How To Make Your Marriage A Priority

How To Make Your Marriage A Priority

A great marriage doesn’t happen on its own. Marriage requires active effort to stay together and enjoy life together, rather than drift apart with time. We are excited to share some practical tips with couples on how to make your marriage a priority, even when life is hectic and overwhelming.

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How To Make Your Marriage A Priority

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1. Let your kids know that marriage is your number one priority

No matter how much you both love your kids. But there has to be some time spent together by both of you.

For example, every Saturday night you could have a date with your spouse at home. Put the kids to bed early and then it is just the two of you.

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As you get older, these conversations will no doubt grow and strengthen your marriage. Isn’t this a simple and sweet way to say goodbye to all relationship problems.

2. Say no to other engagements when your spouse is with you

Your happy marriage or your healthy relationship has to be your priority in life. Focusing on your priority means saying no to other things.

This may mean not keeping room for other engagements on the night of your weekly date night.

When your spouse is home, there has to be some moments exclusively for your spouse when he or she gets undivided attention. It would be a good idea to keep your schedule light or generally less full.

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That way you can spend time together each evening. It may even mean saying no to something like surfing on internet, or checking social media for updates or a TV show that you like watching so that you can spend time together to connecting.

While chatting on Whatsapp and merely talking verbally with your husband or wife and with no eye contact is not a good idea. Any marriage counselor would endorse this  advice to keep the marriage happy.

3. Have no expectations

Life would be lot more peaceful if you didn’t expect your husband or wife to read your mind and act accordingly.

In other words, don’t expect him or her to automatically know your state of mind that could be that you had tough day or you want to go out for dinner. No human has the faculty to dream about what his or her spouse wants.

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In short, lesser the expectation from your spouse the better would be the domestic life.

You may like to make your spouse also read this article and then together agree to discuss your thoughts, needs and ideas across, rather than expect him or her to guess them.

It would be good to keep your expectation realistic and within your means or resources.

4. Don’t Miss Out on the Physical part

Just try to recollect the days when you were newly married. The physical stuff between two was spontaneous and regular. Be it kiss, hug, holding hands or sex it was all there and all the time whenever you were together!

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Over the years, most of the married persons would agree that the physical stuff between the couples has dwindled. While in some cases it has totally died off, and in some cases it may have diminished in intensity and frequency.

Well do not underestimate the power of physical touch. It can be done in some many ways and you should know what is appropriate at a particular time and moment. This is the secret to a happy marriage and a healthy relationship.

Just start behaving like a newlywed person again and rekindle your married life. Soon you will notice that the sparkle in the eyes of your spouse is also back.

5. Share an interest or hobby

When you have a common hobby, you both find time to indulge and of course, have fun. This enjoyment and moments of togetherness can take your marriage to great heights and would never let the flame of passion die.

It could be any hobby as long as you are both passionate about. For example, it could be gardening or cycling or swimming or just long drives. Agreed, if you don’t share an interest yet, you may have to work a little harder to choose a hobby.

Start small, take baby steps. You can try one of these over the weekend and then add another and another as you go. When we start small, it’s easier for our new behaviors to become habits which shall stick with us for the long time.

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Video: How To Make Your Marriage And Spouse A Priority

Towards the end

And marriage is all about the long time commitment to be with each other. Follow these tips to avoid unhappy marriage and you will not need any marriage counseling or relationship advice.

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