Signs You Should Say I Love You

Signs You Should Say I Love YouAsk anyone who has been in love or in a romantic or married relationship with a person of the opposite gender as to what are the signs that you should say “I love you” to your partner. Believe me, the reply that this romantically involved or married person would give you may leave you dumbstruck or shocked or even pleasantly surprised. Each person who has been in love, has been in a relationship or who is married, will have his own version and understanding of the timing of saying “I love you” to the person he adores and loves. Why is it so?

When you are in love or in a romantic or married relationship, is it important at all to say “I love you”?        

We shall look at the probable answers to the question posed above, i.e., why do people have different interpretations, as also to many other aspects related to the timing when you should speak out those three magical words in front of your romantic or married partner. We shall see whether it is at all important to say these three words before you get married, after you get married or during a relationship.

We shall also look at the relevance of saying these words to your partner or your married partner for the first time ever. Some people may ask that if you are already married, where is the need to express your love?

Are there people who have never ever uttered the three magical words?

As the words “I love you” can be spoken in many different situations in life, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to find someone who has never expressed his love for parents, children, spouse, friend or colleague by using the three magical words. However, it can be said with certainty that people who have been married or have been in a relationship or in love ever in their lives and have not been liberal with the use of the words ‘I love you’ have deep regrets at a later stage in life for having been stingy with these words. However, even they can offer valuable relationship advice to youngsters.

Relationship Advice

Relationship advice is an important element of happy and successful marriages. Relationship advice can be given by couples who have been happily married for say 10 years or more. Relationship advice can also be given by couples who have had unpleasant experiences. You stand to benefit from relationship advice received from both happy as well as unhappy couples. While the relationship advice received from the former tells you of all the do’s, the relationship advice given by unhappy couples tells you of all the don’ts.

One relationship advice that has worked well for couples is to have realistic expectations from each other regarding romance. Another important relationship advice is to have mutual respect. Yet another relationship advice pertains to the need to talk openly about everything, particularly the stuff that hurts.

The importance of relationship advises for a young couple in a loving relationship can never be undermined.

When is the right time to say “I love you”?

 When you feel it, say it! They say, “When in love, show it!”

Well, that may be the simplest thing to do. But it is easier said than done! After all, you do want it to have the desired impact on your partner, including a married partner. And that is where the timing of saying these three magical words comes in.

Experts opine that you shouldn’t say ‘I love you’ until you are absolutely in love and prepared to keep your word. Hearing one’s partner say, “I love you” may really be the highlight of any romantic relationship. If you are in love, should you be the first one to say it or should you wait for your partner to say so?

Signs You Should Say I love You

When two people are in love with each other, it is only one partner who first says, “I love you” to the other partner. It is a sort of solemn promise that two people make to each other. There is no possibility of turning back once your date accepts your proposal and reciprocates by saying, “I love you too!”

When you are in love, saying ‘I love you’ too early may diminish its value and make it sound too trivial. Take your time to let your romantic relationship and love grow to a reasonable level. On the other hand, don’t delay it for too long either, lest the whole charm is lost. Remember, earlier is better than later. For married people, the earlier they say it, better it is!

We shall briefly talk here about a few signs that will let you know that it’s time for you to say, “I love you” when in love:

1. When you realize that this is the person you love

When you are in love, you always get to know it. Your gut feeling also tells you that the other person is equally in love with you.

Whether you have been in a relationship earlier or not, once you are sure of ‘your’ love for your partner, it is time you said, “I love you” to him or her. Even if you have had a failed relationship earlier, don’t delay declaring your love for your current date one bit. An important relationship advice here is to be given is to give each other enough personal space.

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2. When the two of you have been in love or in a romantic relationship for a reasonable period of time

When you have been in love or a romantic relationship with your partner for a sufficiently long time, the two of you have, perhaps, given enough time to each other to drop the baggage of past relationships, if any. In your own minds, the two of you would have already made plans to get married and spend a lifetime together. Don’t wait for your partner to say those magical words first. Take the initiative and let the relationship grow to unknown levels of joy once you get married and even before that.

3. When you firmly believe that you are matured enough to love completely

Once you think that you have the maturity to know and appreciate a good thing when you see it; when you feel passionately in love with your partner, take time out to say, “I love you.” Whether your partner reciprocates instantly or wants to take his or her own time to express the sentiments and reciprocate, your saying those three magical words will invariably have a positive impact on the relationship. Married people can also just try it out.

4. When you are confident that even if things get tough, you are going to stick it out with your partner

Believe me, whether you and I like it or not, things do get tough at some stage or the other in our lives. Relationships also grow stronger with passage of time when you have a companion for company. You do get to know each other’s imperfections and learn to live with them.

When you stop asking yourself questions like if this is the right person for you; what if it is not so; what if you’re missing out on your true soul mate; what if you are making a mistake, you are indeed ready to say, “I love you” to your partner or soul mate.

An all important relationship advice coming from experienced couples is to always be together for the right reasons. This relationship advice is particularly useful when the going gets tough.

Love is such a strong emotion that once you make a solemn promise to yourself that come what may, you will stick it out with your partner, the journey becomes very easy. Feel confident that you will be able to keep your promise and say, “I love you” to your partner at the earliest.

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