Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

5 Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them


If you closely observe the world around you, you will perhaps find that relationships problems seem to be increasing in numbers every passing day. It is not too uncommon to find some couple or the other going in for marriage counseling or relationship counselling for finding a solution to their relationship problems. Hence in this blog we talk about five relationship problems and how to solve them.

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You can find many young couples who are opting for relationship counselling or marriage counseling rather than considering breakup or divorce – due to their differences. Perhaps, they realize that their love for each other is far more important than the differences that they have. Even many middle aged couples and elderly couples can be found opting for marriage counseling or relationship counselling when other measures fail to provide a workable solution to them.

It’s Better To Be Prepared

Every relationship, particularly every marriage is likely to run into bumps at some time or the other. If you are mentally prepared to face this situation and can foresee at least some of the problems that you may encounter in your relationship or marriage, you would be better equipped to deal with the situation.

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How Do People Cope Up With The Problems In Their Relationships Or Find Solutions?

Many successful couples across the world have learnt the art of managing the bumps in their everyday lives. They keep their love life going under all circumstances and in all situations. Many people read articles and self-help books on the subject. Some others attend seminars; use trial and error methods; go for marriage counseling or relationship counselling. Yet some other couples learn by observing successful couples or by talking to them and seeking their advice on love and relationships.

Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them Without Resorting To Relationship Counselling Or Marriage Counseling?

We shall briefly talk here about five common relationship problems and some simple ways to solve them without resorting to marriage counseling or relationship counselling.

1. Communication

Lack of communication, poor communication and breaking of the communication channels between couples seem to be very common reasons why couples have to go for marriage counseling or relationship counselling.

You must realize that communication is essentially a two-way process. Any communication is complete only when the other person fully understands what was intended to be conveyed. Towards this end, the responsibility or onus of effective communication rests with the person who is communicating his or her views to the other person. Arguing or fighting by saying that what was understood by your spouse was not what you intended to communicate may not be of much help. You should, instead, work on improving your communication skills.

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For improving your communication skills, you can try these simple rules or tricks:

  • Stop believing that you can communicate effectively with your spouse even on critically important matters while operating your mobile phone or some other such device;
  • Accept the fact that raising your voice does not lead to and in fact hampers good communication;
  • Don’t interrupt your partner while he or she is talking. Your body language must convey to your partner that you are paying due attention to what is being said by him or her;
  • Don’t use phrases like “You always …..” and “You never …..” while discussing important issues with your partner.

You cannot in any way ensure that no problem ever arises in your relationship or in your marriage. But by improving the communication with your partner, you can definitely help avoid a situation where you feel the need to go for relationship counselling or marriage counseling.

2. Money

It is not uncommon for couples to face financial problems in life. Money problems can come up early in one’s marriage or at a later stage. While no ready made solutions may be there to solve such financial problems, the under noted strategies help overcome the problems within a short time:

  • Calmly sit down with your spouse and honestly assess your current financial position. Cut down on your lifestyle expenses, if necessary;
  • Assess the spending patterns of both the partners to find out if one is over-spending and needs to cut on his or her expenses;
  • Don’t start a blame game and instead, draw up a budget for the family. Leave some room for personal or discretionary spending by each partner and a little saving, if possible;
  • Draw your short term and long term goals;
  • Plan for the financial needs of your grown up parents, if the situation so demands.

It would be prudent to realize that even during relationship counselling and marriage counseling, no quick-fix solutions are provided by the counselors for solving financial problems that a couple may be facing. The emphasis is rather on working towards strengthening the marital bond and love by resorting to steps such as those mentioned above.

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3. Sex

Even between two partners who love each other no end, there can be a sexual mismatch. And sex is essentially an integral part of a happy marriage. It releases happy hormones required by both your body as well as your mind. If this is a problem area in your marriage or relationship, the following strategies may be of help:

  • Plan and have some exclusive time with your partner;
  • Explore what turns you or your partner on and work on your plan;
  • If you cannot solve your problems on your own, consult a sex therapist who will help you find a solution to your problems related to sex.

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4. Household Chores

If both you and your spouse are required to go out for work, it is important that the household chores are also shared by both of you in equal measure. If this is causing problems in your relationship, consider the undernoted strategies:

  • Write down all the household chores to the extent possible and then divide them equally between the two of you. Be fair in distribution of the chores;
  • If both of you hate household work, consider hiring some help;
  • In case your partner likes one type of work like cooking, have a division where say, laundry and the yard are your responsibilities. Be creative and honest while looking at the preferences.

5. Trust

Trust is one of the key issues in any relationship, more so in a marriage. While some people may have genuine reasons for not having complete trust in their partner, some others may just be having some unresolved issues of their own which prevent them from trusting other people.

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Trust is more often than not mutual. You and your partner can develop trust in each other by following some simple tips in your day-to-day life. You should always be consistent in all your dealings with your spouse and others. Punctuality, keeping your word, truthfulness, fairness even during arguments, sensitivity towards the feelings of other people, fair sharing of the domestic workload, not digging up old issues and being a good listener are some of the other qualities which will help you big way in building trust in your relationship or marriage.

Last, but not the least, trusting your spouse completely and showing your trust in him or her will go a long way in helping your spouse have total trust in you.

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