Reasons Why It Is Better To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members and Friends

Reasons Why It Is Better To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members and FriendsDo you want to sleep better, stress less and feel genuinely happy then identify toxic family members and friends and cut them out from your life. We are brought up with a belief that there is a spiritual bond between the family members that one should not break. Also we are told that we must honor the friendship bond. However, it’s not always true. Sometimes it might be essential for your own mental stability, peace of mind and emotional wellness, to keep a distance from particular family members or friend. We share a few important reasons why it is better to cut ties with toxic family members and friends.

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Reasons Why It Is Better To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members and Friends

This is because a toxic family member can do more harm than a friend or an acquaintance. Even if it means letting go of them forever.

Read on to know that if you are dealing with a toxic family member or a toxic friend. In addition, we share a few situations which tell you that now it is the time to cut out such toxic persons from your life. Also there is a video at the end of this blog.

1. They Always Judge You

They Always Judge You

Everyone likes nice compliments, good and healthy suggestions. However if the family member or a so called friend is always passing judgmental comments which hurt emotionally then this certainly is de-motivating.

While constructive criticism is healthy and good. But, constant judging can damage someone’s self-confidence. Certainly such a family member or a friend is not interested in your success or well being. Is it not a toxic relationship, if it happens regularly? Recommended reading: How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in life

Then ask yourself that what is the use of such a family bond or friendship bond?

2. They Are Only To Seek Some Benefit From You

Such toxic personalities will show up only when they seek some benefit from you or to take advantage of your position.

The gains they selfishly seek could be in the form of an advice, or some material benefit including monetary help and sometimes seeking a favor from somebody through you because of your position or contacts. Once their job is done, they will choose to distance themselves from you once again.

What happens when you need their help, support or love? They are nowhere to be found. They know how to use you or manipulate you.

Would you still like to be in such a one way relationship with such ungrateful people? Please do refer to : How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

3. At Your Cost, They Have Fun

Did you ever had a need to turn to family member for some advice on some sensitive matter? Did you confide in your deepest fears with a friend you trusted? Obviously you had to expose your vulnerabilities with the hope to receive some sincere advice or comfort in a time of need. However, you were betrayed by this close family member or trusted friend! Now everyone knows your secrets and you are the butt of their jokes or a subject of pity.

Did you figure out the reason – Why? Well, this person had dome fun at your cost. Now, the social circle you belong to will have something to laugh at you. Also read :  Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends.

While you sought to reduce the load of your worries, this person just multiplied them. No matter whether this person is family member or a close friend, the bond is now broken.

If the trust is breached, it is advisable to cut out the toxic relationship with such a person. Also know about Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself

4. They Lie and Mislead

The other kind of toxic people you need to avoid are those who always lie about small as well as big things. They may also have the habit of misleading people including you purposefully or just out of sheer nature.

In addition such toxic people in your life may also have the habit of withholding useful information lest someone benefits from it or to hide their own personality flaws. It is better to be wise, therefore, please refer to: Why have a Love Hate Relationship?

5. Abusive Relationship

A relationship loses all meaning and respect if there is some kind of mental or physical or physical or emotional or sexual abuse. Even bullying is unhealthy and should be unacceptable.

When your friend or family member is manipulative in his dealings with you – whether overt or covert, you should get alert as you are being used and abused.

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This makes the victim live in constant anxiety – not knowing or being able to predict what is going to be the next move of the clever and cunning friend. In other words the victim may not know how to safeguard his interests.
Under such circumstances, it is time to love yourself enough and cut ties with toxic family members and friends.

6. Toxic family member has victim mentality

Toxic people have victim mentality. They love to be victims and give excuses and they express their inability to take any responsibility for you. Simply because they don’t want to take any responsibility, they give excuses, rationalizations, or blame others.

If a person has toxic qualities, you should not feel guilty about cutting them out of your life.

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Reasons Why It Is Better To Cut Ties With Toxic Family Members and Friends


I am labeling this relationship as toxic because the person does not wish to see you progressing. He or she is jealous of whatever progress you have made in life and cannot bear to see you having certain skills and talents which can help you to achieve greater heights in life.

No matter what you do for such a family member or friend, they will always demean you and never appreciate your achievements or respect your talent.

That is why it is best to distance yourself from such a person.

If the situation has escalated to a point where it has become impossible for you to be happy, then you have no choice but to eliminate that person from your life.

Video: 5 Reasons To Cut Ties With Bad Family Members and Friends

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