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Get Married Get HealthySome people may be surprised, shocked or amused on reading the topic, “Get Married Get Healthy” while many others would like to ponder over this yet once again. And they may feel inclined to believe that indeed, once you get married, you do get to lead a healthier life. But is there a direct relationship between being married and being healthy?

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Get Married Get Healthy! Is it true?

This debate has been going on for decades, if not centuries. Do married people lead a healthier life, in general, as compared to the unmarried ones?

Many unmarried couples may be ‘living together’ for a long time and could otherwise be having a very healthy live in relationship. Research and studies have been conducted on the subject, often with conflicting findings. However, it is believed that while your spouse may be driving you crazy with his or her annoying habits including snoring, your spouse could actually be saving your life on a day to day basis.

The trust that two married individuals have in each other increases with every passing day. This mutual trust has a truly transformative effect on both the partners as the relationship gets naturally nurtured and strengthened. This solemn belief has existed for decades in all the countries across the world and is no more just a matter of faith. It has been more or less accepted as science. Please refer to: How to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Fun

Research has also established this fact, which has been a part of our fairy tales for centuries. “Marry and you will live happily ever after” has, so to say, been a norm in many countries. You can easily assume and add that you will also be healthier all along.   You may also like to read: Valid Reasons to Get Married

Effects of marriage on health

Effects of marriage on the heart and overall health of the two individuals concerned have been a matter of concern for the society. Some studies have challenged the claim that those who marry get healthier. Critics and skeptics argue that newly-wed couples at best enjoy a brief ‘honeymoon effect’ where they feel a bit more satisfied and happier with their lives. But the ‘honeymoon effect’ soon goes away and they end up feeling just as satisfied or dissatisfied with their lives as they were before their marriage.

It would indeed be worthwhile to take a short pause and think. What, if the so called ‘honeymoon effect’ continues throughout your married life? Why not find a common permanent meeting ground? Why have a brief or fleeting ‘honeymoon effect’ at all? The satisfaction, happiness, feeling of togetherness and joy (of being one entity, so to say) should be an ‘everlasting honeymoon’ and not just a temporary and short-lived ‘honeymoon effect’.

Critics also argue that married people face as many health issues as unmarried ones; they too fall ill often and that marriage has no correlation with their falling ill. Well, it is nobody’s case that marriage gives a life-long immunity against all illnesses or that it guarantees a healthy heart for all times to come. We shall examine this issue in greater details as we move on further in this article.

It may be of interest to note that despite the adverse comments made in many studies, our faith in the health benefits of marriage has not shaken one bit. Whatever be the reservations of any particular individual, it is commonly believed and accepted that getting married does have a positive impact on your heart and overall health.

Recent research has brought out that cancer patients who are married are more likely to survive and bravely face the situation and pain associated with cancer than those who happen to be single and develop cancer. Death rates in the case of unmarried patients are also higher as compared to married ones. Death cases are higher for single men as compared to single women. You may like to read:

Social support from the spouse, among many other factors, seems to be the main reason for the married people being better survivors.

Effects of marriage on heart

Effects of marriage on heartLet us now talk of physical heart and leave out the emotional heart for a while. If your heart is healthy and happy, chances are that your overall health will also be good.

Studies conducted in Finland in the recent past have reconfirmed that people who are married are at a reduced risk of an acute coronary event and even death due to a heart attack. Both men and women have been reported to be beneficiaries. Further, marriage reduces the risk of a heart attack by as much as 65% for both married men and women.

There could be many reasons for these positive effects on the hearts of married people. Married people are generally believed to be better-off financially, leading healthier lives, having more friends and also better social support systems. Married people also have mental comfort that the spouse is around to call for help or even call an ambulance in case of any emergency.

Many other health benefits of getting married

There are many hidden benefits of being in a relationship. But the health benefits of getting married far outweigh those you get when you are single or are in a live-in relationship without getting married. Let us look at some of the distinct benefits of getting married:

1. You start believing in ‘safe behavior’

Married individuals are less likely to get into risky behavior of any kind such as dangerous driving, drug abuse or even risky adventurous activities. Experts believe that your propensity to get involved in dangerous pursuits diminishes when you move-in with your partner with whom you have been in a relationship and it falls further when you get married. Your subconscious mind is always aware and is telling you all the time that you have somebody who so much depends on you. This thought keeps you away from any dangerous pursuits and keeps you safe.

2. Lower stress levels

If you are married, you are less likely to get overly stressed or depressed. Studies conducted at the University of Chicago have found that if you have a strong long-term bond (such as the one two married individuals have between them), your hormones get affected in a way where your stress level decreases. Cortisol levels fall in both men and women while a fall in the testosterone levels in men tends to make them less stubborn and headstrong.

So, you may say that though marriage itself may be quite stressful for some, it does make it easier for you to handle your other stress factors well. It acts as a buffer against stress.

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3. Higher chances of recovery and quicker recovery after a major surgery

A supportive and loving spouse can be the key to a successful and quick recovery after a major surgery and even a coronary bypass surgery. This fact has been duly established by various studies conducted by renowned institutions across the world. Some researchers have claimed that happily wedded patients who undergo a major surgery are more than three times likely to be still around 15 years later as compared to their single or unmarried counterparts. Marital satisfaction does have a highly positive impact on the heart, recovery and well being of a married individual.

4. Less chances of a stroke

As per a report published by the American Stroke Association, married men were, in a study, found to be having a 64 percent lower chance of getting a fatal stroke as compared to single men.

In another study conducted at a University in Israel, it was found that individuals enjoying a happy married life had better chances of avoiding strokes. This was probably due to the general health benefits that happily married people enjoy.

It is commonly believed that summoning help where a stroke was suspected took longer in case of people who were unmarried. If that be so, the probability of surviving a stroke would naturally be lower in case of people who happen to be living alone.

5. Better Mental Health and less chances of a mental illness

In an American study in 1991, it was found that men and women who were married were enjoying better mental health and were less prone to developing a severe mental illness or depression. Their chances of developing any other major psychiatric disorder were also much less than their counterparts who were never-married, were living-together without getting married or were divorced.

6. Better sleep

Better sleepPeople who are happily married are known to get better sleep as compared to their single or married but dissatisfied counterparts. This means better quality of sleep as well as more hours of sleep. Married women score better over their counterparts who are unmarried or are having an unhappy married life. It goes without saying that lack of sleep has an adverse impact on the health and relationships of such people. So, once again, marriage can be taken to be leading to a healthy and wholesome life.

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Get married get healthy and live longer!

Get married get healthy and live longerWho does not want to live longer? So, here is a ready tip: “Get married, get healthy and live longer!”

It can be safely argued that living longer makes sense only if one is leading a healthy and fulfilling life. To that extent, you can comfortably conclude from the foregoing discussion that getting married results in manifold health advantages to you, including a healthy heart. To add to this, multiple studies conducted over the last many decades in different countries of the world also show that by getting married, you do add a few extra years to your life and the number could even be close to ten.

The studies mentioned above have found that getting married provides stability to your life with significant changes in lifestyle patterns being an added bonanza. This leads to a reduced risk to your life. And yes, it does work to the advantage of both the partners. Having a loving and caring partner through the middle and old age provides ample protection against premature death as well.

You can go and spread the word around. Tell your friends and acquaintances of getting married and leading truly joyous lives for all times to come!

With so many benefits associated with marriage, one can only say, “Get Married, Get Healthy, Live Longer and Live Happier Ever After!

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