Tips to Newlyweds by Married People

Tips to Newlyweds by Married People

A large number of married couples run into relationship problems, even if they have been madly in love. At one point or the other, they need marriage counseling or marriage therapy to make their married life happy again. At the same time, there are many married couples who have been leading a very happy married life for many decades without having ever felt the slightest need for marriage therapy or marriage counseling. Perhaps it would not be right to label marriage counseling as good or bad.  Honestly, it can do wonders for many couples within a short span of time. But what really are the secrets of a happy married life? Can there be some useful tips to newlyweds by married people?

Of course, happily married couple are experienced and they know how the marriage works. So here are Five Tips to Newlyweds by Married People. Follow these and keep the flame of your love always on.

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Five Tips to Newlyweds by Married People

Much research has been done over the last many decades on love, relationships, problems that married people face and positive impacts of marriage therapy and marriage counseling on the lives of married people. Further, happily married people have been asked many probing questions in regard to the secrets behind their joyous lives. Many useful tips have been given by such people for others to follow. However, ‘keep love growing’ seems to be the basic theme of all such tips.

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Here, we shall briefly talk about five tips by married people:

1. Always respect your partner and never take him or her for granted

An important tip to newlyweds from many successfully married couples is that you should never take your partner for granted. This tip is also echoed by counselors in marriage counseling sessions and during marriage therapy. Learning it right at the beginning of a new relationship makes your love prosper in a subtle way.

After marriage, two people start a new phase of their life. They try and match their habits, styles, likes and dislikes to make love grow stronger. Though their love and affection for each other is becoming stronger with every passing day, but sometimes they tend to take their partner for granted. That should never be allowed to happen. As your love for your partner grows in a natural way, so should your respect for him or her. Remember, there can be no love without respect and there can be no respect without love!

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2. Talk, talk and talk!

As a newlywed, get into the habit of talking about any and every thing with your spouse. This openness will help your love grow each day. Talking openly about every problem or situation will help prevent many undesirable situations in your married life. Further, such communications will help you solve any minor issues right after they arise. Even if you have had a fight with your newlywed spouse, don’t stop talking to him or her. Always keep communication channels open and conversations on. There would perhaps never be a need to go for marriage counseling or marriage therapy.

3. Never speak ill of your partner to anybody

As a newlywed couple, both of you should make a solemn commitment to each other that you will not speak ill about the other partner to anybody. In many marriage therapy or marriage counseling sessions, it comes out that the couple has been speaking about the negative attributes of the other partner and some undesirable situations in their married life to all and sundry.

All newlywed couples have some points or issues on which the two partners do not readily agree. There can even be some ideological differences or some old habits which a partner needs to change for the sake of the other partner. For all you know, your partner may already be working on his or her weaknesses after the marriage. Please give some time to your partner. Talking bad about your partner to your friends or colleagues can only create a rift between the newlyweds. As far as possible, highlight the positive attributes of your spouse in front of all your friends and acquaintances to develop a healthy and happy relationship over a period of time.

4. Don’t go to bed on an argument

All newlywed couples must have an agreement amongst themselves that they would never go to bed on an argument. This essentially means that any misunderstandings or disagreements that arise must be settled peacefully, without raising voice or temper, by the couple before they retire for the day.

Often, when you leave a dispute unresolved overnight, you tend to think negatively about the situation till you actually sleep. This can seriously impact the lovely relationship that a newlywed couple otherwise shares. Having an open and honest discussion, may be over a cup of coffee, before hitting the bed can do wonders for a newlywed couple. You must invariably show respect for the opinions, views and feelings of your spouse during all such discussions and make it a point to never raise your voice even for a moment. This critical tip alone is capable of saving visits to a counselor for marriage counseling or marriage therapy.

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5. Give space to your spouse

Newlywed couples often come together from completely different backgrounds with their own ideas, habits, opinions and traditions which may not necessarily match in an instant. They need to discover ways to make their love become stronger by starting their marriage right with some give-and-take by either partner. With this background, it is imperative for you to give some space and ‘me time’ to your spouse to adjust to the demands of the new environment and relationship. This will also help your spouse retain his or her individuality and creativity in a very meaningful way.

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Newlywed couples can follow the simple steps and tips given above and can also find their own ways to lead a happy married life. Honesty, tolerance, a sense of compromise, doing things jointly, taking joint financial decisions and drawing out common long term plans are some of the other tips which newlywed people can follow as they grow their love-life in unison with each other.

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