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We welcome your intention to publish your articles at Great Life Zone. Here is the information you may need to proceed further:

Submission Guidelines for Guest Bloggers and Freelance Writers


  • Originality: Please write something which is out of your domain knowledge or is related to your skill sets. You may also share your experiences with us. We are strictly against plagiarism, therefore, do not even think of copy and paste or churning.
  • Length: You may write the blog / article in 1,200 to 4,000 words – as long as you express yourself fully in a flow.
  • Subject: You are welcome to write on any subject which is doing the job of entertaining or enriching the information base or sharing some useful tips or adds value to the knowledge of the readers
  • To avoid: any write up which is pro or anti any living or dead person; any religion or belief system; which criticizes or praises any cast / creed / color / gender / region / race. Also no political views please or adult material please.
  • Your post may be edited: Be open to the possibility although normally I would not like to do so, but in some cases there may be a need for editing on account of the punctuation, images, title, grammar, format etc.

The benefits you get as a Guest Blogger

  • Exposure, Experience: Great Life Zone is an established website which aims at publishing quality content for its reader so that they like to come again to repeat the experience of reading a useful, wholesome and entertaining content which can contribute to enrich their lives more.
  • Acknowledgement: Your name as the the author of the blog / article shall be mentioned at Know The Blog Writers
  • Back Links: We offer to give 2 back links in your article and 1 back link in your profile. (As a policy, we provide ‘no follow’ links only.)


  • By submitting the article to us, you confirm that you have read the guidelines and agree to comply with them.
  • Once the article is published, the article, the images, the infographics etc. become the property of
  • After the article has been published no requests from the author to amend, change,  or delete article, or add / amend the links etc. shall be admissible.
  • The Editorial Team and Management at reserves the right to change / amend the terms any time and without giving the notice / prior information to anyone.

Are you ready?

Hope you have read and noted everything carefully.

If you agree and accept then please contact me by emailing me at pluscoach [at] with “Guest Post Submission for GreatLifeZone” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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