How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

How to Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

Have there been problems in your relationship? Has one of the partners cheated on the other and trust has been lost? If that is the case, I am sure you would be interested in rebuilding the trust in the relationship. We give a few effective and evergreen tips on rebuilding the trust. Hence the title of the article: How to rebuild trust in a relationship.

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Understanding Concept of Relationship

Humans are social animals who naturally yearn for proximity, share and care. It is in the form of give and take. In other words, a normal human being wants to love and be loved.

The matter does not end here. The foundation of relationship is trust and the fragrance of relationship is love. Also the relationship thrives on mutual care and on good communication. You are invited to read: How To Make Your Marriage A Priority

Remember if any of these things is missing, for example is the trust is broken or the quality of communication goes bad it is bound to trigger relationship problems, sooner or later.

How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship

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If you are serious, then read the article till the end and give a sincere try to all the steps and tips mentioned below

Step 1: Discuss everything and be honest

Bring out everything in open and share everything about the matter which led to this stage in your life. Once everything hidden from the other partner is honestly taken out and put on the table, it will help to begin the process of winning the trust back.

The only way to avoid a breakup in your relationship is to be completely honest, so you both know what issues you are dealing with. Please do read: How to save Marriage and Avoid Divorce

The committed approach of both partners should be to talk through the problem and sort out the related matters so that rebuilding of trust is done.

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Step 2: Expect an emotional outburst from the other partner

Admitting that you betrayed your partner’s trust is not going to make things easier or put an end to the relationship problem immediately.

You should be ready to expect and face an emotional outburst. This eruption of pent up feelings may come out in the form of yelling, crying, pulling collar and perhaps slaps —from the other person when you admit your act of cheating on her.

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But the best way to tackle the relationship problem and move on is by putting it all into the open.

Step 3: Understand the Problem and Apologize

To start all over again, the partner who made the mistake needs to understand the damage to the relationship caused by his wrong behavior. He has also deeply hurt the feelings of the other partner.

He needs to understand this fully. He has to feel responsible and then apologize sincerely to the other partner.

Owning up the responsibility and apologizing may have surprising powers to heal the relationship and the broken heart!

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Step 4: Forgive your erring partner

For the partner whose trust has been betrayed, it is important for you to once empathize with your partner.

Perhaps your partner was under some kind of pain or needed to escape or maybe he was just being foolish and did not realize the importance of loyalty and honesty in a relationship.

Approach your partner with empathy.  You may also like to read: 6 Tips On Making Your Spouse A Priority

This might be helpful in pin pointing the reason which triggered this kind of behavior. So if you are successful in addressing the core issue, it might never happen again.

Agreed, it will be extremely difficult to do at this time and stage. But for the good of both and in the interest of making the relationship work, it might be worth the efforts.

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Step 5: Reconfirm Commitment

Under the given circumstances, it is natural for any one or both partners, especially the betrayed, to question the long term commitment of the other partner to the relationship.

Under such a trying period of relationship problems, it is natural for the victim partner to wonder if the relationship can still work or is it salvageable?

Here the relationship advice for couples would be to sit down and discuss what is required to stay committed so that the relationship can work. Related article:

While discussing, use positive expressions and practical solutions only.

A good relationship advice to reconfirm your commitment would be to make your life absolutely transparent.

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Give your life partner a complete, unquestioned access to your emails and mobile phone to check the texts, phone logs, and appointment etc. Let him or her know where you are and who is with you – whenever you step out of the house.

Definitely, this would also mean restricting your certain activities you would normally do.

Step 6: Keep an eye out for repeat act of deception

If you are the victim partner, you definitely do not want that to happen to you again. Therefore, you should stay vigilant. It is said, “habits die hard” – though it is not a universal rule, but it is a reason enough for you to continuously assess the behavior patterns and body language of your partner.

When confronted, look for signs such as:

  • Your partner avoids eye contact
  • He or she takes much longer to give out the information of his whereabouts and he fumbles
  • He or she looks or sounds more tense. Probably his / her voices sound louder

Hence this emphasis on the need to continuously assess the situation over a period of time.

Step 7: Evaluate the environment and fix the problems in relationship

If you are the victim partner, perhaps it is your behavior or some annoying habits which have made your partner slowly drift away from you and into the arms of someone who does not have same weaknesses.

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Well this is an example of one of the possible problems in your relationship. Jointly explore other weak areas in your relationship and fix them.

Other problems could be in the form of a third person who has been intruding into your personal life.

Another most common problem these days is too much attachment to mobile phone – either for chatting with someone or addiction to social media. Perhaps your partner can not tolerate this anymore.

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Step 8: Take professional help

Even doctors consult doctors when they fall sick. You are a common person and certainly no relationship counselor or a marriage counselor. Even if you are, you may not be able to look at your relationship and both of you from a perfectly neutral position, leave alone giving useful counselling or effective couple therapy.

Therefore, if the matter is very serious and you think that it can’t be addressed by both of you, there would be a need to consult a wise relationship counselor on the matter. Let him advice how to rebuild the broken trust.

Also having relationship counselling sessions will help you gain better insight and better understanding of the situation and your own emotions and feelings.

Step 9: Honor your commitments

There is an old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”. Once you have cheated, you can’t win back the trust of your anyone especially of your partner. Your behavior and day to day actions should projects you as a consistently dependable person over a long period of time.

If you can’t be honest in the future, or cannot deliver all that you promise to do, how can the your betrayed partner accept that you have changed or that you are worthy of being trusted again.

Therefore, you should avoid making the same mistake at all costs.

Step 10: Release the Anger and Rebuild Your Health

Even minor relationship problems can adversely affect physical, mental, and emotional health. Breach of trust is one of the serious relationship problems. Individuals may have trouble sleeping, diminished appetite or display highly irritable behavior. They may begin lose temper over small things or withdraw into the shell.

All these are tell tale signs that the affected person’s emotions are down. It is obvious that betrayed partner’s health has gone for a toss.

Now that you have embarked on a road to recovery, it would be a strong relationship advice for you to look after your health also.

Video: How To Rebuild Trust In A Relationship

Relationship advice for couples

The concept of relationship demands that both the partners should be physically fit, mentally healthy and emotionally happy to enjoy each other’s company.

Even the offending partner should be encouraged to let out any feelings of bitterness and resentment they may have been having since before the start of relationship problem. For further reading, please refer to: Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

Towards the end

Rebuilding trust takes a lot of time, intention and efforts.

Rebuilding trust also requires both the partners to have positive approach and genuine actions to become compatible again. Do read for more ideas: How to Improve Your Relationship

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Please feel free to share with your friends so that they too can improve their relationships and enjoy a better life.

Also please share your views and experiences for the benefit of other readers.

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