Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020 on 12 Zodiac Signs

Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020 on 12 Zodiac Signs

After thirty years, planet Saturn has entered Capricorn on 24th January 2020. This transit happens to be one of the most important phenomenons in the year 2020 but also in the lives of people. Although this transit will effect individuals as well as the nations, climate, atmosphere and other national and international events, the purpose of this article is to discuss the effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020 on 12 Zodiac Signs.

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How important is this transit of Saturn

The transit of Saturn is always to be treated as a major event in the lives of people and especially this transit as I am going to give you 3 important reasons.

#1 As most of you might know that Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs which are owned by Saturn. So, it is quite likely that the natives will have a positive influence because of it.

#2 This transit would signify the end of the 7.5 years of Sade Sati period for natives born under Scorpio Moon sign. At the same time, with this transit the Sade Satti period starts for the people born under Aquarius Moon sign.

#3 In the same way, those born under Taurus Moon sign will see the completion of Ashtam Shani period and the beginning of Ashtam Shani period for Gemini Moon sign.

Effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn in 2020 on 12 Zodiac Signs

As per the calculations of Vedic Astrology, this transit started on 24th January 2020 and will last roughly for a period of 2.5 years, as Saturn will move to next zodiac sign Aquarius on 28th April, 2022.

In addition, during this period we shall see Saturn getting into retrograde motion on 11th May 2020 and it will again get into direct motion (progressive) on 29th September 2020.

Here are the links to take you to a specific zodiac sign quickly:


Effects of Saturn Transit on Aries Moon Sign

This transit of Saturn will be over your 10th house.

Professional Life

You may not get very beneficial results in the beginning. However, over time, you will get positive results in your life, including professional life.

You will have to work harder to maintain your position in the workplace. During this period you may be assigned more tasks and responsibilities at your workplace. If you dedicate yourself to your work, you can achieve the targets.

Those working in the oil, metal or mining industries are likely to get some beneficial results during this transit.

Relations with the seniors may not be at their best during the year because of their very high expectations.

Domestic Life

At the home front also you may have to make extra efforts to maintain harmony amongst the family members.

There may be some worries or anxiety about health of the family members. Take good care of the health of your mother during this transit.


Expenditures are likely to remain high. You will achieve your financial targets but with at a slow pace.

Personal Life

Some natives with their Moon in Aries are likely to get the chances to go abroad in connection with their professional matters.

Also take care of your health during the first quarter of the year.

Tips for Natives Born with Aries Moon Sign

  1. During this time, you need to keep your energy level high to discharge your duties and responsibilities.
  2. Changing your basic style of working and developing a positive attitude would be your mantra for this phase.
  3. Keep your motivation level high and don’t get disappointed because of delays and hurdles

Spiritual Remedies

Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn and worship Lord Hanuman daily. 

Effects of Saturn Transit on Taurus Moon Sign

This transit of Saturn will be over your 9th house. This is the house of fame and luck and spiritual inclinations.

Saturn is also the lord of the 9th and 10th house.

Professional Life

Your seniors may remain indifferent and may not show much interest in your work or growth. This is likely to upset you. To compensate such situations, you should focus on your work, work hard to achieve the targets and show outstanding performance.

Domestic Life

Your relations with your life partner are not likely to be harmonious. As a result you may face some marital problems. Some misunderstanding in relations may develop because of interference of third party.


Income may improve but at the same time the expenditures will be high during the months of September and October 2020.

Personal Life

Due to its transit in this house, you will be more inclined to religious and spiritual journeys. The transit will help you to maintain rapport with people around you.

This transit will give you some meaningful lessons of life.

Health challenges may come up, especially relating to bones and age related health issues

Tips for Natives Born with Taurus Moon Sign

Make best use of this transit which is going to shower blessings of fortune and fame on you, provided you work hard and have patience.

Spiritual Remedies

Worship Lord Hanuman daily

Effects of Saturn Transit on Gemini Moon Sign

This transit of Saturn will be over your eighth house. This also marks the beginning of Ashtam Shani period for Gemini Moon sign.

This is the house of sudden gains and losses and inheritance.

