Meditation to Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection

Fear of Failure and Fear of RejectionWhat causes fear?

Whatever the subconscious mind is told repeatedly it manifests that. In other words, whatever a person believes is correct and comes true. The subconscious is given the beliefs through repeated messages or commands.

Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection

This happens to quite a few of us, at one stage or the other when the individual believes that he is no good, whatever he tries his hands on results in failure. This or something else is the cause of his not being accepted by family, friends, co-workers or the society at large. The person feels that he is unwanted and nobody loves him anymore. He has no place to go and he is not good enough.

This is a terrible feeling and can do a lot of damage to the self respect and self worth of the person. Immediate action should be taken by the person to get rid of this self destructing emotion. Thus the subconscious mind needs to be cleared of such negative beliefs which give birth to this limiting belief.

The more this person believes so the more he gets entangled into the negative emotion. Because we respond to the world based on our own beliefs, perceptions and programming.

For more details, please read How to overcome fear of failure and fear of rejection. While the article referred here deals in details with a number of techniques and methods, this blog is specifically focused on a detailed meditation technique devoted to elimination of the fear of failure and fear of rejection.

Meditation to Overcome Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection

Meditation hardly needs any introduction now. Should you like to read more about Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Modern Life, just click on the link.

I am delighted to share with you simple but effective Meditation to overcome fear of failure and rejection. It is hoped that when this meditation is practiced regularly and properly it will help release fear of failure and rejection.

Once you become in your practice, you may use the same technique to kick away any other fear or negativity that you might have – now or later.

  1. Find a place where you can sit comfortably during the meditation. You may sit with cross legs on the floor (you may use cushion and back support for comfort) or sit on a chair.
  2. Please keep your back as straight as possible so that your spine is straight.
  3. Take a few deep breaths in and exhale out. Let this be beginning of the relaxation. Focus on your breath and drive away the stress.
  4. Let go of all your worries and concerns. Tell your mind that let everything else wait while you are doing the meditation exercise.
  5. Feel your body and mind going into deeper relaxation and find your center within.
  6. Close your eyes now – if you have not done so till now and be in the center of your body. Be there and meditate on it
  7. Take your attention one by one to different parts of your body and suggest that they relax. Beginning with top of your head, move to your face – the facial skin, eyes cheek bones, jaw and like this gradually go all the way down to the toes of your feet.
  8. As you proceed with this wonderful relaxation, you may either feel that your body is feeling heavier and is ‘sinking in’ or is getting lighter and is moving up like a feather. Either way it is OK. Just keep going with the flow and till you complete this meditation exercise.
  9. You are so relaxed.
  10. Next visualize yourself to be at your favorite place of relaxation. It could be a beach or a resort in the mountain. It could be a real place or an imaginary place – this does not matter.
  11. Involve all your senses to be in your favorite place of relaxation to increase your enjoyment. You may like to smell the sea or the fragrance of the flowers and the plants in the mountains. In your mind’s eye ‘see’ the beauty of the nature and appreciate. Perhaps you can extend your arm and hold some sand in your hand or reach out to touch the trunk of the magnificent pine tree. Feel the warmth of the Sun on your skin.
  12. As you feel very good and comfortable at this moment of time, you hear voices of some people at a distance. You get curious and walk in that direction. After walking for a few steps, you notice a gathering of some people having a good time together.
  13. You also wish to join them and have a good time. Suddenly you turn into a child of 3 or 4 years – as if your innocent childhood days are back.
  14. The people in the group welcome you. In fact they are delighted to have you and you are also equally happy.
  15. You are your true self, without any pretensions, artificiality etc. You are playful, joyful and giving and taking things without any calculations or thoughts.
  16. You are full of qualities and attributes like tenderness, playfulness, kindness, curiosity, innocence which are letting you enjoy the company of others and they get pulled towards you.
  17. This is who you are – truly! You realize that it does not require efforts to be what you naturally are! It is time to bring back your true self and let your original personality come to surface.
  18. Now imagine yourself in your present physical dimension of time but full of all those qualities which you had left behind. Imbibe once again those beautiful qualities and be yourself again.
  19. In the next scene, go back to that group of people as an adult but being your true original self. This time include in that group some of your friends, co-workers, relatives and family members.
  20. With all those qualities and full of love, you rush into that group and you are received with delight. You are noticed by everyone and each person notices you. Everyone dances with joy on noticing you as your original self. You receive smiles and hugs.
  21. You realize that only you have changed and everyone else is same. You feel that it is better to change yourself to a better and loving person than expecting others to change according to your moods and expectations.
  22. With this new change embedded in you, you meet one of the persons you know. The other person notices a wonderful change in you and welcomes it. Like this you meet a few others. Each one of them is happy to introduce you to his group of friends.
  23. Notice that your circle of friends is growing. Everyone loves your company and you are enjoying too – thanks to the positive changes you have made to yourself.
  24. There you are standing in the middle of your friends, family, colleagues and relatives. You are beaming with new found confidence, sharing joy and having good times.
  25. You are no more bothered about your financial status, expectations of others from you.
  26. Be in this scene joyfully for some time and let it imprint on your subconscious mind. Feel that you too are wanted and welcomed as an ideal friend, good colleague and a wonderful husband / father / son.
  27. Come back to your ideal place of relaxation. Feeling and smelling the environment.
  28. From there come back to your chair and the room where you are meditating. Open your eyes with a smile and come out of the beautiful mediation.

Tips and Suggestions for better results from Meditating to overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection

  1. You should do this mindfulness exercise many times and regularly.
  2. Do this mediation daily till you absolutely wash yourself of the emotion and feeling that you are not wanted in the group or by certain individuals.
  3. Consciously keep bringing the meditation experience in your daily life.
  4. Apply mindfulness tell yourself that you too are a personality wanted and loved by others.
  5. Bookmark this page and read through this page regularly to clear yourself of the habit of self doubt, self criticism and raise your self-worth. The more we clear ourselves of the painful self sabotaging beliefs, the more we shall experience our lives changing for the better.

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