Honest Questions Every Man Should Ask His Future Wife

Deep Questions Every Man Should Ask His Future Wife

Marriage is a really beautiful episode in the life of any person. Marriage is a big event in the life of both boy and the girl. It is a milestone in the life of both. For a happy married life and a healthy relationship between the husband and wife, one of the pre marriage advice would be to know each other better. Please check out : Valid Reasons to Get Married

Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage or something in between, would it not be a good idea that you know most (if not everything) about the girl you are going to spend the rest of your life time. The best way is to ask deep and honest questions to the lady.

Honest Questions Every Man Should Ask His Future Wife

Here are such honest questions that every man should ask his future wife – especially in an arranged marriage set-up, but he needs to be bold and have patience with tact. But before you select your set of questions, you need to know what you want in your wife. You may like to read: What qualities do men look for while choosing their future wife.

(In case you are a woman looking for a suitable husband, you may refer to What does a woman look for in future husband.)

1. Why do you want to marry me?

Let us not forget the basics. Counting starts from 1 and not from 10 or 15. Do not take this for granted that she has 100% desires to marry or marry you.

The answers would be quite different in case she really likes you, or if she pretends to like you.

2. If you could be anyone now, who would you be?

This is an amazingly deep psychological question to ask a girl who is going to enter your life as wife.

Her answer can tell you volumes about her personality. The girl who says that she wants to live the life of a princess has a completely different personality than a girl who imagines herself to be a bestselling author. It should not be difficult to figure out what kind of life she wants to live and where she wants to live.

3. Will you be a great parent?

Sometimes the lady does not want to have kids, while there are a large number of persons who want just one child. Another situation could be that she wants to have babies but only after certain age or crossing a stage in her life. Simply ask this question and the answer will give you a lot of extra information.

4. Will you support me if ever I can’t provide enough for us?

No one can foresee the future events in life. Ups and downs in life are the expected cycles in anybody’s life. Not just financially, but emotionally the best support comes from the wife. In case of a health challenge or sickness, it could even be even physical support, if necessary.

Will your wife support you when the chips are down? Will she help to sustain the family while you are trying to regain your lost strength? Is your partner capable of enough emotional and physical strength to fight battles for the family?

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5. Will you do your best to keep the flame of Love and Romance alive?

As the time passes, keeping the flame of love and romance alive is not an easy task. Agreed that is all in the mind, but maintaining interest and giving time to each other can be quite is difficult. Over the period of time, each partner has a lot of work, commitments and responsibilities. Besides, there could be different kind of problems in life. It takes each person a lot of effort to keep the partner happy and impressed.

Romantic love cannot survive on its own; both of you have to take responsibility to keep it going persistently. Find out if your future wife willing is to keep the romance as one of her main priorities?

6. Are you willing to let go of some of your priorities to keep harmony?

The key to a successful marriage is a good communication along with the process of give and take. Of course, subduing your ego is almost a necessity. No matter how correct or right one spouse is, sometimes he or she just needs to drop the argument to gain peace and harmony in the house. A lot of times, picking the fight or arguing is not worth the stress and other negative effects.

7. Are you willing to opt out of career race to put us ahead?

Life has a lot to offer. If both husband and wife are well qualified and skilled in their respective fields, they are bound to rise and do well for themselves. However, mere career is not the only thing in life. The children, their education, proper upbringing may suffer if both husband and wife have full time careers.

Sure, if both the partners have a large appetite for more and more career success, it will demand time and energy. But the problem is 24 hours are not sufficient for very ambitious people to do justice to every aspect of life. One of the partner has to consider slowing down or forsaking the career to manage the house so that other partner can realize his career dreams.

The beauty of marriage is that if there is proper understanding between the partners, then they can build a great life together. Your partner should be just that: you. The foundation of your relationship has to be on love and mutual care that’s what makes the rest of your life beautiful.

8. Will you promise to strive to follow your personal goals?

Marriage is not entirely the end of the person’s journey of self development and evolving in life. Agreed that after marriage, one has to re-set the priorities and work towards common goals, yet, there is a part of us than can never be surrendered or given up. The important personal goals must be pursued and dreams must be kept alive.

Marriage does not and should not be made to sacrifice an individual’s identity. In marriage you have to intelligently balance between the person you have always been and an entity which is now part of a larger social set up. Of course, it is not easy but it is necessary.

9. Are you in touch with your exes?

If the answer if yes, then it could mean difficulty in letting go of the past and it might get difficult to start a fresh chapter in life with a clean slate.

Why ask these honest questions to your future wife?

In the interest of a happy married life together, you deserve to explore who she really is and what kind of a man would be fit for her.

Let us know your views and feedback please

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