Saturn is also the lord of the 8th and 8th houses.

Professional Life

This phase will demand strong determination and concentration to win over the challenging situations. Therefore, you should also stay calm and confident till the situations improve.

Fortunately, you will get support from your team members and colleagues.

With hard work and determination you will be able to successfully complete your tasks.

There are chances of sudden job changes for some Gemini natives.


You will not be dependent on anybody for help but will work harder to earn more money. Keep spending under check as there could be sudden gains or losses.

New paths for financial profits will open up. The tasks and jobs you completed successfully in the past will now give you the benefits.

Personal Life

You will prefer a peaceful environment and some of you will be into serious planning to achieve your dream goals.

You may want to develop better understanding with your beloved and family members to avoid any acrimony.

Your spouse may need your emotional support and understanding.

Make sure you strictly follow the practice of eating only healthy diet, especially when traveling.

Tips for Natives Born with Gemini Moon Sign

  • Be pragmatic when choosing a new job.
  • You should maintain harmony and work-life balance in your life.

Spiritual Remedies

Keep fast on Saturdays or fast on Shani Pradosh and avoid wearing dark color clothes.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Cancer Moon Sign

This transit of Saturn will be over your seventh house.  This is the house of partner, associates, spouse and source of daily income.

Saturn is also the lord of the 6th and 7th houses.

Professional Life

Business owners may not feel satisfied with the performance of their partners. Your business associates also may not contribute much to the progress and growth your business.

If in job, transfer and change of residence are quite possible.

Be ready to accept business trips which give no results


During the period of this transit, your financial conditions will start improving gradually. Some of the Cancer natives may receive an amount recoverable from someone for a long time.

Personal Life

This is likely to be a tough period for the married natives and the nature problem could be related to interpersonal relationships. Your relationship may lack warmth and harmony. Therefore, all efforts should be made by you to avoid such situations.

Due care should be taken of the health of your spouse.

Similarly if you are in love with someone and would now like to marry this person, you may encounter hurdles and delays.


Tips for Natives Born with Cancer Moon Sign

  1. For better harmony in your married life, try to see the things from the point of view of your spouse also. Increase the love and respect for your spouse.
  2. Reflect on your past actions and decisions, learn from them and correct them, if needed.

Spiritual Remedies

Be kind to manual workers. Help the poor and the needy as much as possible.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Leo Moon Sign

This transit of Saturn will take place in your 6th house, if your natal Moon is in Leo. Saturn is the lord of 6th and 7th houses in your case.

In astrology, 6th house indicates legal and debt matters, juniors and completion, besides many other things.

Professional Life

Your competitors and rivals will not be able to harm you if you do your planning thoroughly and work hard. This is applicable to both kind of natives – those who are in job or they own a business.

Similarly, students can also hope to do well in competitive exams if they study hard with full focus.

The decisions regarding promotion and salary increase etc. shall be in your favor but do not expect decisions to come in time – there will be delays.


Financially, you will make some progress and gain well. At the same time, you may be worried about not being able to save money as it may be spent away soon.

Personal Life

Your family members shall be supportive of your efforts to progress in life. Similarly those in love would like to take their relationship further. However, all these matters would also depend on the strength and position of planets in individual horoscopes.

Tips for Natives Born with Leo Moon Sign

  1. A cool and composed approach will be required to manage your career.
  2. Use of patience and intelligence, can help you cross many hurdles and reach important milestones.

Spiritual Remedies

Worship Lord Hanuman daily

Effects of Saturn Transit on Virgo Moon Sign

For the Virgo natives, this transit will take place in their 5th house from the Moon sign. Also Saturn is the lord of their 5th and 6th houses.

The 5th house represents emotional matters, love affairs, higher education, personal aspirations and progeny etc.

Professional Life

Professional life may be disturbing. Your network of friends may not be of much help to you during this transit. Even your seniors may not be very supportive or encouraging.


Sometime you may feel that you do not have enough savings compared to the life style you desire. You will wish to generate more wealth in the time to come in order to fulfill your ambitions and for financial security.

