How To Attract New Love And Start Dating Again

How To Attract New Love And Start Dating Again

Are you somewhat disheartened after a bad experience in a relationship because you can’t find what you are looking for? Come on, this is not the best attitude to adopt. Let us look at some of the right ways of improving the chances of success and making the process more positive and helpful. So here is how to attract new love and start dating again.

Keep in mind, whatever the outcome, whether or not you find a new love, at least you had a positive and constructive approach.

Why The Need For A Loving Relationship ?

Not only humans but animals also understand love. We all need to be loved. Therefore, we humans want to meet someone who will respond to our emotional, spiritual and physical love so that we live a happy life.

Before we go on to discuss the tips, let me tell you about the mistakes to avoid.

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Avoid The Same Mistakes in Dating

When we are looking to start dating again after a breakup or a bad experience, it is of paramount importance not to repeat what we always do? This means going to the same spots, dressing in the same way etc.

Are you wondering why? Well, this would help us avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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How To Attract New Love And Start Dating Again

How To Attract New Love And Start Dating Again

#1 Love Yourself

There are so many articles and videos giving dating tips or tips to attract the man or woman of your dreams. But before finding someone who loves us did you consider that you need to love yourself first?

Not only that, you have to learn to love yourself unconditionally and fully before you can think of creating a lifelong loving relationship with someone.

So what is the best way to learn to love ourselves? What are the do’s and don’ts to make sure that we give ourselves that full and unconditional love?

There are several simple ways you can do it and that takes us to the next tip.

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#2 Be Kind And Gentle To Yourself

This simple daily habit is very powerful. It can bring about wonderful transformation in your life – from boosting your self confidence to healing your mind and body.

Look at yourself in the mirror at least twice a day and say following affirmations:

“I love myself fully and unconditionally”.
“I will love you always no matter what.”
“You are a loving person (your name) and I am always with you”
“I am proud of myself and am surrounded by people who always love me.”

You will see after a few days of exercise, how much better you will feel.

For affirmations, please refer to Video: I Am Worthy Affirmations

Video: I Am Worthy Affirmations

#3 Forgive Yourself

So often (at least some of us) are very harsh on ourselves and we hammer ourselves down (not literally, of course) for our mistakes.

It might make us feel better that we are so aware, conscious and strict with ourselves, that we are so ‘above average humans’ we admit our mistakes and punish ourselves for them.

But it is just the opposite in reality and we are simply making things worse. When you beat yourself up, you are killing your self esteem and self confidence. These are so essential to attract new love in your life.

That way you are so much more likely to repeat the same patterns of mistake over and over again.

The perfect antidote to this is to be kind and gentle with yourself and forgiving so that you can make changes for the better.

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So next time you happen to do something wrong or make a mistake, speak aloud to yourself– “It is OK, I still love you, I am sure the next time you will be more careful. After all you are only a human, and humans do make mistakes. I forgive you and I will always love you. ”

#4 Try Going To New Places And Avoid Old Spots

If you keep boarding the flight to Detroit from New York which you have always done, how will you reach Los Angeles? Let us take another example, no matter how many times you eat at McDonald’s, you will never have fine dining experience. Therefore, if you go to the same place again, chances are that you will end up with more of the same.

You definitely don’t want to start dating again and end up with the same types of people you have been dating with in the past. Keeping this in mind, now decide what the best strategy for success could be.

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#5 Decide What Image Of Yourself You Want To Project

Perhaps your image needs to be updated. People go by first impression even before talking to you or shaking your hand. It is how you dress yourself, what is your body language, what are the places you are seen at and things like that.

This is because like attracts like. The image you project will convey to the outside word the kind of person you are.

So be clear what kind of partner it is that you are looking for. Are you looking to find a new love, a long term partner or just some short association for fun?

Hence dress up and change your outer persona accordingly.

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#6 Dress With Confidence

This is simply an extension of the previous point. You are always judged based on your looks.

How do you feel about the way you look in the selfie? Do you need an image change altogether or some improvement? Ask for constructive comments from well wishers or parents. For ideas and suggestions you may refer to magazines, take grooming classes, or look at your role models and get some ideas from them.

Besides dressing, look at your body also. You could benefit from the training under a personal trainer or just be regular at the gym.

Take this as an opportunity to make yourself healthier and let it also show off. Improving your health and looks is always useful regardless of whether or not you attract new love or not.

#7 Be At Your Best Always

When you step out and see someone you should always give off positive signals.

The simple tools available to you are your smile; looking approachable and friendly.

A lot of potentially interesting people don’t have many friends or they aren’t popular because they look unfriendly.

Therefore, be aware of the signals that you emit when you are in social gatherings.

#8 Be Confident Of Success

Perhaps it takes less energy to think positive than to think negative. Also the mind is more calm and body energetic when we think positive. So be a confident person, stand tall. People will find you more attractive than before.

Those who are looking for a friend or partner and maybe to start a new relationship will also notice the good qualities in you. A confident and successful person sends out good signals and others think of him or her to be interesting to talk to and fun to be with.

#9 So what If There Is Rejection Or Failure

Even after taking all the good steps, if you do not meet with instant success or if someone rejects you don’t take it seriously. For all you know, it may not be about you.

The other person may have their own baggage of complexes or stresses going on in their life, or they may not be ready for a relationship at this point in time. They may be just passing time with friends and not want anyone in their life.

Tell yourself that every situation is one nearer to you finding your new love.

#10 Don’t Allow Your Past Experiences To Mess With Your Dreams

Do not carry your past negative experiences into a current or future situation.

You have become a new you now. Therefore, why should you behave like you have been doing in your past dates. Your mindset has become more positively charged now. You are all set to attract the right person in your life.

Remember skepticism, doubt or mistrust are unattractive qualities when used indiscriminately. So if you have had bad experiences couple of times, it may be helpful to consider receiving professional counselling to improve your outlook and boost your confidence before you start dating again.

To Conclude

I am sure these tips can help you start dating again and attract new love again. Not only that these tips may even help with social situations and also support in finding a good set of friends.

Meeting people, making friends and feeling happy and confident once we start dating again can be difficult initially, but here are ways to make it a more positive experience and help to find a new love.

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