June 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

June 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

Here below, I am sharing with you the predictions for June 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs as per Vedic Astrology Horoscope and transit of planets during the month.

Also we have two videos: video 1 and video 2 covering 6 signs each. You are welcome to watch the videos till the end to get full benefit of Astrology.

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June 2021 Forecast For 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries Monthly Forecast For June 2021

Most of the Aries natives can look forward to a positive and hopeful month. This month the planets will bless you with good gains and will protect your career and health.

The combination of planets is going to improve your communication skills. This will be noticed by people at the office and at home, especially by your younger siblings.

The combination of planets will also have a positive impact on your courage and ability to take action. I wish you good luck and may you succeed in all your battles this month.

However, be careful about your actions, as the transit of planets is giving you a lot of energy and they are also making you very bold this month, and it can become hard to control.

Transit of Venus is making you quite creative also and Venus is likely to bring good comforts of life.

At work and in society, Aries natives may get recognition in the second half of the month.

Students can do well if they focus on their studies without getting distracted. Overall, students are expected to have a good month.

Due to the favorable impact of the planets, love life can be good during this time. You will be romantic and sweet, and that will win the heart of your crush or your spouse. If single, you may become very attractive to someone from the opposite gender.

You will spend liberally on your love partner and children.

At home, there can be some misunderstanding as you may say some harsh words to your relatives. However, you will also improve your relationships with friends and make friendships with people of high social standing.

The transit of planets at this time is making you good at handling finances. You can become really a good financial planner at home and at work. Therefore, pay attention and try to manage your funds efficiently.

Taurus Monthly Forecast For June 2021

This month may bring mixed results for the Taurus natives. From the career point of view, this will be a good period. You will get support from your seniors and benefits from your network of friends.

Some of the Taurus natives who are employed may look forward to the chances of a promotion or other kinds of gains in the job. If you are into business, then this time is full of changes. Hence your gains are likely to fluctuate fast.

There is strong advice for all Taureans that they must pay attention to their behaviour during this time, especially if you have anger issues then avoid getting into a debate or arguments as it can be negative for your relationship.

Whether in business or in job, Taurus natives should not trust their juniors or colleagues blindly.

For Taurus students, this time is likely to bring mixed results. Students will see extreme situations in their studies. This is because in their second house, the combination of Mercury and Mars can cause distraction of focus and disruption in education. However, this situation is likely to be only for a few days only.

As regards the competitive exams, Taurus students will have to put more effort. You will get better chances of success in higher education and in the competitive exams after June 23.

This month is good from the family perspective and the domestic life. However, in some cases the family

environment may be aggressive during the month. So as suggested before, stay away from any provocation and do not enter into arguments.

The good observation is that the family is likely to prosper as a result of the favorable transit of the planets. You will have good relations with your brothers and sisters and they will prosper too.

The love relations may be weak in the first three weeks of the month. You need to take control of your communication; otherwise, there are chances of breakup as well.

After June 23, the conditions are likely to improve. Love will flourish between couples.

Married natives also need to be careful while interacting with their spouse and are likely to see ups and downs in their life.

From an economic perspective, the month of June will be better than average for you. Your financial condition will be good and your spouse or partner will also contribute to the savings.

Avoid spending too much or lending money to anyone.

Your health will be moderate this month. Some of you may have mental stress and related health problems.

Gemini Monthly Forecast For June 2021

To see good results and progress is in the hands of Gemini people as the planets are going to increase your intelligence level and mental sharpness. The planets are making you brave, confident, creative and full of grace. The transit of the planets hints that there will be good changes in your personal and professional life. There are chances of long distance travel also for some Gemini natives.

You will have the opportunity to transform and unravel good things from your destiny.

However, be warned some of you may be rather proud or egoistic and aggressive in their speech. So be sensitive to others feelings and maintain your relationships.

There is good news regarding your love life also. Your relationships may become better this month if you use your communication skills and personality in a good way. Married natives too will have good understanding with their spouse and there shall be good harmony between them.

Whether you are in a job or self employed or in business, your bold attitude can make you achieve your dreams and goals. Planets will also improve your financial status this month.

Students will also do well if they focus properly on their studies.

Health is also expected to remain positive for most of the month.

Overall, Gemini natives may have positive things to look forward to now.

