Sure Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

Sure Signs He Is Falling In Love With YouAre you two in love or just having a casual relationship. If you are serious about him then it is easy to know about his state of mind. You can find out all through sure signs he is falling in love with you and check if it is applicable in your relationship too?. You may also like to watch a short video on the subject by clicking here for a Video in English.

If you are a youngster who has recently fallen in love, you will perhaps agree with me that love is truly ‘an emotion’ which is better ‘felt’ than explained in words. The fact that you have fallen in love and are in love with your beloved, is the only thing that matters to you. Questions such as what is love and why does one fall in love at all, may not even cross your mind. Though you may sometimes wonder as to who is the matchmaker who makes two people from diverse backgrounds meet, interact, get to know and develop a liking for each other and finally fall in love.

Who is a ‘matchmaker’?

If you are indeed wondering as to who is the real matchmaker and happen to pose this question before a witty friend of yours, he may simply tell you that a matchmaker is one who makes matches that we use for igniting our emotions on an everyday basis. He may opine that there is no other matchmaker. Although he may be in love himself. To him, there appears to be no matchmaker who arranges marriages between probable mates; there is no matchmaker who brings two people together in a sale and purchase transaction; there is no matchmaker who pairs organ donors and there is no matchmaker who arranges wrestling matches. Though he may well be aware of all these ‘matchmakers’, he could plead ignorance, may be to just tease you and have fun for a while. After all, that is what friendship is all about!

Looking from a different angle, no two lovers can meet if there is no matchmaker. Sometimes, your friends may act as matchmakers. In some other cases, a college may turn out to be a matchmaker for many couples. Rarely, parents may also act as matchmakers. Or shall we say that destiny is a matchmaker too?

What is love?

What is love? What is the definition of love? Well, these are tricky questions, indeed! The question, “What is love?” can be answered in many different contexts. We shall, however, restrict this discussion to the context of our topic, which essentially refers to the romantic love between two young people.

The answer to the question, “What is love?” can be better ‘felt’ than explained. Nonetheless, let me just say that love is an emotion which takes you to the top of the world where you can only think, talk and dream of  ‘only’ that ‘one person’ with whom you have fallen in love. In a way, the whole world ceases to exist for you. You feel ecstatic and overwhelmed all the time. You know that you are in love but you don’t even want to ask yourself, “What is love?”

For our purposes here, we may see love as a strong craving or desire for an emotional union with another person, often of the opposite gender. There are no demands and commands in real love and the sense of doing something for the other person takes precedence over all other feelings. 

Sure Signs He Is Falling In Love With You

As a young girl who falls in love, you may not feel the need to look for any signs that ‘he’ is falling in love with you. He may not really tell you how much he adores you. But, for sure, he is giving out signals.

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You catch those signals and you just know it that he loves you. However, some girls do wait and look for signs that he is indeed falling in love. If you are one of them, here are some sure signs that he is falling in love with you:

1. He goes out of his way for you

If he starts going out of his way for you instead of taking a short-cut, he is, for sure, falling in love with you. He goes that extra mile just to see that happiness and joy on your face. He may even know that you are aware of his gesture. In fact, this may further motivate him to show his love for you in a subtle way on other such occasions.

2. He prolongs his talks with you over the telephone

He may often go on discussing things which are not even material or even be somewhat irrelevant. But he is in no mood to end the phone call. Just take that signal that he is falling in love with you.

3. He tells you of some simple or silly things that remind him of you

If he happens to repeatedly mention to you how some small or even silly things remind him of you, he is just trying to prolong the discussion and extend the meeting duration, though he does not have much to talk about. He may tell you how clouds, pleasant winds, certain songs etc. remind him of you and how he gets lost in your thoughts thereafter. That’s a sure sign that he is falling in love with you. See: Missing You Quotes

4. He starts using the worst possible excuses for striking a conversation with you

If he innocently uses any lame excuse to start a conversation with you, it’s a positive sign that he is falling in love with you. He just doesn’t want to miss any opportunity of spending time with you.

5. He continues to smile at you, somewhat oblivious of what you are talking about

While this may sound a little funny, if there are occasions when you are narrating how you lost your pet puppy recently or some similar incident and he continues to smile at you, quite oblivious of the actual incident that you are narrating, he is surely falling in love with you. What you are narrating is of little consequence and your being in front of him and with him is all that he is interested in.

6. He loses his cellphone but he can recall your mobile number by heart

If he loses his mobile phone, he will be totally lost for a while as all the important numbers would be stored in that device. If even in such a situation, he can recall your number, he is surely falling in love with you.

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