Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

Mutual love and respect essentially form the foundation of any relationship. This is equally applicable to a happy romantic relationship between a couple. When we talk of  healthy relationship tips for couples, marriage counseling or relationship counseling for a couple, we often have in mind a ‘happily’ married couple who may be looking for some tips for strengthening their relationship.

After all, who does not want to have a happy and loving relationship with his or her spouse or partner?

It cannot be denied that such healthy relationship tips for couples, relationship counseling and marriage counseling are as effective and beneficial for couples who may be in a ‘live-in’ relationship as they are for married couples.

We shall give a look here to some of the key healthy relationship tips for couples which have emerged from research and studies done on the subject and also include some tips from relationship counseling and marriage therapy experts.

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Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples

While every couple would, in their day-to-day life, be finding out as to what works best for them and helps them have a loving relationship for all times to come, here are some healthy relationship tips for couples which can be tried and fine tuned for optimum results, of course with some hard work and commitment by both the partners concerned:

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1. Accept Your Partner The Way He Or She Is

If you have an agenda of changing or converting your spouse to a perfect one, you better give up the notion. For a healthy and loving relationship between a couple, either spouse must accept the other one the way he or she is and then start working on nurturing the relationship. This suggestion can often be found during a marriage counseling or relationship counseling session as well.

2. Know That In Every Relationship, There Are Ups And Downs

Just as you can’t be happy all the time, the relationship between a couple can also never always be on a high. Accept this universal fact and be determined that both of you will happily face the ‘ups-and-downs’ as they come. There wouldn’t be a need for you to consider relationship counseling or marriage counseling or to ask for any healthy relationship tips for couples.

And believe me, it will just be a passing phenomena and every ‘down’ day will make both of you stronger and also fonder of each other. Also refer to: Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them

3. Appreciate Your Spouse For All That’s Good

You must be vocal in appreciating all the good qualities in your spouse, howsoever small each one may be. Complementing your spouse for his or her care, concern, love, punctuality and tending to your small day-to-day needs would go a long way in building a healthy and happy relationship with him or her even with the ever-increasing responsibilities as you move on in life.

Developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ will bring in magical rewards for both of you.

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4. Start Thinking In Terms Of ‘We’

So long as you were single, it was only natural for you to think in terms of ‘me’, ‘mine’ and ‘I’. For a long lasting loving relationship, you must think and talk with reference to both of you now. This minor change will develop a collaborative thinking style and will help both of you build a strong commitment towards each other without much effort.

During marriage counseling or relationship counseling, this would be one of the key suggestions to any couple desirous of receiving healthy relationship tips for couples for a long lasting loving relationship.

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5. Keep The Novelty And Playfulness In Your Relationship Alive At All Times

As you get to know your partner or spouse with passage of time, you must remember that you should not allow staleness to set in. Although healthy relationship tips for couples, marriage counseling and relationship counseling have important roles to play, it is an established fact that human beings love novelty, uncertainty and excitement that come with the unknown.

Be playful, whatever be your age. Have fun together and you will learn to ‘let go’, which will be of immense value at all stages of your life.

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6. Show Your Affection Towards Your Partner With A Physical Touch

If you show your love and affection towards your partner with a physical touch on his or her shoulders, kissing, hugging or holding his or her hand, the very act releases ‘feel-good’ hormones in his or her body, reduces blood pressure, elevates the mood and helps release accumulated stress. All these factors have a distinctly positive impact on your relationship as a couple.

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7. Give ‘Space’ To Your Partner

While any couple would normally prefer closeness to each other, it is equally true that all human beings need their own space. Accordingly, it is essential that you give your spouse his or her space. Let your spouse bloom as an individual and not feel constrained by your presence by his or her side all the 24 hours round.

8. Communicate In All Circumstances

Be a good listener and don’t break the communication channel under any circumstances. Even if you don’t agree with your spouse, you must empathize with him or her and come to a solution. Remember that lack of communication is a big contributing factor in many marital discords. In any relationship counseling or marriage counseling, due emphasis is laid on effective communication by the counselors.

9. Be Honest With Your Spouse

Know for sure that mistrust should never be allowed to develop in your relationship with your spouse. In happy couples, honesty comes as easy as breathing. If mistrust develops between a couple, even marriage counseling or relationship counseling or any number of healthy relationship tips for couples would only be of limited help.

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10. Respect Your Spouse And Never Take Him Or Her For Granted

Show your partner that you indeed respect him / her and will never commit the mistake of taking him or her for granted. You would most likely get back the same amount of respect and concern, if not more, from your spouse. This is an important component of healthy relationship tips for couples.

In many relationship counseling and marriage counseling sessions, it has come out that lack of respect was responsible for many avoidable problems between the couple. Also refer to: How to Improve Your Relationship

11. Seek Help When You Consider It Necessary

In case you find that the same difference or disagreement keeps cropping up repeatedly in your discussions with your spouse, consider seeking help and going for marriage counseling or relationship counseling by a professional.

In addition to the healthy relationship tips for couples given above, all couples must keep their anger under control; avoid contempt and yelling; never resort to personal criticism; never withdraw from a discussion and must keep their partner’s emotional needs in mind on an everyday basis. This may help avoid a visit to a psychologist for relationship counseling or marriage counseling.

Prevention is any day better than cure!

While it may not be possible for some people to follow all the healthy relationship tips for couples given above, it would be worthwhile to start with one or two and gradually follow all the tips given for having a peaceful, loving and happy life with your partner or spouse.

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