Cancer Monthly Forecast For June 2021

The month of June is expecting you to work hard and also face some adversities in life.

Along with facing some challenges in your career, a lot of travel is also indicated for some Cancer natives during this time. The travelling may also include a trip overseas for work. There is a good possibility that your relations with senior officials may become better.

The first half of the month will be better than the second half for those doing business. However, Cancer natives should also plan for fluctuations in business in the later part of the month.

As regards relationship, there may be disturbances due to misunderstandings with the partner. Married Cancer natives too will have to have patience as the relationship with the spouse may be cold due to one reason or the other. Therefore, this month is likely to be challenging for romantic relationships.

This month, the family environment can be somewhat unsteady as there are chances of ups and downs. Lack of harmony among the family members may cause discomfort in the domestic life.

For the Cancer students, it is a month of ups and downs from the point of view of their education. This is because the transiting aspect and position of planets is not favorable for education. There will be a lack of focus, which can lead to disruption of studies.

Students competitive exams will have to be careful, as there is a possibility of getting a setback in your examination.
However, the students who are already studying abroad are likely to do well.

However, these trends will not continue for the full month and things will improve gradually after the 17th of the month. Family atmosphere will be cordial and your bonds with the family members will improve.

From the finance point of view, keep an eye on your expenditures. Therefore, make a budget and stick to it in order to keep a check on your finances.

From a health point of view, the transit of planets is indicating that some of you are likely to have health problems. So caution is necessary.

Also Cancer natives should be cautious while driving.

Leo Monthly Forecast For June 2021

You may see mixed results in many spheres of your life during this month. Due to the combined presence of Rahu and Sun in your tenth house of career and profession, it may be a very tricky time. There are hints that you may get trapped in a conspiracy despite your sincere and honest working. Therefore, you should not trust anybody and beware of your opponents.

Stay focused on your work.

The mantra for success for Leo natives at this time would be to let their intelligence guide them.

The Sun will transit to your eleventh house in the second half of the month and it can lead to very good changes in your professional life. You will be able to score over your enemies. Your close association with the senior officials is likely to benefit you.

On 22nd June Venus will enter your twelfth house. This indicates that there is a possibility of going overseas for work. This is a good time for business owners. The placement of Jupiter is signaling growth in business, if you use your experience and intelligence.

The planetary positions during the month may not be favourable for your family life. There is a possibility of you distancing away from your family since you are likely to travel. Also the family atmosphere is expected to remain turbulent.

There can be heated discussions. Your parents may suffer from health problems. Things are likely to recover after the third week of the month.

For students of senior classes, this is a good period to do well in their academics. Students will be committed towards their studies. Despite some challenges and distractions, they will be able to focus on their studies. This is also a good time for students preparing for a competitive exam. Saturn’s transit will help you stay steady on your course.

According to the planetary combinations, there will be ample love in the life of natives who are in a romantic relationship as well as those who are already married. The feeling of love towards each other will increase.

However, if there are some existing problems, the situation will be better after July 20.

Most Leo natives are not going to face any financial challenges during this month. However you are advised to take care of your expenses.

From the health point of view, this period is asking you to take due care of your body. This is due to the transit of Saturn in your sixth house. Therefore, take care of yourself.

Virgo Monthly Forecast For June 2021

For the Virgo natives it may be called a month of mixed results.

Working professionals and business owners are going to focus more on their work now and so may not find time for their relatives. Some of you may have to do unavoidable travels that can make some of you stay away from family members. Yet the travels are not likely to bring immediate results.

Some Virgo natives may also try converting their hobby into some business idea besides trying many new things.
Virgo natives will find their career prospects very promising. Therefore, they are likely to perform their duties with enthusiasm. Your creativity may come to the fore, and you are likely to work with confidence and bring out your creativity. Your communication skills may also be quite effective now.

Most you should be able to smartly handle money matters now.

While some Virgo natives may develop an inclination toward spirituality and religion.

As regards health there are chances that you may get mentally and physically exhausted due to overworking and this may affect your health. Therefore, please try to keep your body and mind healthy.

Technical students may do better in their studies compared to the students of non-technical subjects.

In either case, you will benefit by following the advice of parents and teachers.

This month it is possible that your love life may lack the energy of passion and romance. You may not also be able to spend much time with your life partner. This may upset them. Therefore, make some adjustments to avoid disappointments.

