Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

Signs she is cheating on you. Signs your girlfriend is cheating on youTo begin with, here is an honest message for you. We don’t want you to doubt your girlfriend after reading this article on “ Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. Signs she is cheating on you “. But since you are reading this article, it’s already on your mind.

Do women also cheat?

Yes women cheat too; perhaps difference is that when compared with men the number may be relatively more or less. The reasons could be any – cultural background or geography or something else. Suggested reading: Why Married Women Cheat and have Extra Marital Affair

But the fact of the matter is cheating is the most terrible and the most unkind thing your girlfriend can ever do to you. Especially, when you have trusted her long enough and you have been totally committed and honest in the relationship.

What if your girlfriend is cheating on you?

The proven fact is, not everyone cheats in a relationship. Therefore, the doubts in your mind could be completely unfounded and might have nothing to do with the reality. If you are in a relationship with your girlfriend for a long time, consider double checking before you decide to confront her.

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But, since you are already in doubt about your girlfriend having an affair with someone, we have this article to help you find the telltale signs to verify your girlfriend is cheating on you.

Signs she is cheating on you. Signs your girlfriend is cheating on you

You will be amazed to see the strength of these seemingly simple signs which an average person fails to give importance to. In addition, there is an interesting video also.

#1 Your girlfriend has suddenly becomes possessive about her cell phone

She has put a password lock on her smart phone. Your girlfriend now gets angry if you even casually check her cellphone. If there is full trust, there should be really no reason for her to stop you from going through her cell phone.

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, the logical conclusion is that her smart phone has the evidence of infidelity in the form text messages, WhatsApp, email or call records. Otherwise, why would she suddenly try to hide from you?

#2 Your girlfriend spends more time on her phone and her facial expressions are different

We live in the digital world now. It is okay for your girlfriend to use her phone to use internet to connect with the world and socialize with her friends. However, if her cell phone usage is now more than before or she uses it even when you are around, it indicates that there is someone on the other side more important than you.

Also, make sure to notice her face while she is on the phone. Does she regularly smile after reading text messages? Yes? Well, are you not getting the hints what it could be!

#3 Her cell phone remains frequently busy, switched off or out of network coverage area

Your girlfriend’s cell phone being frequently switched off or unavailable or switched off arouses suspicion. If you ever happen to ask her the reason, you would be given typical excuses like:

  • The battery of my cell phone died
  • These days my mobile phone is behaving strangely, I need to get it checked
  • I was in a poor network area and couldn’t receive your call
  • My cell phone was on mute, that’s why I couldn’t hear the ring

But hold on, don’t jump to conclusions so fast. Only when excuses like these become more common, then there may be more to her behavior than just a defective cell phone.

#4 She excuses herself when she takes phone calls

Under normal circumstances, she always takes all her calls without any inhibition about your presence around. However, if she now excuses herself and slips out to take phone calls when she is with you is a strong case for you to doubt her. Your girlfriend could be cheating on you, if such calls are frequent and these are not business calls.

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If your sixth sense tells you that something is not right, try to overhear her conversation before you confront her.

#5 She tends to call you much less now and prefers to send you text messages instead for important things

It is not practical to expect your girlfriend to call you with the same excitement and zeal that she did when you began dating. But regardless of how many months or years have passed in your relationship, both of you should still be speaking to each other lovingly on the phone.

However, if your girlfriend’s phone calls to you are slowly tapering down and she prefers to connect by text messages, it may be a sign of either one or more of the following:

  • The warmth of the relationship is not there
  • She is unhappy with you or the relationship
  • She has lost all interested in you
  • Your girlfriend is cheating on you behind your back

#6 Your girlfriend gets irritated even on your innocent actions

A girl will behave normally or smile or love if her boyfriend says or does something to delight her. It could be a joke or compliment or something innocently silly. After all, they are in a committed relationship and they love each other.

But getting provoked even at the slightest remark by you is something to worry about. Maybe she loves someone else now and you no more hold that place in her heart.

#7 She is suddenly more interested about your schedule and keeps confirming you whereabouts

Is your girlfriend getting more interested in you? Hmm, certainly not.

Knowing your schedule and constantly asking about your whereabouts may be her way of confirming that she can have little more relaxing time with that mystery man.

She may even be trying to ensure that you don’t bump into each other while she is  dating behind your back.

#8 She spends less time with you and is not very cheerful in your company

She is the same girl who couldn’t spend half a day without you, but now she can go on for two-three days without making even eye contact with you.

If at all two of you are together, she seems to be wearing a bored expression on her face all the time. If you want to keep this relationship strong and going, pay particular attention to this sign.

If this is happening too often, it means that someone else is taking more care of her.

#9 She has started hiding information from you

You have been planning to watch a particular romantic movie or play with your girlfriend. Finally when you decide to, you check with your girlfriend her schedule and she says that she is not very keen. Again you accidentally discovered that she has watched the movie or the play very recently but you were not informed.

Similarly you notice that your girlfriend is using an expensive new phone and normally she would not buy such things without consulting you. When asked, she is vague about the purchase nor is she telling you that it was a gift.

Is it not a time you tried to pierce veil of secrecy and vagueness?

#10 Lack of physical intimacy or limited intimacy without emotions

Perhaps this sign should figure in top 3 signs your girlfriend is cheating on you. Is it not obvious that one of the partner finds love outside of the relationship, he or she loses interest in physical relationship with the existing partner? Hence this should be considered as a strong sign, but only after confirming that your girlfriend does not have any physical or emotional health problem.

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