How to become famous almost instantly

How to become famous instantly
How to become famous instantly

Human nature has always has been to crave for the name fame wealth money what position power or a combination of these.

What kinds of people want to get famous?

The desire to get famous is irrespective of age, gender, socio economic background, caste, creed or color. Without going back too much into the past, it can be seen that man has done many things and adopted varied approaches to get famous. Over a period of time several ways and means adopted would make a huge list.

Methods people choose to get famous

People have adopted some very difficult routes such as scaling Mount Everest to crossing English Channel. There also have been interesting methods such as getting into Guinness books of records through ingenious ways. How many cups can you balance on your nose or how many hours can you spend with stinking pigs.

Some of the famous celebrities in different fields

Then there are people who taken to writing (JK Rowling )or film making (Steven Spielberg ) or become a media celebrity ( Oprah Winfrey) creating wealth (Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim ) , or contributed to the world of music (Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson or are a known sports celebrity ( Tiger Woods, Michael Schumacher) or acting ( Liz Taylor, Shahrukh Khan ), Fashion ( Giorgio Armani, Cindy Crawford) etc.

Opening up of the new fields to create a name for yourself

In the 20th and 21st century it is the Science and Technology domain which opened new gates of possibilities for getting famous.
It is the field of information technology which has given new opportunities to the mankind to get recognition and respect. Those who made interesting discoveries or important inventions got recognized for the contributions they made. It would be unfair if I did not mention the names of Bill Gates of Microsoft, late Steve Jobs of Apple computers and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame.
So much about the already famous and very famous persons, let us now proceed to see a systematic and logical method along with tips on how to get famous and almost instantly.

The step by step approach how to become famous

1. Decide your domain to get famous
This is one of the first steps. Begin by choosing the platform on which you would like to stand out to your sphere of friends. In case you are clear about it then it is very good. However, if you are undecided so far then ask yourself questions like:
“What I am good at?”
“What I love doing”
“I enjoy ……..doing the most”
“I love……… (activity)”
“I am gifted with……… (ability)”

Suppose you don’t get the answer right away then repeat this exercise more than once. Alternatively, recall the compliments of your family and friends about your certain ability.

2. Decide your route to get famous
Let us now assume that you have picked up one area you would like to get famous in. Say you are interested to make a name for yourself in vocal music. It would now be necessary to plan that in a given time frame (for example, one year) how many people you want to know about you and in what geographical location. This would help you chalk out your route to reach your goal and mobilize the resources.
If you are planning to be a rock star, you may decide to form a band or join an existing band, write lyrics, compose music, have regular practice and rehearsals and put up the stage shows in the territories you have planned to show case your talent. You will be better equipped to get good results because you have budget for everything – from time to money and other resources.

3. Decide your tools to publicize yourself
There are a number of options available to publicize about you and your unique skills. Primarily, these can be divided into online (internet) and offline methods. Social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube are amongst them. Whereas, electronic media (radio and TV), press ads, flyers are some of the conventional methods.

Choose out of numerous channels you can use to showcase your talent. It would be a good idea to choose at least two, where one method is out of online method and the other from the offline (conventional) box.

4. Get into action to make yourself famous
You  have come a long way now but only on the drawing board so far. This step urges you to get out and take action. But action is merely not tiring yourself out or running from here to there aimlessly. Here are a few important tips which must follow to become famous.

Develop your skills

Devote yourself, acquire the best skills. Dedicate yourself to develop your skills. To become famous you need to perfect the proficiency of that particular ability.

Get the best coach / trainer

Go and find out who is the best in the business. Get under his or her tutelage. If you want to become a pro tennis player, you have to throw yourself at his feet completely.

Work Hard and Work Smart

Rome was not built in a day. You have to work more, smarter and harder than others. This means when is playing or watching or sleeping you are working on your mission to acquire skills, improving your techniques, networking and using tools to publicize about you and your special abilities. You may refer to “Work Less, Achieve More and Get Ahead in Life”

Be unique

This is a part of ‘Work Smart’ Strategy. Be different and creative. There is more fun and perhaps less efforts required to create a platform which others have either not thought of at all or very few have attempted. This will require you to think out-of-the-box. Suppose you are into music, try experimenting with new ideas or the instruments which have not been used much. The word will spread soon and people would like to hear your music at least once for your uniqueness and if they like it then not only will they come back for more but will bring others too.

Is it not a simple trick to become famous!

Keep yourself motivated

To achieve extraordinary results, the path is often difficult and full of frustrations to discourage you. Therefore, be prepared to face annoyances, difficulties and setbacks with a smile. Let nothing deter you from dropping your objective to get famous instantly half way.

Please refer to “How to Overcome Fear of Failure


Another way of getting fame instantly is to be seen with famous people. When media, press, photographers see you with these famous people regularly, naturally common folks will also start noticing slowly. A good network will teach you how to create an opportunity to earn fame; how to grab an opportunity to get famous. Networking with right people will teach you many PR tricks. You will quickly learn proven methods to be seen at the right time and at the right place.

Also please refer to ‘Top reasons why you should choose a good company of friends“.

There is still more to come. Please visit this page again for more suggestions and bonus tips.

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