Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself

Things you should always keep secretSome of the good qualities of a successful, very liked and happy person are that he is caring, helpful and above all he is transparent. All this points to the fact that most of the things about such a person’s life are like an open book. He does not hide anything – especially from his family, friends and relatives.

Yet there are a few things which one should always keep secret. This is so because telling the world about them — however much you share and care — just won’t bring you any good. Rather this would be foolish and harmful on the physical and metaphysical level.

The smart strategy: Don’t tell anyone. Of course, it is easier said than done. Keep reading for more reasons to stay secretive, plus tips for achieving your dreams.

Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself

Here are some of the most crucial things you should always keep secret.

Your Future Plans

Your Future PlansIt is first and most important tip. Never reveal your serious planning, especially if it is business plan or personal ambitious plan. Keep silent about these until you’ve actually put them in action and the results after started pouring in. This strategy has many benefits. First it safeguards you from anyone more aggressive or resourceful in picking up your million dollar idea and implementing it better and faster than you.

Secondly, the ideas and plans often have weak links and unnoticed spots which you haven’t noticed. Hence, there are always chances are that someone intelligent and shrewd may pick them improve on it easily and proceed with a more robust and fail proof plan. Since you might have spent so much of time, money, energy on thinking, researching etc. you may now get too disheartened to even try to implement your plan.

Thirdly, there are a lot of people who are good at nothing but only know how to find faults and discourage a person. Since none of the ideas are perfect, if you reveal them there may be someone will kill your motivation, destroying the idea completely.

Fourthly, in the event of failure of your plan (for whatever reason), some people will regularly remind you of your failure and make fun of you. This might dissuade you from trying anything ambitious in future.

The lesson here is that if there is something really important, something that can change your entire life, keep it to yourself. Grow it like you nurture a plant, with care and attention.

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Your Goals and Strategies

This is a natural extension of the previous point.

According to a few experiments carried out, telling others your strategies or goals to others satisfies your self-identity and after that you are less motivated to put in the hard work needed. As per the tests conducted, those who kept their intentions secret were more likely to achieve them than those who made them public and were acknowledged by others.

In case you disclose your strategies and goals, you can blame it on “premature sense of completeness” which leaves you lesser motivation to go all out to achieve your goals. In addition, if you fail to achieve, you become a loser, and there are always sadists and enemies who are happy to point fingers at you.

Your Income, Finance and Wealth

This point hardly requires any convincing that you should keep your income, finance and wealth a secret. The harsh fact is that we live in a materialistic world where people constantly judge each other based on income and financial worth. Sadly, other qualities like education, talents, simple living, spirituality are not attached much value.  Even most fair individuals will succumb to judging without even thinking about it.

We all want success, and not failure. In this world, the most superficial form of success is money.  You may prefer to have true friends who do not judge you on the basis of how much money and wealth you have. Rather let there be friendship, bonding and relationship of you being a true human being and your value system.

Discussing incomes usually turns into a “who-makes-more” curiosity leaving you a low feeling and depression because you might find that you can’t afford the things you would like or you deserve to be paid more than them.

If you are earning good money, it is nobody’s business what you earn and how you earn! If you have it, feel good, don’t go and brag about it. People are going to be jealous then they will be around you all day. Money can corrupt friends and relatives.

Also you would not want to seek unwanted attention from strangers / robbers / thieves / donation seekers.

Your Love Life

Keep our love life secretThe only people who should know the intimate details of what goes on in your bedroom are your partner and you.

If you are in a loving, committed relationship such as marriage, you would kill your marriage if you shared the details amongst your friends. Just imagine how would you feel if you came to know that your spouse was telling his or her friends intimate details about the two of you? Would it not be so embarrassing?

Now let us talk of crushes and infatuations. It might be immature for you to tell your friends about your secret crushes. They may even make fun of you and you are sure to feel helpless and embarrassed about it. Your crush may develop into mutual love one day or you may even fall out of it. Would you really want your friends to know every bit of it?

Don’t make yourself so vulnerable by sharing your secrets with someone, unless that someone is your love. If you tell your parents about your love, when you are in your rather young, they will pester you until you forget him / her. Wait till the things reach a level of maturity.

Passwords and Codes

Passwords and CodesObviously, this is a big no-no! Of course, it would be extremely naive to give away your passwords, codes and pin numbers. Whether it is the e mail password or the log in password of your bank account, it is important to keep your passwords, codes and pin numbers with yourself. Nobody would like his or her private messages from girlfriend / boyfriend to be read by a third person.

Similarly, wicked people can hack into your account and take away your life time’s savings and investments. Therefore, make doubly sure that your passwords, codes and pin numbers are kept very safe and beyond the reach of anybody.

Your Psychotherapy or Relationship Counselling

We’ve all had problems and bad situations in our lives. And yes, smart and good people come out of it – sometimes on their own and sometimes with the help of professionals like psychotherapists / psychologists / counsellor etc.

There’s no shame in needing about past incidents in your life. But this is one of the things you should definitely not talk about with friends, relatives, boss, co-workers – ever. The word may spread like jungle fire. People are quick to form opinions and it may hit you very hard in your professional life including career prospects besides your reputation in your social circle. 

Family Conflicts or Problems in Personal Life

Every family has problems, at one point of time or other. There is nothing to be ashamed of. This could be because of difference of opinion, clash of interest, generation gap, or any other reason and not necessarily by any evil design. Yet it is never recommended that one goes around revealing the details of the problems in the family or even mentioning that there is a conflict of sorts going on.

Under such situations, always remind yourself that the less you reveal such secrets to outsiders, the safer and peaceful you will be. Keep in mind that family conflicts are usually the result of expelling negative energy and soon will pass. Such things can and should be resolved within the privacy of your own home, between loved ones. The more you complain and share with others, the harder they will be to resolve amicably.

Therefore, the less you discuss these problems with others, the weaker these issues will be.

Secrets of others who trust you

Secrets of others who trust youIf others have confided in you, then it is your sacred duty to keep their secrets buried deep in your chest throughout your life.

If a friend or relative trusts you with confidential information you cannot take it casually. If you let out the information then the trust is broken and the friendship is severed forever. Socially your image will go down considerably, if you can’t keep the secret of others – as everyone has something or the other which he can share with someone whom he trusts the most.

This matter assumes all the more serious proportions if you are a doctor, banker, marriage counsellor, astrologer, lawyer, financial advisor etc. As a code of professional ethics, you have to and you should your lips sealed with the secrets of all your clients or patients – as the case may be.

Of course, there could be exceptions such as the situation is life threatening or endangering the life or property of others!

Your Spirituality and Spiritual Enlightenment

There is no reason to share your spiritual quest or your spiritual practices. Your spirituality is  absolutely between you and your God.

Your Faith and Belief

Faith may or may not mean just religion. Actually it is a lot more. If you discuss it openly then any fool with some casual remark can shake it as the faith is very delicately balanced. Faith and things related to are very personal and private. Your faith is yours and yours alone. Only share it when it is necessarily.

Your philanthropy, donations and contributions to charity

It is not a good idea to reveal the details of your charities. Charitable acts are divine and out of your inner feelings. That it is why one must treasure them. In certain societies, it is always recommended that “your left hand should not know what your right hand is giving”.

Do not neutralize your good karma by bragging about your philanthropic activities because others can label you as a self praising arrogant and arrogance is a horrible characteristic in a person.

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