How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

How to be strong emotionally and mentally
How to be strong emotionally and mentally

Life is not a bed of roses. There are always ups and downs; challenges and rewards; bouquets and brickbats. At times, these challenges are too demanding and taxing for a normal person to maintain his mental and emotional balance. This is the time anybody would wish that he had extra mental strength so that he could cope with negative situations and bring back his happy life cycle. Hence why not learn – How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally.

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During the time of crisis or the testing times, the first attack is on emotions. It would be a very undesirable state of affairs if one buckles under the stress and pressure on mind. If it is allowed to happen repeatedly and not controlled in time, then this could lead to further complications starting from the minor ones such as irritation, bad mood to very serious ones like mental disorders, psychiatric disorders, psychological disorders etc.

What are emotional strength and mental strength?

How to be strong emotionally and mentally
How to be strong emotionally and mentally

Students and experts of Psychology often talk about mental health — but there is no one clear definition of mental strength. For the purpose of this article, we can define mental strength as the natural ability – developed or inherited to manage emotions, thoughts, words and actions in a positive even in the face of adverse circumstances.

Can the Emotional Strength and Mental Strength be developed?

My answer would be “most certainly, Yes.” Mental strength is not just restraint or developing a will power. It is a way of life or a system of mind which can be had by programming your mind.

How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

Would you like to be able to deal with nasty situations with strength and grace? Well the first thing to be made clear is that the impact of these challenges is as powerful or not powerful as you allow them to be in your mind. Most of these situations are felt in our emotional body and then they filter down to the physical body.

Hence there is first the need for you to be mentally and emotionally strong. But it is not something that you can do instantaneously. You will have to inculcate certain habits, attitudes and thought patterns over a period of time and develop them as your second nature. So that when need comes, you are ready with your immunity system – rather turn the adversity into an opportunity.

To begin with you must consciously decide to develop certain habits and patterns by repeating certain things over a period of time that it then your second nature to be emotionally and mentally strong in the midst of a calamity.

1. Have Full Faith in Yourself

First thing first, it is all about you. Therefore, increase your level of self confidence. Introspect and if you find that there is self doubt then get rid of it completely.

Tell yourself that you are not made to be crushed under the weight of a bunch of such adversities. Further, you can count your blessings. Banish negative self talk, if any. Stop the person from talking like a pessimist.

Teach yourself to have full trust in yourself. If need be take some professional help or read good books. These books could be inspirational stories of great achievers, auto biographies of great men and women or good self help books by motivational authors.

You may also keep a few inspiration quotes, which you should keep looking at frequently.

If you find that you need to acquire some skill or information then do not delay. Go and grab that information or learn that skill immediately. Soon you shall realize that you have all that within you which can help you bounce back.

2. Don’t Complain or Blame Anyone

Mentally strong people don’t believe in blaming the people or circumstances if the things are not going the desired way. In fact, they are happy that there are obstacles and challenges. Emotionally stable people think that the goals are not worth pursing and they must be revised upwards in case there are no hurdles. They believe that easy things are in everyone’s reach and there is no big deal in pursuing ordinary goals.

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Don’t be surprised to see people with strong mind happy and celebrating once they see the problems in their path.

3. Stop doing what keeps you from being Successful

Take an inventory of your habits and style of working to check if there is something which is pulling you back. For example, it could be procrastination or lack of decision making. At other times it could be lack of self discipline or lack of definite goals.

Whatever it may turn out to be, more than anyone else, it would be you who would know that how often and how much you have suffered in the past. Is it not the time that you said good bye to all these habits? Please do read: How to have a great life and enjoy it?

Once again, do it slowly and not suddenly and if need be take the help of good self help books or a good life coach.

4. Have Positive Thoughts, filter out Negative Thoughts

Most of us don’t understand the power of thoughts or underestimate the power of thoughts. If a thought is repeatedly said in mind then it manifests. Especially if the thought is accompanied with visualization and / or emotions. This is the summary of The Secret and also the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, always be on your guard. Watch your self – talk, keep a check on the colour, quality of your thoughts. If your thoughts are not negative then immediately replace them with positive thoughts. Kill pessimism instantly with a positive self belief and optimistic thoughts.

Thoughts have power to influence your moods and emotions which can further affect your productivity, outlook towards life, body language and communication. Ask yourself, would you like to hire a junior under you or make friends with someone who is grumpy, negative and self doubting. I am sure the answer is no. So why should you become someone like that.

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Mentally and emotionally strong people have a positive outlook even if going is not smooth. They have as many troubles as everyone else, but they take them in stride and never lose sight of their goals. Mentally and emotionally strong see this all as the part of the bigger picture.

How to be strong emotionally and mentally
How to be strong emotionally and mentally

5. Develop a sense of humor and laugh at your problems

Please run a check if you have been too serious a person lately. When is the last time you laughed your heart out? Did you smile at a silly joke or got irritated? When is the last time you played with your child?

It would be highly beneficial if you re-discovered your sense of humor. Never stop laughing at yourself and your life circumstances. If you take everything too seriously, especially yourself, you shall invite self-pity. This tendency if allowed to overstay in your system will take towards rigidity and negative thinking. This is likely to affect your thoughts, emotions and physical and mental health. Please read: How to simplify life in simple steps

Often tell yourself that this too shall pass. Loosen up and share a laugh with family and friends. Smile more – this will improve your face value too.

People with good sense of humor tend to have a better magnetic personality.

6. Hang out with people who love you

This may actually be quite soothing. If you are emotionally wounded or mentally disturbed being with your loved ones can give you comfort and moral support. You do not have to be worried about keeping your guard up because you are in a safe space. It is a great opportunity for healing your emotional wounds.

However, out of respect and care for your loved one or sometimes due to your ego, you may not want your loved ones to see you this way.

But it really is helpful. You could say, “I am kind of feeling low today and need a break. May I be with you today?” This will let them know that you regard them as special persons in your life. You can have a relaxing day.

Video: How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

In conclusion

Have you ever wondered what makes someone a better achiever than others – given almost same set of circumstances? Or why do some people accomplish much more than others while others fail?

Well the answer is short and simple. The achievers are of stronger mental health. They have a better control over their emotions and the state of mind. You may like to refer to: Never Give Up and Stay Strong Motivational Quotes

This is what makes all the difference!

Your views and feedback please

Hope you liked this article. Do share your tips, suggestions and experiences in the box below. This may benefit other readers.

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