How I found the Path towards living a 24×7 Positive Life

How I found the Path towards living a 24×7 Positive LifePositivity isn’t something that comes naturally or even easily to me; in fact, for the majority of my life, I was a born and raised pessimist. I always found a way to see the worst in everything and found it even easier to see the worst in myself. If I had a good thing going on in life, then I would always believe that it had a very limited life-span. In short, I saw myself as worthy of nothing and that my only hope in life was the dependence on the charity and kindness of others; my belief in myself, even just a few years ago, was zilch.

I would spend a lot of time in my own mindset and my own head just looking at all the things in life I cannot do – this, in itself, is a very hard thing to do. It leaves you feeling totally deflated and makes it very hard for anyone to realistically improve their lives or take things forward in any capacity. The easiest way to do this, though, is to simply argue back.

The part of me that was a pessimist and looked at me in all of the wrong lights was someone who I would never talk to or befriend in life – so why did I let him run my life, my mind, my opinions?

How I found the Path towards living a 24×7 Positive Life

Instead of letting him be the only voice talking, I would talk back – this might make me seem crazy, but at the time I felt like I WAS crazy! So it wasn’t such a bad thing to be able to fix the problem inside my own mind. I turned to the positive side of myself and asked for help, reflection, and understanding of what to do to fix this problem.

I found that, simply by arguing the positives in something, I could change the mentality and mindset I went into something, anything, with. From a large party that I wasn’t looking forward to right through to my meetings with the Department of Work in the UK to try and get myself some money to actually survive on, I told myself that a positive outcome would be possible. Instead of the negative side of my mind telling me it was a waste of time, I could now walk into these events with a belief that I could actually succeed.

In turn, this totally transformed who I spoke to, the way I spoke, what I even thought about; it totally transformed my mind and my ability to look at the work in a different light. In no time at all, I went from being extremely resentful of success o ambitious of tasting it myself.

My own life was full of hate at one stage, hate for everything. Today, though, it sees the positive in just about anything – my mindset and my beliefs in life could not be more different to what they were in 2012 as to what they are today. The most important thing, for me, is understanding the best way to take thing further.

Understanding is such a big part of growing the mind – again, we’ve spoke about this before, but a plan allows you to see the future in a small way. When you have a plan you can visualize the likely outcomes of that plan and it actually gives you something to follow along with, something to enjoy. It takes a lot of help and hard work on your end to beat this problem, of course, but it also takes a huge amount of courage to confront that problem right away in the first place.

A bit of learning and development on my part was to simply look at things with more detail before talking or suggesting anything. Look at every aspect and angle of the problem – could it be fixed? Could it be resolved? Was there anything that I could legitimately do to make things more comfortable for myself or to give myself more knowledge?

My mentality, today, is extremely positive – it seeks more information and it will not be happy until it receives more. My insatiable appetite for information and change, though, has only just started thanks to my shifting of the goalposts in terms of what makes the mind so powerful, and in terms of what I look for in any given situation.

Author: Carl Preston

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