How to Lose Weight by Morning Walk

How to Lose Weight by Morning Walk

There are many methods, techniques, diets and processes for weight loss or weight management. Almost everyone has a system to share with you on how to lose weight. However walking and that too a brisk morning walk is one of the best, easiest and safest ways to lose weight. Hence we bring you this article – How to Lose Weight by Morning Walk.

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How to Lose Weight by Morning Walk

You might be able to successfully lose weight by combining Morning Walk with a proper diet meal plan. How fast you can lose weight and how much weigh can be reduced will depending on the duration and intensity of your walking in the morning, your diet and what your metabolism like.

A proper combination of physical activity and diet meal plan that include healthy eating but fewer calories seems to address weight loss more effectively than does one of these two alone.

If you follow the simple steps and combine it with the right diet then you have nothing to lose except the extra pounds, which shall keep you naturally fit.

Understanding the theory about losing weight

An average person needs about 2400 calories. If there is a deficit in this input to his or her body, then the system will feed on the stored fat to fill up the gap. Naturally this will lead to reduction of the body mass proportionately.

Suppose this is done artificially and intentionally then the person will lose the weight as per the designed program of weight loss.

There are two ways of increasing this deficit. One by increasing the calorie needs of the body and second by giving the body less calories to consume. This is done without cutting down on the supply of the nutritional ingredients to the body. At the same time the best way to increase the calorie burning is through various forms of exercises which help boost the metabolic rate of the body.

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Metabolism Boosting through Exercises to Burn Fat

Your body constantly burns calories and this is the function of metabolism. Whether you are trying to reduce your weight or maintain your level of fitness by not gaining weight, your aim should be to push up your metabolism to burn more fat.

An intense physical activity or a good exercise activates your entire body, raising your average daily metabolic rate.

Regular exercising is a assured way to push up your metabolism fast and nice, the answer lies in doing right type of exercises such as Weight Training, Cardiovascular exercises or a combination of these.

Is Morning Walk a Proper Exercise ?

A brisk walk in the morning is a kind of moderate cardio exercise. Morning Walk not only helps in jump starting your metabolism but it also naturally keeps your metabolism at a higher than average rate even after the activity is over. This is exactly what you need to burn more calories throughout the day.

How Morning Walk helps in weight loss

How Morning Walk helps in Weight Loss

Whatever is your physical state – very fit, fit, nearly fit, obese, overweight or slightly overweight, a morning walk can be very beneficial for you. A Morning walker burns calories and improves the metabolism of their body. Both these processes are essential to achieve weight loss.

Also it is the walk in the morning and soon after getting up which is more beneficial than a walking exercise any other time of the day. If the walk is done before the breakfast then you can burn up to 100 kilo calorie of energy for every single mile you walk. When you wake up in the morning, the glucose (glycogen) level of the body is low. Which means when you exercise the body uses the stored glycogen as a fuel. That it is the fat which burns.

Later in the day or in the evening, when you have eaten, the body has enough energy in blood sugar and glycogen to sustain a more intense work out.

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How to get better results from your regular Morning Walk

To achieve better, faster effects with a less intensive workout, keep in mind:

Step 1

Eat something nutritious like a small snack before you walk. It could be a fruit like apple or banana to a handful of walnuts and or low-fat yogurt with blue berries. A starved body will not be able to do Morning walk while a balance of protein and carbohydrates fuels your body well before the morning walk and improves stamina.

Step 2

To start with the duration of Morning Walk should be about 30 minutes and three to four days per week. Increase the duration with 5 to 10 minutes after each week. Drink water before and after the morning walk.

Step 3

The walk should be brisk – neither a slow pace nor fast running. In other words, the cardio must me moderate. Of course, you may slow down or take a break, if it is necessary. If even this is too much you can take a break and complete the rest of your walk in the afternoon or evening.

Step 4

After your body gets used to the workout, consciously change your pace. For example 10 minutes of brisk walk followed by 10 minutes of slow walk and then regular speed walk for 10 minutes. Keep repeating this cycle for better results.

Also do some yoga or free arms and legs exercises after the walk followed by a few minutes of deep breathing.

Step 5

Eat a nutritious breakfast after 30 minutes of the walk. Your breakfast should be a balance of whole grains, fresh fruit and lean protein. The same balance should be maintained for Lunch and Dinner. Of course, you may like to include vegetables also in your diet meal plan.

From your diet remove the foods that are high in saturated fat, like red meat and butter.

As already mentioned, you lose weight by creating the calorie deficit in your body by burning more calories through physical activity than you consume on a daily basis. By consuming fewer calories and making morning walk as your routine, you may achieve this calorie deficit and lose weight.

What else you need to do and how to avoid disappointing results

How to Lose Weight by doing Morning Walk

No fitness program works in isolation. It has to be combined with a proper diet schedule and other Dos and Don’ts.
Morning walk alone will not make you healthy. There are other important things to be followed, such as:

  1. Eat right food properly, sensibly and at regular intervals.
  2. Say good bye to cigarettes and alcohol.
  3. Choose a park or a jogging track or woods for morning walks. Green & clean environment will give you invigorating oxygen. If you are walking on busy roads, not only you deny yourself the supply of fresh air but you are inhaling more carbon which is likely to harm your body.

Now you know how to Lose Weight by Morning Walk regularly.

Video: How to Lose Weight by Morning Walk

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Disclaimer and Precaution
Consult your doctor before you start a new workout routine, especially if you have injuries or health conditions or are taking to exercising after a long gap.

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