This is a good time to make some long term investments. Investments done during this phase will bring steady returns in the future.

Personal Life

This transit is going to give moments of anxiety and worry to the natives born with Moon in their fifth house. This worry could be with regard to fulfillment of your dreams and ambitions. Another area of concern could be relating to general progress of your children.

Newly married couples may experience delays and difficulties in expanding their family.

Lovers may find this period very tough and challenging.

Tips for Natives Born with Virgo Moon Sign

  1. Try to remain more practical in your approach.
  2. Discipline and sustained hard work will be the mantras of success for students as well as professionals

Spiritual Remedies

Be kind to manual workers. Help the poor and the needy as much as possible.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Libra Moon Sign

If your natal Moon is in Libra this transit of Saturn will take place in your 4th house. Saturn is the lord of 4th and 5th houses in the case of Libra being in the first house.

In vedic astrology, 4th house indicates property, fixed and movable assets, domestic life and mother, besides many other things.

Professional Life

This transit may not give very favorable results as you may remain worried most of the time. This transit of Saturn may affect your growth prospects adversely. You will not feel satisfied with the working atmosphere at your place of work.

Your seniors will not show satisfaction with your work. All these factors will contribute negativily at professional front. This may keep you tensed. Promotion may get delayed or even denied.

Domestic Life

This period will make your family life demand more of your attention than usual. Perhaps your commitment to family and their love for you will have to undergo some sort of tough test.

Sometimes family members may not cooperate and frequent quarrels will keep you disturbed. Therefore, you should try to avoid any type of provocation that might lead to arguments.

If you had some family issues in the past, they are likely to resurface and cause irritation. This may also result in disturbing harmony in your domestic life.

Take the help of the elderly people to resolve conflicts in your marital life and you will see some positive results of that.


During this period, have a good look at your net worth and take a stock of your movable and immovable assets. Maintaining a watch over your assets will benefit you in the long run.

This may not be best of the times of making fresh investments in land or buildings.

Personal Life

Understanding your partner’s emotional state of mind will help you in keeping your love life safe.

Tips for Natives Born with Libra Moon Sign

Do take care of your own health as some issues like heart problems etc. may slowly crop up

Try to avoid the company of wicked and unethical people.

Spiritual Remedies

After consulting a good astrologer, you should wear best quality Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Scorpio Moon Sign

This forecast is for those who had their Moon in Scorpio at the time of their birth. For them this transit of Saturn will take place in their 3rd house and as such it is expected to be a favorable transit of Saturn.

As you may know, your Sade Satti is over now.

Professional Life

The third house represents courage, communication skills, hobbies, talent and initial education, siblings, nearby relations, and short journeys. Therefore, your courageous pursuits at the professional front will reward you with success.

Your sincere working will pave the way for success in the future. Your sincere communication and planned action will help the organisation grow successfully. This will make your seniors happy with your performance and appreciate you for your sincerity.

You are likely to get promoted during this transit phase.

Domestic Life

Due to your busy schedule at work and travelling, you may not be able to give good time at home. This may disturb the family members emotionally.

As Saturn will be aspecting the 5th house of love and emotions, some distance may be felt in your relationship. You will need to bridge the gap in order to maintain a good love life.


You are going to be better off in terms of finances. Your career growth will contribute to improve your financial conditions. Your business will start giving you better returns.

Good investments done in the past will yield good results. The profits you get from your investments can be used for the betterment of your life.

Personal Life

During this period, you might feel more enthusiastic and have a feeling of freedom. Such positive emotions may bring clarity about how to proceed further.

However, some important commitments may still be there in your life. This will force you to make some changes in your financial goals.

Tips for Natives Born with Scorpio Moon Sign

Planning short trips with your loved ones will help you in strengthening your bond with them.

At times the situations in your family life may get difficult. You will have to deal with them delicately.

Spiritual Remedies

Continue your spiritual practices. This will benefit you immensely.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Sagittarius Moon Sign

Saturn has the lordship of the signs falling in 2nd and 3rd house for Sagittarius natives. You are now under the influence of 3rd phase of Sade Sati. You might have already faced the problem of lethargy or a slowdown in career due to this.

