March 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

march 2021 forecast for 12 zodiac signs

In this Article, I will share with you the predictions for March 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope and transit of planets during the month.

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March 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

ARIES Monthly Forecast For March 2021

During this period your financial prospects would be significantly encouraging, as the  combinations of planets in transit  appear  to  be  in  a generous mood.  There  is  every  possibility  of  good luck  landing at  your  door-step. This could also be a reward of some  service  done  to  you  by  an elderly person.

Some of you would have a successful way of handling your workers and team members, that will make you shine in your professional field.

The opportunities would remain quite favorable for investment and launching of new ventures. If you have such plans, go ahead and confidently implement them.

It is foreseen to be a very romantic month. Some of you may find yourself very attractive and a friend from the opposite gender. While some Aries natives are likely to enjoy creative arts like music, and may want to relax.

Be warned, Mars in the second house this month is likely to impact your speech, wealth, and actions.

TAURUS Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Some Taurus natives this month might feel uneasy and stressed about a few things. They may have some anxiety or worries about things not working too well for them.

Specifically talking about employment, you may experience some insecurities related to your job and flow of money. But let this not upset you so much. If you are worried about losing your job then you will get a new one that might bring you better income.

There will be sufficient availability of money and you will get good opportunities to learn and earn more. Hence this month will bring good opportunities for your career and finances.

Some Taureans will get chances to travel for work and leisure.

On the personal front, you will have a good time with your family and friends. However, some of you may go through a rough phase in your relationship matters.

Overall your luck will favor you in your education and work.

GEMINI Monthly Forecast For March 2021

You may face some tough situations during this time. You will be a little stressful and you might have to put in extra efforts to move forward. You will have to have patience to see the favourable results of your hard work.

Those in creative professions such as Writers, painters, sculptors, photographers etc. should make provisions for a tough period, since they might have to face a professionally low period.

The time would also not be right for investment or the launching of new ventures. These could easily fail.

The lord of your eleventh house Mars is in the twelfth house of expenditure with Rahu. Consequently your spending is likely to be more during this period. Also you may spend on some unnecessary items or liquor, this will cut down on your savings.

This month will also require you to pay greater attention to your family and domestic matters.

CANCER Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Natives of Cancer sign can look forward to a good month, overall. The transit of the planets can bless your career and improve your career prospects.

On the personal front, you will be bestowed with comforts, beauty, luck, and charm. There should not be any shortage of money during this period.

Some of the Cancer born people may also take interest in some mystical sciences and spend some time researching their paternal lineage.

However, the relationship with your spouse or lover partner can turn problematic. There is a possibility of in-laws getting involved in the dispute.

However the benefic planet Jupiter should save you from any serious situations. 

LEO Monthly Forecast For March 2021

You will experience good changes in the first half as well as the second half of the month. Please pay attention that 3 planets – Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are placed in the house of debts and diseases.

Such a placement of planets may give some mental stress related to money, finance or employment. But there may be a positive impact on you also.

Some of you may want to change your job and even go abroad for a new job. But there can be some obstacles also as we see 3 planets in the 6th house.

At the same time, Mars in the 10th house can give you luck in your work sphere and may get you a promotion.

Of course, money and success will come with hard work. You need to take the advice of seniors at work and home.

The overall month of March will bring mixed results for you as far as your personal life is concerned.

VIRGO Monthly Forecast For March 2021

People born under Virgo sign will have the majority of their planets placed positively.

You may primarily focus on your relationships this month as this is going to be a somewhat tricky aspect of your life. For better bonding and harmony in your relationship, try to create a positive romantic situation for your loved one and reveal your true feelings. Also trust your partner more and let go of your ego.

Some of you may have to undergo work-related changes this month. Managing your financial issues would be a priority or need of some Virgo natives.

Virgo natives shall be seen spending quality time with the family or focussing on the domestic matters. You may be of the belief that carrying out your responsibilities and celebrating together with family members would strengthen the family bond.

