their honest opinion whenever you ask.

Every time you want a right advice or seek a right direction, go to one of your genuine friends. Not only will he just give his opinion but will offer advice on how to improve on your performance or correct something you have not done right without any hidden interest or bias or prejudice.

Thus if you want truth, go to your true friend.

7. Friends lift you up

The company of good friends which you have, will always be interested in your real upliftment and that too without expecting anything in return. Whether your friends is living 5 miles near or is 5,000 miles away; whether your friends meet you regularly or once in a year only, close friends will educate you and share with you the information, the knowledge – which you may otherwise never get to learn from regular sources.

Being your well wishers, they shall introduce you to their network which may be extremely beneficial to you – personally or professionally or both.

Such friends can give invaluable introductions or put in a word for you, opening the gates to a million dollar break – something which without a reference would just not have been possible.

It is not common to see a helpful person working in a good organization to give reference of his good friends to his employers. Similarly, an immigrant to a developed country from a third world country will act as a bridge to call in his friends to the new found land of opportunities.

8. With true Friends, complete trust, loyalty and confidentiality is ensured

This means you never ever have to worry about someone spilling your secrets or talking ill about you behind your back. Your secrets don’t have to be skeletons in the closet or something you are ashamed of.  These secrets could be your future plans which you want to keep confidential.

It could be one of your million dollar ideas which you have bounced off your company of friends and they have encouraged you to go ahead. Naturally, you would not like to reveal it before its time comes and your company of friends will jealously guard this secret.

Taking this further, you may like to let your company of friends into some professional plans of future while taking their support to execute. Naturally they will be totally loyal and honest to you, even it is a chemical formula to convert sand into gold!

9. Friends help you improve your personality

Suppose your company of friends is a lot into maintaining a good health through exercising and are diet conscious. Over a period of time and because of regular interactions, you will also naturally start thinking and acting on those lines.

You are quite likely to imbibe the culture of good physical fitness through regular exercise, good diet, work life balance and good sleep.

10. Create a Master Mind Group with a good company of friends

Mastermind group is the brain child of world famous Author Napoleon Hill who wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. The thought behind this highly effective concept is to make a group of smart, like minded and able people to meet regularly and tackle the challenges and problems together.

It is a proven fact that  individuals can achieve far less if they work separately compared to their working in a group together. The master mind group helps share the ideas, leveraging the collective strength and offer advice and encouragement to each other.

11. You are judged by the type of friends you keep

Have you noticed that your friends are people like you?  They have same thought processes, likes and dislikes – well mostly.

Is it not common to see a banker having many banker friends? Similarly actors have many friends in the entertainment industry and so on.

A wise man said, “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” This is an evergreen saying. It is normal for the society to make judgments about a person’s character based on the circle of friends he has.

If you are fun loving, party loving individual, you will most likely have many friends who share same life style.

This is one of strong reasons to choose your friends carefully if you want to progress in life and enjoy life too.

Video: Importance Of Choosing Friends Carefully

In conclusion

That is why it should be your objective to make friends with people who make you feel good and give you right advice. If you surround yourself with negative people, you have no chances of personal development and achieving growth in life. Cut out the negative friends from your life and you’ll do yourself a great favor.

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  1. This article on “Friends” and choosing to associate with people of integrity and wisdom is most beautifully shared. I believe in this concept with my entire being. Those whom we choose to become involved with are vital connections between ourselves and a path to the gifts of our great Universe. Each attribute you mention and elaborate upon is truth and reality that we must make every effort to seek out and with which to bond.
    Only through the giving and receiving of positive ideas and ideals can humanity continually improve and reach true peace, harmony and happiness.
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