Psychological Differences Between Behavior of Men and Women

Psychological Differences Between Behavior of Men and WomenDo you really think that there are any psychological differences between behavior of men and women? Whatever are your views and thoughts about it, you are perfectly right because it is based on your observations and experiences. After all each one is entitled to his or her own views. Finding the subject quite interesting which can kick start a debate anywhere and anytime, we decided to collect views of some people around. These views are presented with some editing here.

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Psychological Differences Between Behavior of Men and Women

Before our readers decide to love us or hate us, let me tell you that these psychological differences are just a random collection of views of some educated people across the society coming from different backgrounds. So read on, enjoy the views without taking them seriously. Also read: How to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Fun

Psychological Difference # 1 Men Care about the looks of Women

Men give too much attention to how women look. They observe the women very minutely – especially the women they are interested in.

In comparison women don’t care as much. Women possibly do not give so much time and attention about how men look.

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Psychological Difference # 2 Women Do Careful Listening

This interesting observation was made by a couple married for more than 25 years. Also both husband and wife have received very high level of education and the husband is a psychologist too. The couple had a common observation that generally men don’t listen carefully to what women say. Though men may pretend that they are listening to every word and keep nodding their heads, but they actually are not paying much attention.

In sharp contrast, women pay way too much attention to what is said by men. Not only that, women are also smart in paying attention to what is not said.

Perhaps there is a message to men to increase the depth of listening and increase their span of attention. Do read for more ideas: How to Improve Your Relationship

Psychological Difference # 3 Smiling for the photographs

Most women can control their smiles very professionally. They will usually give a good smile for a photograph even when they are not happy inside or they are in a group where others are not even close friends or relatives. So they know how to smile or not smile as per the need of the situation.

Whereas men either smile or don’t smile. It depends on the individual’s programming. Even if it is a group photograph of the college or school batch mates, some men may not smile. This is because they are genetically programmed like this.

Psychological Difference # 4 Laughing

If there is something really funny women will laugh only when it is appropriate and it looks decent.

Men can laugh at anything, anytime and anywhere as long as it tickles their funny bone – even if it is a silly joke or not funny at all.

Secondly, women also giggle when sharing something funny whereas men hardly do that. I think this behavior pattern is so common across various cultures that we don’t need a psychologist to confirm it.

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Psychological Difference # 5 Cleaning Priorities

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning, men and women have different priorities. Women like to keep their kitchen clean. They can’t tolerate another person in the kitchen who they think will move the things in the kitchen – leave alone creating the mess in the kitchen.

While for men the mess in the kitchen is part of the situation after cooking a meal in the kitchen. They are in no hurry to clean it. According to the psychology of men, it will be done sooner or later by someone.

In sharp contrast, men are psychologically programmed clean their cars. Rather they would like to keep their car shining. Most women don’t want to clean their car or it is not in their priority list.

Women would rather ask you to clean the bottom of your shoes so that the floor or carpet of the house if not spoiled.

Psychological Difference # 6 Problem Solving Approach

Men tend to very scientifically approach the issue. They would isolate the non related issues, identify the main issue or primary issues, secondary issues etc. Then they would get busy in finding various alternative ways to solve the problem. Their third step would be to find the best strategy to solve the issue out of various alternatives available.

Whereas women tend to do the job of finding the solution in a different way and they do it much faster. Yet women do not overlook any aspect or sub issue. Without getting into the complications, women normally come out with an easy and more practical approach.

Men do you want any proof? Well recall your wife’s or mother’s advice that was so wonderful and successful!

Psychological Difference # 7 Basic Components of Behavior

Men’s behavior has two important components and these are facts and logic, while women’s behavior is influenced by their intuition and emotions.

Psychological Difference # 8 Writing Autobiographies

It is believed that men are more eager to write the autobiographies for fame and perhaps to be remembered after they are gone. Compared to this there are fewer number of women who have chosen to create social identity by writing autobiographies.

Psychological Difference # 9 Method of Relaxation

After a stressful or long day, women would typically want to interact with friends or family. Such activities help women relax better and relieve stress.
In sharp contrast, at the end of a busy day, men prefer to shut themselves away from the world for some time. The seek solitude and be left alone or they would like to slip into a passive activity such as watch TV or listen to music. This ‘turn off’ helps men to destress and relax better. This is their way of unwinding.

Psychological Difference # 10 Expectations from love partner

When in love, women love surprises. Women love and care about love letters, candle light dinners, poems, romantic stories, chocolates, greetings cards and flowers. Whereas, a simple ‘I love you’ will work wonders for most men.

Video: 5 Psychological Differences Between Behavior of Men and Women

To sum up

We are living in a modern, educated and well informed world. It can be easily concluded that there are no real psychological differences between behavior of men and women. However because of different cultural background and personal experiences there could be difference perceived by individuals. Readers would agree that education, culture and upbringing make a lot of difference in the life of a person.

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