May 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

May 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

Here below, I am sharing with you the predictions for May 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope and transit of planets during the month.

Also we have two videos: video 1 and video 2 covering 6 signs each. You are welcome to watch the videos till the end to get full benefit of Astrology.

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May 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This is likely to be a favorable month for Aries natives. During the month, you may want to spend money on luxury items and pleasurable actions. That is OK but avoid from going overboard with your expenses. Try to save money for your future. Also do not lend money during this period.

There are some possibilities of family-related matters which may cause some tension this month. So remain cool.
Regarding finances, things are going to be quite favorable, and the inflow of money may become better. Aries natives may do well if they take their financial matters seriously and take it in their hands.

Those Aries natives who are in jobs will also do well if they keep their things organized and have patience.

Business owners will successfully overcome a few obstacles – which they are likely to face. However, according to the transit of planets, business owners should treat this as a somewhat mixed time. Good efforts may not give you the proportionate results now, but definitely, there is some good opportunity on the way.

Students of senior classes are likely to be attentive in their studies without much distraction. They would be quite concerned for their future growth.

This month, singles may fall with someone, and that person may be from the known circle. The relationship is likely to proceed smoothly.

Married people may not have much time for each other due to some family matters, but the love will remain intact.
This month, planetary movements may cause some minor health issues. Take all precautions to be healthy.

During the second half of the month, transit of planets will give better support to your health and you may derive benefits from having a healthy lifestyle.

Taurus Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This will be a mixed month for Taurus natives.

Those Taurus natives who are in committed relationships might be more concerned about pressing matters relating to self such as their career prospects, which will leave them with little time to spend with their partners. Also they may feel shy or hesitant to discuss this with their loved ones.

This may even cause a breakup. So it is better to have a heart-to-heart talk with your partner about your insecurities and worries, they will understand you.

Married people will be quite involved with household chores, so this may give them quite an opportunity to work together with their spouse.

Need of the hour is to look after the health of a senior member in the family, and heed to their advice. This will help to maintain happiness and prosperity in family life.

Your income might remain stable and some natives may get monetary help from a friend or from the organisation they work for.

Good investments done in the past may appreciate in value.

Business owners may feel worried about the competition or shortage of staff.

For students planetary transits are favorable and they may make good progress. Students pursuing professional courses will be motivated to make big achievements keeping in mind their future career.

Health may be generally good barring some minor issues in case of some Taurus natives. Try to avoid crowded areas. Always wear a mask and don’t step out unless necessary. If you develop any health problem, consult a physician and get treatment as soon as possible.

Gemini Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This will be a mixed month for Gemini natives.

A few of the Gemini natives are likely to experience ups and downs this month. For example, you should be prepared to face challenges at the workplace. The period after mid-month may be slightly more favorable. Also someone in your professional field may be hatching a conspiracy against you. But with your intelligence and foresight, you will be able to conquer the challenges easily.

Business owners would be happy with the performance of some of their skilled employees. Therefore, they may consider some monetary or non-monetary reward for them.

Looking at their finances, this month there are chances of high household expenses and there could be monetary loss for business owners. Also there are chances that some of you may take some loans against the wishes of your family members.

The Gemini students at graduate and post graduate level may make new plans for further education or relating to their careers. If the plan is to study abroad, this month may be favorable.

Family life will continue to be harmonious as long as you can spend time with your family members. Children will demand all the love and attention from you and you will feel very nice about them. Some Gemini natives may sell off one of their properties, while some natives may spend money on home renovation etc.

Married natives are advised to be a bit cautious as some heated arguments are likely to take place between two of you. However make sure that your children are not affected by this acrimony. But a more favorable scenario is expected in the lives of Gemini natives in love. You will give love and receive love.

This is going to be a favorable month for Gemini natives’ health prospects. Your good health can help you perform well and deal with the various adversities in life.

Cancer Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This month is expected to usher in some changes in the routine life of Cancer natives.

Some natives are likely to feel love for someone in their workplace, and those who are in a relationship may further strengthen their bonds.

If it is so, be ready to receive some pressure from the family to make plans for the marriage.

Married natives may have some problems due to their partner’s stubborn nature. However, just ignore it as this won’t last long.

Traders and sales professionals may face some new challenges in selling their products. To boost their income, business owners and self employed professionals may have to work harder. However, your old customers will be loyal to you and they will come back for good quality products.

