How to Slow Down Time Simple Techniques

How to Slow Down Time Simple Techniques

We live in a jet set age. All we need is speed. We want the things to happen faster, faster and faster in all areas of our life. Take for instance cooking, man has invented Microwave Owen where the re-heating is a matter of seconds and cooking is in a few minutes.

Similarly, we fast paced our communication too. The technology helped us move from snail paced letters to telegrams – which too are buried somewhere. And now information technology has helped the mankind shift to e mails through computers and mobile phones. Let us not overlook the fact that now even children use voice, text and data communication from hand held devices (mobile phones) in real time.

No more we like to travel long distance by road. Rather we fly and that too at typical cruising air speed of 475 to 500 knots (875-920 km/h; 545–575 mp/h). For short distances we use helicopters. I am sure the scientists must be working on teleportation – which will make the movement of men and material from one place to another instantly.

Time is still running faster

Despite all these inventions at our disposal which we use in our daily lives, did you ever wonder that why time still seems to running at a speed – may be faster than before? Irrespective of our age, occupation and place in life most of us have this feeling that there isn’t sufficient time to do justice to all the activities and tasks we have at hand. Friends and family members have to be given an appointment and they can’t just drop in for a drink – what to talk of spending a Sunday afternoon together.

Why it is so?

You may sometimes wonder that with the marvellous technology at our disposal, with all these modern machines why you are not the master of your time? Why you are still chasing the deadlines? Why you still manage to catch the flight by reaching just at the last minute? What makes the life so hectic and maddening? Why there is so much of stress because of this fast pace?

Well the answer is quite simple. There is so much happening around us. We are literally being bombarded with so much information and so many things and people wanting our attention that we fail to keep ourselves in sync with the nature and be at a our natural biological pace.

The disadvantages of fast pace of life

It doesn’t require any great scientific explanation that most of us are not living a healthy life style. Our lives are hectic, stressful and bombarded with unnecessary information and attention seeking methods – whether it advertisement for a product or service or unwanted information about the crime or weather report about the city. It could be in the form of e mails in our inbox or ads on mobile app or TV – everything is shouting for our attention. We are so overwhelming that an average individual starts spinning the moment he gets up and continues to do so till he drops exhausted in the bed late in the night.

This created disconnect with the nature and the natural rhythm of life. This creates a lot of frustrations and discords and life becomes a tedious task rather than something to enjoy. The more stressed you are more you live on coffee, nicotine, fast food and unhealthy life style. This makes the things still worse.

How to slow down time

This may make us look for ways to slow down time. Well I am glad if you are really thinking on those lines.

Well you can’t literally slow down time, but you can learn to slow down your speed of life. In other words, you can slow down the perception of time. This can happen by interpretation of events and sensation towards them.  Also refer to How to simplify life in simple steps.

How to slow down time Simple Techniques

1.  Increase your awareness

How to Slow Down Time Simple TechniquesTry to recall when you were waiting outside the doctor’s cabin or operation theatre or at a dentist’s when a near and dear one was undergoing some medical procedure. You did not want to speak to anyone around and you had switched off the mobile. Did you realise that how slow the time was moving then?

So train yourself to live in the moment, heighten your awareness and senses, this will slow down time for you. Once again, it is not the time which will slow down but life will become an easy and softly flowing experience.

This makes you more aware of what is happening within you and around you. YOU BEGIN TO LIVE IN THE MOMENT, rather than worry about the future or slip into the memories of past.

One more suggestion in this regard would be to be aware of your breadth, take deep breaths (and not shallow) and centre yourself. Do it often. Pay attention to your breathing, focus on sounds of nature around you.

 2. Avoid multi tasking habit or style of working

Minimize the number of things you do at a time. The simpler way would be to take less or rather minimum things at a time. With lesser things to attend to, your senses are at a heightened state of awareness.

Try to re-live the moment when you first went out on the date or your marriage and if you are younger try to remember your first car driving lesson. You were all attention and focussed on one thing only. You lived every second and probably you can recall every moment of it. Wasn’t your first lesson incredible or didn’t your marriage celebration seem to last forever.  Now that you know the secret and you can do it on a daily basis.

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 3. Live and Enjoy every moment

Tonight, when you are having dinner, just focus on your dinner. Feel the temperature of the food in your mouth, try to figure out the different ingredients which have gone into making of dish, be aware of the taste of each ingredient separately, smell the food. Chew it consciously – slowly and thoroughly. If it is good then praise your spouse or mother or the cook. You will notice that everyone is watching you with an expression of surprise and as if the time as stood still for you.

In the morning when you are going to the office (or your spouse is leaving before you) give him or her good bye kiss. Make sure you are not doing any other thing at that time ( like talking on phone or cooking something) nor should it be mechanical. Be in the moment and live the moment fully.

Summary – How to slow down time Simple Techniques

How to Slow Down Time Simple Techniques

Of course, we all are besieged by the fast paced life and we tend to give in to the demands of our life style. This makes us mechanical and numb out.

When life is going so fast, a lot of people become insensitive to small beauties and blessings of life. They don’t feel…anything. We kiss our kids mechanically and we don’t even feel it because we are not there in the moment.

But now you have got to change it. Consciously create more moments by feeling the emotions of others and awakening your own positive emotions with greater depth.

Over time as you do these things, you won’t feel so worked out or stressed. You will begin to enjoy going slow and welcome The New Charged Life!

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