Proven Signs That You Are In Love

Proven Signs That I am In LoveAre you in love?

Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to answer this simple question with just one word. You may be in love and a relationship with a person – whom you simply adore. But still, you don’t know for sure whether you love that boy or girl. You are also not certain that you do want to get married to and spend the rest of your life with her or him. You are yet to explore the relevance of a relationship advice though you are in love. In fact, you might have never received any relationship advice from anyone till now. For that matter, many married couples also might have never received one. But are there any proven signs that you are in love indeed?

We shall examine this question and many others as we proceed further with this article. Of course, you may also watch a short video given at the end of this blog.

What are the thoughts that come to your mind?

Much as you may try, you are not able to get that girl out of your head. When you should really be working or doing some serious stuff, you find that you have only been dreaming about that girl. Hours go past as you imagine your future with that girl. Well, these thoughts and many similar ones definitely indicate that you may be in love!

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Proven Signs That You are in Love

Let us take a look at some of the telltale or proven signs which indicate that you are indeed in love:

1. You believe that your beloved is perfect and unique

You focus only on the positive qualities of your beloved and overlook her negative traits. You firmly believe that she is truly unique. This belief also renders you unable to have any romantic feelings or passion for anyone else. Scientists believe that this single-mindedness is the result of elevated levels of dopamine in your brain. The chemical is related to attention and focus that you have in life.

2. You wish the two of you could be together all the time

You wish that the two of you be together all the time. Possible this is a result of your emotional attachment with her. If she too is in love with you, she will also have the same feelings and desire to be with you all the time. This emotional dependence on the relationship is on account of feelings of possessiveness, fear of rejection, jealousy and separation anxiety. You don’t want to lose her and the only way to ensure this is to be in her company all the time. This is a proven sign that you are in love with her.

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3. You hope and pray that you stay together forever

In the case of infatuation, lust and desire, there is no long term thinking or planning. The thoughts of a happy married life and loving children are completely missing.

This hope and longing to stay together forever is comparable to our desire for life-saving water and other things that we need for our very survival. Romantic love too falls in the category of basic survival necessities. This is again an indication that you are in love.

4. You feel out of control

If you feel that your passion is out of your control and involuntary, it is a sign that you are in love. You may have a feeling of total helplessness. You may find your obsession with your beloved to be completely irrational. Well, these are all ‘positive’ signs that you are in love.

5. You check your mobile phone every few minutes and retain all her text messages for re-reading them

If you feel obsessed to check your mobile phone every few minutes to see if there has been a call or message from her and you also retain all her text messages to re-read them at leisure, it is a proven sign that you are in love. 

6. You are ready to change yourself

Another one of clear signs that you are in love is when you are ready to change yourself.

Let us say that you have smoking regularly for years, and you never pay much attention to physical fitness. Now that she has come into your life, you suddenly find yourself wanting to give up smoking for her. Moreover, you actually start going to gym regularly and get into a serious workout to build a great body.

Hey, are you in love or not?!

7. You Smile Without Any Apparent Reason

Your close friends have caught you many times smiling for no obvious reason. Sometimes you smile when you are alone also.  Such behavior is another one of clear signs that you have fallen in love with someone. Being in love can make us smile without any good reason.

The logic is simple! Your special friend makes you happy, so you smile more often. You feel happy, positive, warm and a little vague inside and a smile appears on your lips.

What does science have to say?

Believe me, science never gives any wrong indications in regard to your being in love. Scientists have indeed established conclusively as to what it means to ‘fall in love.’ Scientists know the difference between infatuation, lust and desire on the one side and a ‘brain-in-love’ on the other. The two look very different from each other. Researchers have found that a ‘brain-in-love’ is even different from the brain of somebody who is in a long-term, honest and committed relationship. Scientific studies and research have established that biologically, the “in-love” phase of a brain is unique and there are some telltale signs which show that your brain is in that particular phase.

The relevance of relationship advice to someone who’s in love or is married

Relationship advice is relevant and important for youngsters who are in love or are even married. Couples who have been happily married for say 10 years or more are well equipped to give a relationship advice. Relationship advice may also be given by married but unhappy couples. Even married couples have gained immensely from relationship advice received by them. When in love, you stand to gain from relationship advice received from both happy and unhappy couples. Relationship advice received from happily married couples gives you all the do’s. Valuable relationship advice on don’ts comes from married couples with unpleasant experiences. Couples in love and those already married should be open to receiving relationship advice in their long term interests. Married life can then be a bliss.

One relationship advice that has worked well for many youngsters in love as well as for married people is to have realistic expectations from each other regarding romance. Another important relationship advice to those in love or who are already married is to have mutual respect. Yet another relationship advice to folks in love is to emphasize the need to discuss everything openly, particularly the stuff that hurts. This relationship advice is equally applicable to married people also.

The importance of relationship advises for a young couple in a loving relationship can never be undermined.

Video: 5 Proven Scientific Signs That You Are In Love

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