What To Do When You Lose Hope in 2021

What To Do When You Lose Hope in 2021

Tough times happen to all of us – sometimes individually and sometimes bad times affect all of us together – like COVID. While the external conditions may be common yet the impacts on individual’s life may be different as each person has different set of unique circumstances. Therefore, there can be times in life when you lose hope, feel hopeless and experience extreme disappointment.

How To Avoid Losing Hope And Ways To Regain Hope

The amazing thing about life – and we may never understand how – is that as long as you’re breathing, you still have a chance.

You may call it God, the Universe, or Nature playing games with us, you always have a chance.

At this time I am reminded of a very popular book, Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do! written by Dr. Robert Schuller. I’d recommend that you read that book.

For you dear readers, we have included 3 videos in this article with the following titles:

  1. Don’t Lose Hope – Don’t Quit – 11 Ways To Regain Hope
  2. Do Not Lose Hope In Tough Times – Inspirational Motivational Quotes
  3. Never Give Up and Stay Strong Motivational Quotes

Let us now discuss how to avoid losing hope and ways to regain hope.

What To Do When You Lose Hope – Ways To Regain Hope

Whether you’ve lost hope or you’re trying to avoid the loss of hope, there are certainly ways to bounce back from potentially catastrophic failures in your life.

So let’s discuss a few points

#1 Every Problem Has A Limited Lifespan

Schuller teaches that no problem lasts forever because you’ll always find a solution. According to Schuller, history is the best teacher of the fact that all our problems have a limited lifespan because all our past problems ended after a certain period.

Therefore, just like our previous hardships, our current hurdles will come to an end too.

Storms always pave the way for the Sun, and winter always thaws into spring. Your storm will, therefore, pass – Robert Schuller.

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#2 Get Support and Do Not Lose Hope

A lot in life can be achieved with support from a loved one, a friend or a mentor.

Good advice and support from a person who is on the right track can help us revive our hope in life and give us courage to stand up once again and move on. Also refer to: How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

#3 Be In The Right Company Of Friends

Surround yourself with people who can help to bring out the best in you. It has many benefits. When you sit in a positive environment, you can get charged with hope, courage and motivation.

You are able to think of ideas and solutions. It can help you to think and get you out of difficult situations quickly and effectively.

These people can give help and support to you. Please do read: Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends

Spend some time with them regularly and listen to their advice and tips.

#4 Reassess The Situation

Sometimes we need to reassess the situation to get a fair idea. We might think the threatening situation is too big to handle but it may not be so, there might be a way out. It is easy to get discouraged. So before giving up, it may be a better idea to give it a good fight and win over it.

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We need to ensure that we addressed the three W’s of goal setting: What, Why, and When.

Video: Do Not Lose Hope In Tough Times – Inspirational Motivational Quotes

#5 Have Faith And Surrender To God

No matter what you believe in: God, Jesus Christ, Ishwar, Bhagwaan, Parmatma, Guru, Universal Life Force, by having faith, you can learn to understand that nothing is impossible to overcome.

No matter what hardships you are going through at the moment, find comfort knowing there is someone up there who cares about you.

Trust that God is with you. If you surrender your situation to God, have faith that He will mobilize everything for your good.

So, don’t allow things to defeat you. Instead, use your situation to make you more determined to be successful.

Video: Don’t Lose Hope – Don’t Quit – 11 Ways To Regain Hope

#6 Pray

Prayer allows you to connect with God. Prayer lets you make your requests and pour out your emotions and problems to God. Trusting that the Lord hears you, it has the power to strengthen your state of mind. It makes you feel secure and blessed. Turn to GOD if you are feeling helpless and hopeless

You can find many videos on prayers on this channel and the links are in the YouTube prayers playlist.

#7 Harbor Gratitude

A powerful way you can avoid losing hope in life is to harbor an attitude of gratitude. Often, we tend to look at those in life who have more than us rather than less than us. But, did you know that five children die every minute around the world due to starvation and hunger-related illnesses.

Let us thank God for everything – the air, water, food, shelter, family and money. The more we thank, the more we open the channels of receiving from the Universe.

We recommend videos about Gratitude on this channel: Great Life Zone on YouTube

#8 Read Or Listen To Inspiring Success Stories

Listening to inspiring stories, motivating quotes or reading about successful people who have gone through failures and tough times before reaching the top can inspire you to not quit on your dreams.

Thank God, in the internet age, there is so much to choose from. There are books, e books, online courses, webinars, YouTube videos that can help you get this kind of material.

#9 Do Not Entertain Discouraging Views From Others

Many people have this habit of discussing negative, pessimistic, dismal views and sad news and they love it. Many News channels like to sensationalize negative news.

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Treat this as poison as it is offensive against you and discouraging for your hopes! Exercise your power to stop others from hurting you by choosing not to be affected by them.

#10 Look At The Bright Side Of The Situation

Therefore, the best way to keep your hope alive is by choosing to look at the positive side of circumstances. Think and believe, there will always be something good that could come out of any bad situation. It could be a new opportunity, a chance to increase faith and wisdom, to learn a new skill, or a lesson learned.

I personally know of a few people who have doubled or tripled their income by learning new skills or doing new methods of business.

Video: Never Give Up and Stay Strong Motivational Quotes

#11 Meditate and Regain Hope

Instead of losing your energy on worry, why not focus on God and get revitalized?

There are many benefits of Meditation. It helps one to find the peace that is within our own self. A meditator gets the realization that certain things are bound to happen in life but the important thing is not to lose hope.

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Meditation also helps to relax our restless mind and makes us capable of gathering our thoughts and moving on.

To sum up

Of course, life can be tough sometimes with most of us. But under all circumstances, you should try to move forward. The point is not lose hope in life – no matter what!

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