How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in life

How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in lifeIf you are reading this article with interest, then I can say that one or more the following good things are applicable to you:

  1. You are concerned about you. Yes, since you are self conscious that is why you don’t like to be criticized.
  2. Compared to those who are criticizing you, you have achieved a better status or position in life.
  3. Your sensitivity level is good.
  4. You are a famous person.  If not, learn how to be famous almost instantly.

Am I correct? Well these are 4 good things about you and maybe there are more. So would you just let these people stop you? Would you just do everything or at least something to please your critics?

Let me ask you something about your response to criticism in future also. Imagine that in your own assessment you have just achieved say 25% of goals and next year you would have achieved 50%. Don’t you think that there would be at least 50% more of criticism against you?

So are you going to give in? I am sure your answer would be ”Absolutely not!”

How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in life

How to deal with criticism Strategy No. 1 – Take it as a normal problem with people

A lot of people have good amount of free time in their hands and they really do not know what to do with it. So one of their past times is to criticize anybody and everybody who comes on their radar. It does not matter for these critics whether they know the person well enough or do not know him or her at all. All they are good at is expressing their opinion about everything this person does and disapproving his action, thoughts, dress, hairstyle or even his parents and culture. They don’t care who they are criticizing it could be their neighbor, the baker, the political leader, a famous actor or even the celebrity sports person.

Aristotle said, “If you want to avoid criticism then say nothing, do nothing, be nothing. You know that in a normal life it is not possible to remain motionless. Only dead can follow that advice. So don’t resist the criticism and take it into your stride. Recommended for you: How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

How to deal with criticism Strategy No. 2 – Some criticism can be constructive too

In other words, not all criticism is bad. Constructive criticism may come from someone who is really good at his job or skill or from someone who care about you. So first thing you need to do is reduce your level of sensitivity. Create filters in your reception system where you let the constructive filter come in while blocking the negative, mindless criticism.

The best way to recognize this kind of critics would be that they would gently put forth their suggestions, most probably in private and in a friendly manner. Their intentions are not malicious. They love you, care for you and would like you to correct your mistakes. Recommended: Things Successful People Won’t Do

How to deal with criticism Strategy No. 3 – Don’t empower your critics

By now you would have realized that leaving aside the very small percentage of people of give healthy criticism, the others have no intention to be of any help to you. So why should you care about them ? They don’t want you to gain in life. They get nothing by criticizing you. So do you think that they deserve even one single second of your precious time?

On the contrary, if you think about them or their critique then you are permitting them to one up over you emotionally. Therefore, simply refuse to have anything to do them – even in your mind.

Next time someone says or writes something nasty about you then decide to not let enter your space. Don’t empower him to ruin your mood or spoil your day. Mentally put a shield of immunity around you to protect your emotions.

How to deal with criticism Strategy No. 4 – Define your level of acceptance for others unkind behavior

Each individual is unique and thus different from each other. So it would be a good idea to define a measure or a limit which will tell you that someone is crossing his limits in being unkind to you. If that person crosses this limit more than once then you would do yourself a favor by disassociating from him or her.

Life is too precious and we are here on this planet for a limited time span. Don’t waste your time in correcting or tolerating this person hoping that he will change. Quietly step away or politely show him the door. Know that such a person cannot be your friend or well wisher.

Anybody who is mean, jealous or unkind to you or your family members should be firmly asked to leave your home. They don’t deserve your kindness, great company and hospitality. That’s all.

To let them or their memories not bother you in future, delete them from your mind’s hard disk. Recommended: Reasons why you should choose a good company of friends

How to deal with criticism Strategy No. 5 – Change your response mechanism

How much you get hurt or don’t get hurt by the criticism directed at you depend on you. There is a little story of Budha. Once a man walked upto him and kept saying him nasty words. Budha kept quiet all this while. When he stopped, Budha asked him, “Are you done?”The person said, “Yeah.”  “Okay, now I haven’t taken any of your gifts you brought for me so technically they are not mine and they are still yours” said Budha. The person left embarrassed.

So if you react to each and every criticism, you are letting it in. By giving it space in you, you are accepting it and permitting it to play havoc with you and your emotional system.

So why not stay quiet. Be like duck back and let water drops get deflected. Another interesting way could be to simply life it off. Remember to push it away from you – always.

Summary: How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in life

It is tough and sometimes difficult to avoid criticism. But be conscious of the fact that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but let their views or voices not stop you from achieving what you have set out to do in life. Whatever you do in life, there will always be someone to make negative and discouraging comments about that.

Just pray to God for them.

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