Video: June 2021 Monthly Forecast for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo Zodiac Signs

Libra Monthly Forecast For June 2021

This month is likely to be good for many aspects of life of Libra natives, except for some challenges in the matters of health and family life. Let us see the details now.

This is a good time for a career for employed natives as well as business owners. Yes, there are some possibilities for transfer or change of job. In either case, you can be more successful in your career after that.

Similarly, the business conditions too are likely to remain good. However, the improvement in profitability or cash flow will improve only in the second half of the month.

After the 16th of the month, there are good chances of success as the planetary combination indicates an increase in business activities.

For Libra students, the progress in the field of education is likely to be satisfactory. The transit of Jupiter indicates progress in learning and gaining knowledge. This period is especially favorable for the students aspiring for higher education. There is a suitable period for seeking admission in a foreign educational institution.

However this may be a challenging period for the students hoping for success in the competitive exams.

Due to the position of Ketu in the 2nd house and the aspect of Rahu and Sun on the same, family happiness may be affected this month. Saturn’s transit over your fourth house may also cause fluctuations in domestic peace and harmony.

Libra natives also need to be careful about the health of their parents, especially if they are old.

You will receive support from your siblings and gain from their advice.

This period is favorable for love affairs as a result of the transit of Jupiter. Commitment in the relationship will become stronger. Your relationship will also grow mature.

In the first half of the month, there may be some differences of opinion with the spouse, but there won’t be many tussles. The second half of the month will be good for married people. There is a possibility of spending more time together. Their support will continue in your work.

From the earnings and economic prosperity point of view, this is a good time. For the business owners and self employed, this transit of Jupiter will bring fortune and profits

The employed Libra natives will be free from the financial worries this month.

Overall the expenditure will be under control. Also, your past investment and hard work will give good profits.

This period seems to be a bit unfavorable for health. Rahu’s transit in the eighth house may cause health concerns. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of health.

Scorpio Monthly Forecast For June 2021

This month will have good results for you from many spheres of life.

Let us begin the detailed forecast by discussing the career prospects this month. You are likely to work with full dedication and sincerity and you will also see rewards till the 15th of the month. However, after Sun enters the 8th house, the fortunes may fluctuate.

The second aspect you need to be careful about is the conspiracy by the scheming opponents. The main reason behind this is Rahu’s transit and association with Sun.

Business owners should be careful of the possibility of some misunderstanding with your business partner this month.

For the Scorpio students this is a demanding time for achieving good results in their education. This is due to the aspect of Saturn on the house of knowledge and the placement of Jupiter. Students can experience some disturbance and lack of focus. The same is true with regard to the success in competitive examinations. To succeed you will have to work harder.

After 22nd of June, the chances of going abroad for higher studies are likely to be fulfilled.

The transit of Jupiter over the fourth house of Scorpio horoscope, will ensure peace and happiness in domestic life.
Also you will have to entertain special guests at home.

This time is average from the point of getting into a romantic relationship. If already in love with someone, there will be maturity in your relationships. However, married Scorpio natives may experience ups and downs in their married life. This would be mainly due to the differences in opinion between husband and wife.

This period is beneficial for you from an economic perspective. However, be prepared for some exigencies also as there is a possibility of high expenses. Therefore, plan and use money properly to avoid economic stress.

In terms of health, the month of June is expected to be favorable for you. But due to the presence of 2 planets,

Mercury and Venus some old problems may occur. Take care of your health properly and keep the lifestyle healthy.

Sagittarius Monthly Forecast For June 2021

This month is likely to be moderate for you.

From the career perspective, this month should bring good news, especially for the business owners. It is important to say that irrespective of your field of work, if you stay away from disputes and focus on your work, you will gain and be happy.

Business owners should be careful of the unethical practices of their competitors. There will be opportunities for growth in your business. You will achieve success by working on innovative ideas.

School going students will have to work hard. Therefore, it is important to focus on studies. However, the period is good for students of professional courses and for those who are preparing for competitive exams. You will succeed in achieving success through hard work.

Transit of planets is indicating that your family life may experience some ups and downs this month. This is due to the aspect of Saturn on the fourth house. In some cases, this may result in the form of health problems for the mother.

This is a good time for love and romance. However, there may be mild tensions between loving couples, but it will not impact your relationship adversely.

