How to Overcome Negative Effects of Evil Eye

How to Overcome Negative Effects of Evil Eye

Before we come to the subject matter of this article : How to Overcome Negative Effects of Evil Eye, some of the viewers may not know that what exactly is Evil Eye or what could be the effects of Evil Eye?

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What is Evil Eye?

There is a belief that merely by looking at a prosperous and healthy person or his house or office or vehicle someone can bring upon the person disgrace, problems and downfall. The person responsible for doing this may bring upon such a curse voluntarily or involuntarily on the other person but it originates from jealousy and envy.

In psychic world – the evil eye is taken as ‘invisible’ attack, where an envious or mean -spirited force against another person penetrates and causes damages the latter. This is the worst kind of conduct, as it acts to covertly destroy the profession, position, reputation and overall well-being of someone else.

Top Symptoms of Evil Eye

Before we discuss how to overcome negative effects of evil eye, let us first know the top symptoms of evil eye to ensure that the adult person or child or office or home has been struck by the evil eye.

The harmful evil energy of a jealous person can create challenging situations for the victim by manifesting in various forms such as:

  • Physical (disease, weakness, infections, nausea, upset stomach, fever)
  • Mental ( depression, feeling low, helpless)
  • Circumstantial ( losses, accidents, repeated failure, theft, many other types of problems in personal / professional life)

The point to be noted here is that these problems come up suddenly and without any apparent reason.

How to Overcome Negative Effects of Evil Eye

Since the concern about the effects of Evil Eye has been global and continues to be discussed in almost every society and country, there are a number of techniques and remedies to counter the effects this negative energy sent by the evil eye.

Here are a few techniques and remedies to counter the effects this negative energy sent by the evil eye.

Pa-Kua Mirror

As per the Chinese custom and the practice of Feng Shui, the precaution against the evil eye is the Pa-Kua mirror. It is a six-sided mirror that is hung outside the office or home and on the front door to deflect back the evil energy back to its source of origin.

Another kind of mirror often prescribed as a Feng Shui cure against evil eye is convex mirror. This is supposed to send back the “poison darts” or “bad arrows” of ill wishers. Most of us know that Feng-Shui practitioners often prescribe use of mirrors to reflect negative energy which may originate from kinds of things such as humans, bad architecture, traffic, natural obstructions such as trees or rocks or anything else.

Salt and Water

Using Salt and Water, there are many methods and techniques prevalent to ward off the negative effects of evil eye. For example, scattering salt on the floor inside or outside the main door is one of the popular ways Sicilians ward off the evil eye.

Another recommended method is to wipe the floor of the house with salt water to clean off the negative energies, if any. Similarly, taking bath with salt put in the bath tub. It is preferred if the salt is from sea.

It is believed that the salt crystals because of its shape absorb the negative energy and the water acts as the cleansing agent.

Lemon and Green Chillies

One of the oldest traditions in India to ward off evil eye and evil spirits is to hang seven green chillies (mirchis) and one lemon (nimbu). It is also known as “Nimbu-Mirchi Totka”.

At home or office or shop or any commercial established this lemon and green chilli charm is hung at the entrance or front door. The lemon – mirchi are changed every day or every week.

It is believed that the dangling Lemon and green chilly tied on a thread will keep inauspicious energies away.

Nazar Battu or Evil Eye Repellant

This is another of old customs prevalent in North India and Pakistan to overcome negative effects of evil eye. Usually an earthen pitcher (matka) is painted with the face of some devil. It is hung at some height outside the house facing outwards. It is especially done to ward off the evil eye of the jealous people when the house is newly constructed or re-decorated or the exteriors are freshly painted.

Turkish Evil Eye charm

Different cultures use many types and shapes of eye charms to protect against evil eye. Perhaps the Turkish Evil Eye charm is most famous of all. It is available all over the world. Made of ceramic or blue glass, this Turkish charm can be worn on the arm, neck or waist. Alternatively you may simply hang one outside homes or use it as a car key chain to ward off evil eye.

Black eye protection for Women and Children

Women in Indian subcontinent wear kohl to protect themselves from the negative effects of the evil eye or the Buri Nazar – as it is popularly known in North India and Pakistan.

Similarly, the ladies in the house – usually mother or grandmother make a small black dot with kohl on the forehead for evil eye protection of the baby.

How to Clear the Negative Effects of Evil Eye

Suppose someone has already been affected by the evil eye and is experiencing the negative results. Well, there are plenty of methods and experiments to clear the space and rid the person or place of the negative energy, the world over.

Determining if One is Afflicted by Evil Eye


There is nothing to beat the role of human intuition. Just notice the symptoms in the house or in the physical condition / behavior patterns of the affected person. The negative energy from the envious person can cause physical symptoms that cannot be logically linked to a disease, such as weakness, eye infections, upset stomach, fever and nausea.

Also, it is likely that the affected person will have personal or family problems without any apparent cause such as quarreling with his spouse, getting into arguments with the family members etc. In the professional field such a person may face losses or failure in business or repeated loss of job for no apparent reason.

Dropping Charcoal

In parts of Eastern Europe, the evil eye is diagnosed by dropping charcoal or coal. You may also use the head of a match that has burned.

 If the burnt article floats, the person has been affected by the evil eye, while sinking is considered good.

This test is usually done by the parent or the healer. If the victim of evil is not a  child, then he sufferer can do this test.

Melted Wax

Another method is to burn a candle and let the hot wax drip into pan filled with holy water. Observe the shape of the wax in water. If it splatters or sticks to the side, it means the person you are testing for has been hit by the evil eye.

Video: How to Overcome Negative Effects of Evil Eye

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