During this period, do not overshoot your budget and avoid spending on luxury items. Overall, it is advisable to save money keeping in mind the uncertain times. Last week of May, the business conditions may improve.

The employed natives may feel frustrated, but their continued dedication will win them praise from their boss.

Students pursuing higher education in technical subjects will try to convince their parents about letting them take admission in foreign universities.

No major health issues are seen if you are already in good shape. The elderly may suffer from age related problems.

Leo Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This month, Leo natives will have to remain careful at their workplace, especially if they work in the field. Even a little negligence can get you into trouble. This means you will have to act very sensibly in terms of their career.

Although the transit of Rahu and Mercury in your tenth house of profession will make you bright and clever, because of this, there may be some sense of dissatisfaction among the colleagues. Therefore, you will have to use your intelligence and try to adapt to the situations to survive.

Also you should not get involved in office politics. At the same time, do not disrespect any senior or important person during this time, otherwise you may lose your reputation.

After May 14, some natives may see an increase in their responsibilities and duties at their workplace.

Let us now talk about Money and Finance. This month is likely to bring in positive results. Mars is placed in your eleventh house, due to which you can be lucky to receive an increase in income. Also after May 29, Venus will transit into your eleventh house, due to which working natives can witness a boost in their income from their profession.

In case of some Leo natives organizing some auspicious events or social functions is also a possibility.

Overall, Leo natives are likely to get mixed results with regard to their family life. Some of the family members may go far away from you. This is seen because of Ketu’s presence in the fourth house.

The good news is that this period can be very good for married natives, while those who are in a relationship will have to be careful.

With regards to health, Leo natives need to take special care their as well as spouse’s health. Right from the beginning of this month, you need to make your daily routine healthy and stay health conscious throughout this period..

Virgo Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This month, Virgo natives should be ready to witness some ups and downs in their lives.

One of the prominent features of the current transit is that Jupiter, the lord of your fourth and seventh houses is sitting in the sixth house this month. Therefore, Virgo natives may have to face some difficulties with business partners, domestic matters and the harmony with spouse may also get affected.

In case you are into partnership business, take decisions very carefully during this period. If you have been thinking of making some big changes in business, then it would be advisable to wait for some time.

This month seems to be stable in terms of finances. The planet Saturn will remain in your fifth house and aspect your eleventh and second house, which will lead to better stability in your income.

During this period, your energy as well as output at the workplace can also increase. The atmosphere at the workplace will remain charged and you will feel energetic within yourself.

Thanks to the favorable transit of the planets, business owners will be able to do better than their competitors. As a business owner you may also try to take some commendable steps to keep your employees happy.

With Jupiter in your sixth house, you will have the support of trustworthy employees and you are less likely to get cheated. This is a good time to try to achieve desirable outcomes in business.

Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury. Sun and Venus will transit your eighth house. So there may be secret problems. Be regular with your physical activities to keep yourself fit.

If suffering from any disease, don’t forget to take prescribed medicines and get sufficient rest.

Video: May 2021 Monthly Forecast for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo Zodiac Signs

Libra Monthly Forecast For May 2021

As far as love affairs are concerned, this month will be quite regular for the natives of the Libra zodiac sign. The benefic planet Jupiter is placed in your fifth house and it is blessing your relationship. You will get to spend good time with your beloved and your mutual understanding can also increase this month.

However, this month can be slightly unfavorable for married natives and they will have sweet and sour experiences. This is due to the conjunction of Sun and Venus in the seventh house of married life.

Therefore, married natives should watch their words carefully as this might affect their married life, which can give rise to major differences with their spouse.

You may face some issues with the members of the extended family. This month also, Ketu will remain in your second house. This is also known as the house of family. At the same time, Saturn will be present in the fourth house of happiness in domestic life and Mars would be aspecting on it. Such planetary positions can cause major upheavals in the family.

There can be petty fights and quarrels. In such a situation, you should try to keep calm while handling the situation. Your mother’s health may also need special medical attention

However, your siblings can be seen helping you improve the family situation this month. Libra natives, who are pursuing an education or working away from their families should keep in touch with their parents.