On the work front, you will win the hearts of people with your flexibility of thought and willingness to change. Your creative skills and hard work will be appreciated by your seniors.

If you are a business owner or self employed, you are likely to gain better respect in your profession. Bigger organisations may want to do business with you.

Just keep your anger under control and you may have better luck in business.

LIBRA Monthly Forecast For March 2021

The Month of March for Libra natives shows an overall good time this month for most of the aspects of life. This includes their work and their relationships with spouse and children.

Of course, the transit of planets will make you lots of responsibilities at home as well as office. But there is nothing to worry as you can tackle all issues using your creativity and intelligence.

However, they need to be careful after mid March, regarding their social reputation as there could be some challenges in their network.

For self employed and business persons, after mid-March, certain events can create some issues for you in terms of your profits and gains. At the same time, the transit of planets will bring fresh opportunities for you. Signing some fresh business deals is possible.

Overall, for Libra natives, there will be growth in career and good news at home, but you will have to work hard to get it.

SCORPIO Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Scorpio people can look forward to positive developments this month in their domestic life. There may be some happy events at home. Yet there is also the possibility that their relationships with their siblings may be somewhat challenging due to some misunderstandings over some issues.  However, this will not last long and things may improve after a few days. You may seek help and advice from elders and resolve any problems in the family.

Some Scorpio people may plan to invest in land, a house, or property.

During this period you are likely to maintain good health.

This may be a mixed month in terms of career growth. You will tackle your professional and financial matters with extraordinary boldness.

Your love relationship will also progress well this month.

SAGITTARIUS Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Those born under Sagittarius sign can see their luck shining during this period.

Planetary energy will bless their careers and they will shine at work. Sagittarians will feel they fit well in their organization.

They will also experience good luck regarding their family matters and financial affairs.

Any disputes with family members regarding money and wealth can be resolved this month. However be careful not to take any new loans or incur new debts.

Your health will be good except some minor issues.

Singles might find their lover through a common friend. However, proceed with caution as the love partner may still have some feelings left for the ex.

Students will do well.

CAPRICORN Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Capricorn people will find this month very favorable for many reasons. Students will excel in their academic field, adults will find their love life,  family life, and money matters doing well.

Most of you will feel energetic, and if you use planetary energy in a good way, you can grow and progress further in life.

To ensure success, leverage your dedication and passion also. You will need to spend time to manage your finances so that you can sort out your debts and receivables.

Regarding health matters, in case of any throat or mouth trouble, do consult your doctor. Take care of your health, since you want to take full advantage of this favorable period.

AQUARIUS Monthly Forecast For March 2021

Aquarians people can expect to have a pretty good month. The planets can bless you with wealth, good career, health etc. Many of you would get a respite from their difficulties.

In other words, there is no cause for any serious worry. Instead be pleasant and cheerful.

There are grounds, however, to apprehend some trouble associated with the head.

However, some delays can be expected on the job front such as delays in promotions. If you are a business person, remember the weight of responsibilities is on your shoulders. So tread carefully and avoid risky decisions.

On the domestic front, some of you may expect some emotional issues to crop up.

With regards to the professional front, stay away from gossip and rumors. Focus on your work, and sort out your finances.

Students will put in extra effort to shine in their academic performance.

PISCES Monthly Forecast For March 2021

This month you have a fairly helpful transit of planets, and this holds out encouraging prospects for your health and earning. This month, you would have good opportunities to earn money.

There is a distinct possibility of some Pisces natives  developing  serious  differences  with  the  senior members  of  the  family  leading  to unpleasant situations. Try not to lose your balance of mind and refuse to be drawn into any sort of a confrontation. This should check the possibility of any tension to a large extent.

In the matters of career, you will make progress slowly and steadily. Some of you may go abroad and take up abroad.

Pisceans will enjoy the support of friends, well-wishers and family members. Younger siblings will also be closer to them now.

If you play your cards well and maintain your cool, things may remain under control in all aspects of life. Overall, It can be a good month for their education, family, love life, or money matters.

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