Those of you who want to take their love affair further, can propose after 2nd of June.

This is a mixed time for married Sagittarius natives. On one hand the feeling of love towards each other will increase, while on the other hand a little quarrel is also possible. But there will not be any serious problems between the husband and wife.

During this time the transit of planets can also cause health concerns for you, so there is a need to take better care of health.

Capricorn Monthly Forecast For June 2021

Capricorn natives may find this month demanding yet it will be a good month overall. Of course, in career the natives should be ready to experience minor setbacks. At the same time, most of you will have a good family or love life.

As a lover, you will be very passionate. If any problems come up between the two of you, try to sort them out amicably. Avoid as much as possible passing on your professional tensions to your spouse. This may upset your partner, so be careful.

As I mentioned before, there may be some profession related setbacks but if you use the energy of the planets in a good way, you can overcome the hurdles and succeed.

As seen from the transit of planets, the issues at work could be in the form of rivalry with colleagues or competition in business. So maintain your calm and keep marching ahead.

Expect the money flow to be average during this period. At the same time there is a possibility of sudden unexpected expenses. Therefore, pay off your debts, and reduce your tension. Try to save money and spend wisely.

Since you are likely to be facing the challenges, the possibility of work related stress can’t be denied. Therefore, you must take care of your health this month .

Students must not give in to the distractions and try to concentrate on their studies in order to do well in their studies. You will find good support from your teachers, parents and friends, should you need it.

Aquarius Monthly Forecast For June 2021

Aquarians should feel blessed the entire month. In addition, their thinking will be positive and ambitious.
The natives of this sign are likely to be satisfied with happy developments with regards to their love life, relationships and children.

Love matters shall become sweeter and more passionate as Venus is in your 5th house of moods and desires. So make best use of the time and the opportunities and celebrate with your love partner. If you are keen, you can plan your marriage also.

Similarly, it is a good period so spend quality time with your family, especially your children and they would love it. You will improve relationships with your family members too. Win their hearts with your kind and respectful words and charming behavior. Keep in mind not to work from home for long hours as it will spoil your personal life.

The transit of planets is also likely to bring them positive news regarding their family and career. Your planetary position is giving you strength and intelligence to conquer your enemies and convert them to your friends.

Yes, the Aquarian natives should be ready to accept some delays on the work front or matters related to Government such as court orders etc.

But continue to achieve more both in the personal and professional spheres. As most of the planets are favorably placed, you can expect support and encouragement from your friends and family. Treat this as a precious gift from the Universe.

Financially this may be a good month for you.

Keep a control over your diet if you have a tendency to indulge in eating unhealthy food or overeating.
Students will have sufficient motivation to continue making good progress.

Some of you may seek solitude, and also, become more religious or spiritual.

Pisces Monthly Forecast For June 2021

This is a good time for the career prospects of people born under this sign. Your objectives will be fulfilled. If you have been waiting for a chance to go abroad, you will get good news in this regard.

You can expect to see results of your hard work. Your relations with your seniors and your contacts are expected to get you benefits.

This is an equally good time for business. Level of your success is ensured by the amount of effort you put in. Applying new and innovative strategies is also expected to yield beneficial results.

The family atmosphere will be positive and harmonious. Family members will have a feeling of love and affection for each other and they would be concerned about your welfare.

Parents are likely to enjoy good health, but siblings may suffer from some problems.

Sometimes during the second half of the month, some Pisces natives may be a victim of arrogance and superiority. So be conscious and try to avoid it.

This is a special time for Pisces students from the point of view of education. There will be commitment to your studies. This is good as long as you don’t become over-serious or sad. Such a situation may lead to disruptions in your education or affect your academic performance.

Therefore, just focus and work hard. Leave the rest to higher powers.

This is a good time for those who are studying or planning to study abroad or expect a scholarship from a foreign university.

This time seems very sensitive for love affairs. The best policy during this time would be to be honest about your relationship, otherwise you may have to face problems.

For married natives it is a very good time.

Both of you will feel committed to common goals and share the responsibilities of the house and household well. This will keep your mind calm and happy.

June will be good for you in terms of health. There may be some minor problems but they will only irritate you. Just take care and keep your routine balanced. Overall, the month of June is expected to bring good results for the Pisces natives.

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