The education prospects of Libra students look good since the transit of planets is in an obliging mood. Those pursuing performing arts such as dance, drama, music, painting, and other fine arts can look forward to an extremely encouraging period. Similarly students studying languages, journalism, and other forms of mass communication are also expected to perform well.

Overall, Libra students would be blessed with a positive mental attitude, making learning much quicker and easier.
This period requires Libra natives to pay good attention to health as there could be some challenges. There is a conjunction of Sun-Venus in your seventh house and conjunction of Rahu-Mercury in the eighth house can give you skin-related or urinary tract related diseases.

Also do pay attention to your diet this month, avoid eating stale, unhealthy food. This will reduce the possibility of stomach-related disorders. Your uncontrolled eating habits can be the reason behind such problems.

Scorpio Monthly Forecast For May 2021

There are many good developments expected for Scorpio natives this month. For example, you would associate with learned people and have interest in spirituality. This would enrich your life in a very significant manner. Some of the Scorpio natives would make a mark with their contribution in social or religious work.

If we look at the Career and Profession prospects of Scorpio natives, we find that there is a favorable combination of planets. This will certainly help in your career advancement.

The work-load is expected to be lighter than usual.

Business owners will successfully carry out their business activities and realize the expected gains.

The conditions at the workplace would be excellent and there would not be any tension or politics.

As per the transit of planets during this period, singles may meet an old friend and rekindle their love. But keep in mind that this relationship will take time to develop. So you should take it easy and proceed slowly.

You may have to make a real effort to let them know how much you love them.

Scorpio natives already in relationships may want to be engaged with their beloved.

The students of Scorpio sign might find the going tough during this month. Many of you may behave in a manner that would make you self-assertive and somewhat headstrong. This is likely to make learning difficult. Therefore, avoid such behavior and focus on your studies rather than showing attitude.

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast For May 2021

According to the position of the planets this month, you should be able to maintain good health most of the time. However, the general environment will also pose a challenge to maintain your good health. Although nothing wrong is indicated in the Sagittarius horoscope of this month, yet you might as well remain careful by staying away from unpleasant places and people.

There is little which can cheer your domestic life this month. This is because Saturn is in your 2nd house and Jupiter is 12th from its own sign as well as from the fourth house. There is a good possibility that some of you would improve relations with your brothers or sisters, leading to better support for each other. Regarding domestic matters, you should refuse to be provoked into any kind of confrontation.

The matters of your children would require closer supervision and intervention to avoid any unpleasant news. You should be able to devote more time and energy to this.

In terms of career, this month will be good for Sagittarius natives. However, Mercury, the lord of your tenth house, will be in your sixth house, which is an important hint to avoid getting into any unwanted debate or stay away from getting involved in office politics. You need to think positive and constructive and choose your words carefully while communicating with the seniors .

This would help you focus more on your performance and meet the goals.

After May 26, Mercury will transit your seventh house. This is an auspicious position for Sagittarius natives and at your workplace. This should bring for you more customers who are smart as well.

This month, there is a possibility of an increase of expenses. This could be due to the presence of Mercury and Rahu in the sixth house.

Your financial planning is likely to be affected due to a rise in unexpected expenses.

Sagittarius natives should pay special attention to expenses. As you know, even a small amount saved and invested wisely, can have a big impact on your financial life. Avoid taking loans or else you may get stuck in a bad situation in the future.

Capricorn Monthly Forecast For May 2021

May 2021 Horoscope for Capricorn natives indicates that you will be very much humble and polite in expressing your love. In your behavior, there will be affection, emotion, and a sense of respect for your partner. Up to the 29th, love will be quite passionate with scope for engagement. After that, it will be very casual.

Married Capricorn natives too will like to enjoy the company of their spouse. It is important to keep the relationship harmonious.

Transit of planets during May 2021 foretells that there would be conflicts and misunderstandings among the family members. The reason for such a family environment is the presence of the 8th house lord Sun in the 4th house. Specifically, the relationships with senior members of the family will suffer. Try to be diplomatic and make conscious efforts to restore pleasantness in the family.

With regards to the career prospects, you will be busy with professional responsibilities during this period. At the same time, you should be mentally prepared to face fluctuations. This is due to the combined aspects of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun on your tenth house .

Be warned, you may feel confused about many things happening at your workplace. Some of the natives may even feel distracted from their work.

Therefore, it would be important for you to try and remain focused on your work and concentrate.

