Things Successful People Won't Do

Things Successful People Won't Do
Things Successful People Won’t Do

There are certain laws of success which remain unchallenged and unchanged. You follow them and success is yours. If you ignore them then you are certainly taking a u turn – from moving forward to turning back to the point from where you started.

The achievers, leaders who have been successful in their lives have certain common healthy habits. Check out these things  successful people won’t do so that you too can become more successful.

While the list that follows isn’t exhaustive, it presents important things that you can avoid in order to increase your progress.

Play the Blame Game

One of the easiest things to do is to sit down, find faults with others and blame the circumstances. Almost all successful people will take the failures or slip up in their stride, analyze the reasons for it, draw important lessons from it and move on.

In case the things are not moving in the right direction or at the desired speed the successful people will take the responsibility. Rather than lamenting or wasting time, a success oriented person will correct the course after evaluating the options available, select the best possible and work towards achieving his goals.

Do Everything Himself

Nobody is perfect and efficient doing everything himself or alone. History is a witness that every accomplished person had a team to support and work for him. Whether a sportsperson or businessman or self employed professional there has always been an important role played by coach, mentor, friend, financier, employees or a partner.

So don’t try to go alone. Choose a collaborative approach to do all the amazing things. Asking for help is not a matter of shame or a sign of weakness.

Be Rigid and Inflexible

Nobody has ever achieved anything by resisting change. Achievers are emotionally stable and are open minded to useful and productive ideas. Instead of trying to avoid change, successful people welcome positive change into their life. By choice they are flexible with abilities to adapt.

Learn to welcome change. Nature brings change for a reason.

Have a Bad Memory

If you are not able to recall necessary information, events, circumstances and other things then you are inviting hindrances for achieving success in your everyday life including career, love life, and social life. Imagine someone having a very important business meeting and he can’t remember the name of the key person or give him important data because he has a bad memory. Without doubt such a meeting will not be successful.

A good memory is truly important for anyone to for achieving success in every aspect of life.

React rather than Respond

Life is not always easy and fair. People have different expectations and hopes. Average humans mostly have one sided view – theirs and not yours. So don’t expect to receive only compliments and very pertinent communication. Quite often people will write to you about something which either does not concern you or is out of your control or is trivial.

The successful professionals have the good habit to respond quickly and efficiently. In case the communication does not concern them, they promptly forward such communication to right person who are supposed to answer. The effective managers and leaders are professional in their response, irrespective of the mode of communication to them – letter / e mail / text message.

Secondly, they don’t bloat if there are compliments or hit back if there is unfair criticism.

Be slow to respond or not respond at all

Successful people will respond quickly and efficiently to the communications they receive rather than sit on it. If the situation demands a long answer or it is not possible to give a complete response, they always acknowledge the receipt of the message and inform that the proper response shall be sent later.

Let someone else decide what is good or bad for them

They know that they themselves and no one else is responsible for their well being. All successful people know this concept very well and have mastered it too. Such personalities have programmed their subconscious to focus only on their goals. They have a well planned blue print and know very well how to achieve their goals.

They are highly passionate and motivated people. It is their passion and motivation which provides them unlimited energy and drives them constantly. Not even their worst critics can shake them off.

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Give control of their emotions to others

Successful people are good at managing their emotions well. The words like “bad mood” or “not in mood” or “not in right frame of mind” do not exist in their dictionary. The connection is simple to understand. If you are not at your best, how can you control the situations, circumstances and people.

Invariably, people at the top are achievers who control, motivate, lead and guide a team of individuals under them. If this person is not able to manage his own emotions , how can he control others. Emotions have power and how can someone be powerful by giving away his power to others?

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Things Successful People Won't Do
Things Successful People Won’t Do

Be technologically challenged

Technology has revolutionized our lives and has impacted almost every aspect. While technology is supposed to make life much easier and better but let’s face it not everyone is comfortable using the gadgets or all of the functions. Being technologically challenged is nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, millions of people struggle daily with their gadgets. But if you don’t learn to imbibe the new technology which is useful in your line of career then you’ll be left behind. The better option is to take help and some time to learn it and use technology. After all this is supposed to improve productivity and connectivity. Technology also lets you take more informed decisions.

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