How to Ensure Good Work Life Balance

How to Ensure Good Work Life BalanceHere is a short story I stumbled upon on the internet. Once in a small village there lived a huge mango tree. A little boy used to come and play around that tree all day long. The tree also enjoyed the kid’s company a lot.

As the kid grew older, he no longer was interested in playing with the tree. He wanted to play with toys and gizmos like all the other kids of his age. As the tree saw him sad and gloomy, and learnt the reason, he told the kid, “I don’t have any toys but you can take all my mangoes and sell them to make money. That way you can buy all the toys you wish to play with.” The kid was extremely excited and followed the tree’s advice.

The kid did not return to the tree for a long while. After many years, the tree saw the kid once again. He was a grown man now. He looked sad. The tree asked him what was wrong, and learnt that he had to arrange some shelter for his family. The tree offered the kid to chop down his branches and use the wood to prepare a shelter for his family. That made the man very happy and he gladly accepted the generous offering and again did not return to the tree for a long while.

As the years passed by, the once young man had become old and weak. He went to the tree and told the tree that he was sad and just wanted a place to rest. The tree gladly offered the man to rest against his strong roots.

It’s no stretch to say that any person would have a serious advantage in his/her life if they come from a loving, supportive home. Many people still succeed though they come from less-than-ideal family situations, but having our basic needs met, knowing that our parents love us and learning life lessons at home make all the challenges of day-to-day living that much easier to face. Likely, as an adult you want a happy home for your family.

Family is unarguably the most important influence and like a backbone for a child in his or her formative years. There is no better alternative to the love and support of a family. A family is the roots from where we grow out to reflect our learnings, understandings of life and its meaning. As we grow older we get so involved in our busy schedules that we forget to take time off to thank and spend time with our families.

How to ensure good work life balance

Below are some points that must be kept in mind if one wants to ensure a good work life balance:

1. Entire Family must have one meal of the day together if not all three

The dining table conversations are the best and the most candid ones, which help bring all the members of the family together. Remember, a family that eats together, stays together.

2. Kids must be encouraged to interact with their grandparents

No one can teach the little ones about life better. Grandparents have a way with words. They are champions in turning a meaningful and deep lesson about life into a short and interesting story, just what a child needs.

3. Cooking Together

Cooking is a healthy activity that can help lighten everyone’s mood and can be looked at as a great opportunity to talk and have a good laugh with the family. So preparing a late Sunday brunch together is something that must be on every family’s to-do list.

4. Family Holiday

Going on a vacation together can be a very enriching experience for the kids as well as the adults in the family. Leaving behind all the tensions and learning to let go are one of the first steps toward having a happy family life.

5. Parents must spend quality time with their kids

Working parents must find time to devote to their children, learn about how they spent their day at school/college/work. This way everyone stays in touch and no one feels hesitant about sharing their feelings with everyone.

6. All the members of the family must take out time to indulge in activities they love to do, individually or together

“Me-time” is also very important for internal peace and calmness. It’s important to understand that as long as one is not at peace with himself/herself, he/she will inevitably find it hard to live in peace with others as well.

7. All the members of the family must be honest with each other

Being honest with the family is the rule of the thumb here. If one is completely honest, one cannot truly rejoice the feeling of being a part of a healthy and happy family.

8. Parents must ensure they actually teach their kids a skill or two

it is important for the kids to learn some things from their parents, as they feel closer to them that way. Don’t shush them away when they ask “WHAT IS THAT?” or “HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?” Instead sit them down and make an effort to explain it to them.

9. Patience is the key to a having a happy family

If one of the members of the family is going through difficult times, it is important to let them know that their family is there for them and they are not alone. While the rest of the family must show a lot of patience.

For those people who are working and have elderly parents, they also must spend some time with their parents every week. It is imperative that they understand that no matter how busy they get, ultimately whatever they have achieved today would not have been possible without their parents.

Just like the mango tree, parents have a forever giving and sacrificing nature. They never ask for anything in return. All they want to see is their children succeed and prosper in life. But when the kids want to share their successes with them, it is really a sight for those sore eyes. It helps them realize that they had done a good job in raising a good human being and a good son or daughter.

Author: Ishita

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