Let us now talk about the Capricorn natives who do business. This period appears to be good for you. This is because you may successfully overcome some of your imminent problems related to the business. You may be able to stabilize your business activities well and through continuous efforts, your business can grow.

Talking about the financial conditions for Capricorn natives, the presence of Jupiter in your second house and the conjunction of Mercury and Rahu in the fifth house will contribute to improving your economic conditions.

Some of you can earn money from more than one source and succeed in accumulating wealth. Many of your financial problems are likely to be over after May 28.

This month of May will be better than other months in terms of health. Some of you may face minor health issues such as stomach disorders or back ache etc. But if you take care of your eating habits, and do exercises regularly, you can avoid or reduce suffering from such problems.

Aquarius Monthly Forecast For May 2021

This month seems to be filled up with good news, opportunities and some challenges. At work you may feel a load of responsibilities but the financial fronts may be smooth. Due to the presence of Saturn in your 12th house, you are expected to restrict the outgo of money. In other words, you’ll be successful in keeping a check on your expenses and the savings may improve. Some of the Aquarius natives may spend money on some spiritual activities and feel nice about it.

Having said that, it would be better if you refrain from taking any major decision in a hurry or when excited. These important decisions could be regarding your job or finance in this period. Taking up risky investments for the sake of making quick money is not ideal in this period.

In case there is some uncomfortable situation, it may end by the middle of the month. In general also, before 15th, It may not be the best time for the marital life of Aquarius natives. There can be some issues and arguments due to differences of opinion between you and your spouse.

You may like to make some compromises to save your marriage. Keep your cool and handle each situation with the utmost diligence, love, and diplomacy.

Similarly if you are carrying your business in the Partnership mode, be prepared for choppines in business. The demand of time is to be patient, maintain calm and resolve issues through your wisdom.
Show of anger will only worsen the already delicate situation.

Before taking on a new person as the partner, it is important to check the background of the person to ensure that they are not into any unwanted activities.

The planetary positions at the beginning of the month indicate students deviating from education and getting distracted.

Some Aquarius students will get good guidance by talking to someone, and their guidance can make them focus back on studies.

As regards the Aquarius health forecasts, this month seems to be favorable. Yet a daily healthy schedule must be followed which should include exercises, healthy food and meditation etc. Refrain from habits that can jeopardize your health. Work and also have fun.

Pisces Monthly Forecast For May 2021

From the positions for the planets in the Pisces horoscopes, it is observed that this month can be somewhat challenging. You may face multiple obstacles of different types. At the same time, this month will prove to be good for giving you income from multiple sources and your wealth and savings are likely to increase.

Let us now see in detail each aspect of the life of Pisces natives for the month of May.

Financially you are expected to remain strong. Saturn in your eleventh house and own sign will help you earn well. Likewise 3 planets – Sun, Venus and Mercury in your second house of wealth and savings will bless you with good profit and savings. You are likely to earn from many sources.

This is a good time to invest. If done wisely, your investments can get good returns in future. Employed natives are also likely to get an increase in income.

There is also a hint from the planets that Pisces natives can also get benefited from the government sector. This may mean different things for different people. For example, if you are a business person, you may get payments for the services given to some government organization.  Similarly, if you are retired, there may be some monetary benefit coming up for you from some government department.

At the same time, those in job or self employed professionals can also hope to get good benefits through professional networks.

Another interesting feature observed in the Pisces horoscope is the placement of Jupiter in their twelfth house, due to which Pisceans can spend money in social welfare activities or donate to religious organizations.

The students in schools will have to increase their efforts. The Pisces students pursuing graduate and post graduate studies will have different individual circumstances. But in general, the interest and focus of the senior students will keep varying. So to improve their academic performance, Pisces students will need to ensure better consistency.

This period is likely to prove better for those natives who are business owners. With hard work, sincere efforts and good team work they can hope to earn good profits.

With regards to health, you will have to remain very careful. The reason for this observation is the fact that Jupiter is placed in your twelfth house. There are possibilities that an unhealthy diet can spoil your digestion. Therefore, you should avoid eating stale or oily foods that can cause you problems. Rahu and Mercury in your third house, hint that some Pisceans you may suffer from pain in the shoulders and arms.

Video: May 2021 Monthly Forecast for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces Zodiac Signs

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