How to Eliminate Clutter from Home in Easy Steps

how to declutter your homeDid you know that one of the major cures prescribed in Feng Shui is clutter cleaning? More open space in your home can benefit you immensely. Wise men have always emphasized on the concept of keep the space clean.

Advantages of keeping the house clutter free

Keeping your house clean and clutter free can help you in many areas of your life. Take for example, the better organizing capability. You can access your belongings easily. You can easily find that dress and the matching shoes which you may want to wear to the party tonight.

Overall everyone appreciates a neat and clean house, not only your family and guests will appreciate it but you will yourself love it too.

If you have kids at home, they’ll love open space to play around in the house. Why kids, even adults would love it.

Benefits of a clutter free home in various aspects of life

More Space in a Clutter Free Home
More Space in a Clutter Free Home

You have got interview call for the job in the organization which you always wanted to work for and they have given you only few hours notice. No problem, you can now easily find your testimonials, CV and that expensive pen because everything is kept properly and in an orderly fashion. No frustrating efforts to find that dress or a particular document.

On a metaphysical level, a clutter free home can lead to better relationships, more harmony in your domestic life, better emotional and physical health, better mood and an overall smoother life.

There shall be peace and bliss within you and around you.

Is it a tough challenge to  declutter your home?

Okay, you are convinced or always knew the advantages of keeping the clutter away from your house. But you may say “It is so difficult to keep the house clean” or “I want to do it but is so difficult” or “ My house is so packed that I don’t know where to begin” or something like this.

Well none of these should deter you. It is not that complicated or difficult as you may imagine it to be. Let us share with you some decluttering tips.

How to eliminate clutter from home in easy steps

You can begin in small steps and it is quite easy.

Imagine a big container filled with water to the brim. Your aim it to reduce the quantity of water in this container. There would be two pronged approach. One to not add anymore water to the container and second part of the strategy would be to take out water from the container. If you adopt both the approaches, you’ll be successful faster. In the following steps, we are going to follow a similar approach.

 Step One: Stop buying new things you don’t require

Eliminate Clutter from Home
Eliminate Clutter from Home

It has always been the goal of the sales department of the companies to cleverly sell you their products, even if you don’t need them. They have many tools at their disposal to tempt you such as branding, advertising, online sale, tele calling, print and electronic advertising, affiliate marketing, network marketing, online sale, discount sales and many more.

Take a determined stand that you will not buy anything unless you need it run your house. Let there be innumerable temptations and offers to buy the product now but be firm. Tell yourself that your house is not going to be a warehouse.

Let there be simple rules such as:

  1. I am not buying it because I don’t need it.
  2. I’ll rent it rather than make an outright purchase.

The lady of the house may be tempted to buy that fancy raw noodle maker. But ask yourself, how many times in a year are you actually going to knead the dough and make noodles at home.

Keep in mind that working to pay for objects that are not required (and to maintain them) is not an ideal approach to living happily.

Hence review your priorities.

Step Two: Down size and buy only what is used regularly

For example, to fix small electrical and plumbing problems in house, you don’t need that fancy tool box with 25 pieces in it – which you are not going to use ever. May be you can buy a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a hammer and a plier.

Go in for fewer items but make sure that what you buy has greater versatility. Objects which are able to do double, triple or many jobs are the most desirable to have around.

This way you not only save the space but also money. Moreover, you have to care for lesser number of items.

Step Three: Get rid of the items that are not required

This does not mean that one fine morning you decide to sweep your house clean and toss out of window the items you don’t require. On the contrary, there has to be a systematic approach to cleaning your house.

This approach consists of:

A. Decide what stuff is unnecessary

Anything which you have not used for the last 6 months is unnecessary stuff. Of course, if you live in a place which has rainy season or winter for a few weeks then those are exceptions.

It could be that tennis racket which is lying unused since last year and you are too busy to think of tennis for a few months at least.

Similarly, that super expensive shirt which you bought 5 years back but it would not fit because of those love handles. It would take at least 6 months of dedicated workout in the gym for you to fit into that shirt again.

You are using latest iPhone model but have your last two mobiles phones, with their batteries discharged.

These 3 items and more of such objects are a clutter.

B. Begin with type of items

Don’t attack your entire household goods all at once. You may like to begin with one type at a time such as sports goods, followed by electronic gadgets, followed by kitchen and so on.

C. Start from one section of the house

This is another way to simplify the clutter cleaning process. You may like to begin with your bedroom or the living room and then move on to the next.

D. How to dispose off

Usually there are 3 ways, sell it, gift it or throw it.

Is it not simpler than you thought! You can do it.

What Not To Do When Decluttering Your Home

  1. Challenge yourself to declutter your home in one attempt

Setting a goal of clearing the clutter in your home in one day is neither a practical idea nor it is advisable. Very few people have energy and sustenance capacity to do it on one single shot. It is quite likely that within 2 hours of so you may get tired or bored losing all your motivation to unclutter your home.

Even Feng Shui experts warn against this. According to them, the major shifting of energies in your house in a single attempt may leave you with headache or backache. In other words, you should not bite off more than you can chew.

Also you run the risk of getting bored, irritated or tired at the end of the day. Thus the best way out is to keep aside 10 to 15 minutes each day or about half an hour over the weekends to clear the clutter.

  1. Handle all categories of items at home in one attempt

You would find it easier to make a list of items in your home into categories and then sort them out one by one. For example, these categories could be Toys, Electronic Gadgets, Electrical Appliances, Clothes, Leather Accessories, Decoration Pieces and so on.

You will find it is easier to deal with items at home under one category at a time. Separate them or to take them out, room by room and take appropriate action. You may even work on each category spread over a few days.

Start today! Taking these little steps is the best way to make good things happen to you. 

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