How to simplify life in simple steps

How to simplify life in simple stepsThere comes a time in everyone’s life when he says enough is enough. The person wishes to have lesser load on his head or shoulder of his day to day life. There is an earnest cry from within to deal with less number of matters, have fewer chores and not run errands like a 24 x 7 machine.

I am sure you would also identify yourself with a situation in your life which may have surfaced one time or the other. In simple words, it means that your body – mind – soul system is telling you to simplify the life.

How to simplify life in simple steps

Before you set out to simplify your life, you must understand two things. One what kind of life you would like to continue with after the “simplification” process. Second, you need to know how to make the life simplification process really simple.

The simplify life strategy

I have always been interested in ways and techniques which can simplify the life. When you talk to people or read books or blogs or watch videos, you come across a number of suggestions. But I think, as is the need so should be methodology. This means the ways to simplify life should also be simple.

Here are a few easy to follow and practical tips to simplify life in simple steps:

  1. Define what kind of life, life style, daily routine you would like to call as simple. List down everything from the number of cars you need to number of financial transactions on a weekly basis you are comfortable managing. Other examples could be number of friends you can easily maintain good interaction with, how many times in a week or month would you like to go out on social meetings and get together. List them all.
  2. Take away or remove or surrender from your life which is over and above your ideal simple life.

Steps to Simplify your life

I. Being with yourself

  1. First things first. The most important thing in your entire life is you. Ask yourself honestly, how much do you give to yourself. When is the last time you were with yourself for 30 minutes without any external disturbance?
  2. Therefore, keep 30 minutes out of 24 hours for YOU! Yes, at that time let there be no land line phone, mobile phone, computer, TV, Kindle, Books, Magazines or even a human being near you. Just be yourself and give yourself the company
  3. During these precious moments you may like to keep paper and pencil or pen with you to make a note of priceless thoughts and ideas.

II.  Reduce your commitments

How to simplify life in simple steps

  1. It is going to drive you crazy if you were to attend every function or party you are invited to; reply to each and every email; like or comment on every Facebook update of all your friends. Though not impossible but is difficult to respond to all the communications whether e mail or text messages or be present at all the invitations.
  2. Did you ever realize that if you carry 1 mobile phone instead of 2 and not look at your phone for calls, whatsapp messages, e mails, text messages after 9 pm and before 7 am, how many hours (and not just minutes) you will save each week. The saving of money on the second mobile phone bill and its cost is extra saving.
  3. Similarly, look at the extra gadgets, machines in your house you could do without.
  4. After the electronic gadgets and accessories in your life, make a list of your friends and relatives you would love to share your life’s time and experiences with each other. While it is extremely necessary to have the company of good friends, it is not suggested that you have more that 5 to 7 very friends and good relatives. The idea is to have a more meaningful and deeper interaction with a set of chosen few than to have a weak relationship on the surface level only with many.

III. Set the Goal for the day and plan accordingly

  1. Every day brings you 24 hours. When you get up in the morning, think and decide that what is it that you would like to achieve today? This exercise can also be done the evening before.
  2. Based on the main goal or the intention of the day, proceed to decide 3 most important activities which would help you achieve your goal of the day.
  3. Thinking of having 14 waking hours at your disposal, check how much time you need to complete these 3 activities. Now plan rest of your day with supporting or ancillary activities or nothing at all. Remember these activities should be in accordance with the main goal of the day, which in turn is the part of your main intention of a simpler life.

IV.  Make a list of the things you need in simple life

Advantage and benefits of a simple life

There are innumerable benefits of a simple life. But some of the most common and important ones are:

  1. A peaceful life
  2. Easy life
  3. Less stress
  4. Less baggage to carry
  5. Less hectic life
  6. Not living on the edge
  7. Longer and healthier life
  8. Better level of spirituality: the person feels more fulfilled and more connected to the inner self and a better connection to Universe

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