Professional Life

Your performance graph is likely to get lowered during this period. Your seniors may be unable to understand the reasons behind your under performance. You are not likely to receive their support.

Professional life may be disturbing and seniors or colleagues may not be happy with your attitude and performance at workplace.

Due to some reason or other you may not like to be an active member of your professional network during this phase.

Therefore, you will have to work sincerely to exceed the expectations and maintain your reputation in the office.


The net cash flow can suffer a setback while the expenditures may remain high.

Due to the impact of Sade Sati phase, you will see some stability at the financial front. However, you may not see a spurt in your earnings. It is possible that some of the natives will start thinking to invest for a longer time horizon.

Personal Life

During this transit, you may find that the extended family life is not cordial. It is even possible that some of the Sagittarius natives may even fail get the desired support from family members. Petty issues may be the cause of disharmony within the family.

Especially students may face the problem of insufficient motivation to focus on their studies.

Overall a happy sense satisfaction due to achievement may get reduced.

Tension due to relations in the family or the health of mother may be the cause of worries

Tips for Natives Born with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Maintaining a work life balance between will help you in performing better your professional area.

Your choice of words will have to be respectful while dealing with your seniors and higher authorities.

Spiritual Remedies

Keep on performing the remedies of Saturn so that this period may prove to be encouraging for you.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Capricorn Moon Sign

This is the beginning of the second phase of Sade Satti in the lives of those who have their natal Moon in the Capricorn sign. In your case, Saturn is the lord of your 1st and 2nd houses. It is also the home coming for Saturn after 30 years.

Personal Life

This is a period which will put to test your qualities like determination, commitment and mental strength. You will need strong self confidence and belief in self to face challenging situations.

This transit of Saturn will make you a superman or a superwoman if you pass the tough tests given by Saturn. Be ready to face challenges like emotional disturbances since Saturn’s transit is over the natal Moon.

Try to make some positive changes in your attitude and the way you look at the things.

Domestic Life

It is foreseen that problems may come up in married life during this transit. Coldness in relations may develop and in some cases it may lead to creation of mental distance. However, for accurate predictions, it would be necessary to study the placement of all planets in the natal chart and operating dasha system.

Therefore, you need to be more careful during the month of April to June 2020 and try to avoid any such situations which may disturb the harmony in marital life.

Professional Life

You may face obstructions in your professional field. The life may seem full of troubles and challenges.  Failure to succeed in the first attempt may shake the confidence level of some natives. Even the hard work may not show good results

Atmosphere at workplace may not be conductive. This may cause you to remain depressed. Be mentally ready to face the indifferent attitude of your seniors further causing restlessness and worries.


It will be quite tough to get good financial results. But you should not lose hope and keep your focus on additional earning opportunities.

For business owners, patience will play a major role when you are waiting for results.

Family members may find it difficult to give a supporting hand in financial matters. Hence, you will need to need to have alternative arrangements and plan your budget accordingly.

Tips for Natives Born with Capricorn Moon Sign

Keep yourself busy in some useful activities that will help your mind to get refreshed and stay strong.

Double check the feasibility and profitability of a new venture before you decide to invest money in it.

Spiritual Remedies

Drop your ego. Be kind to manual workers. Help the poor and the needy as much as possible.

Effects of Saturn Transit on Aquarius Moon Sign

You have entered 1st phase of Sade Satti and for 2.5 years Saturn will transit over your 12th from the Moon sign.

12th house is a house which denotes expenses, hospitalization, spiritual learning and overseas travels. Therefore, you should be prepared in all respects to face challenging situations – which may come up at times.

However, try not to fear unnecessarily as Saturn is going to be in own sign.

Personal Life

You may experience a bit of loneliness at work and personal life despite the presence of a lot of people around you.

It’s time that you work uniquely and garnish your cake with a new cherry of achievement on the top.

Take good care of your health as there are possibilities of health challenges like joint pains; arthritis or foot injury.

Domestic Life

You may feel that you need more time be alone, while some of you may get more inclined towards spirituality. This change of behaviour may be termed as eccentric nature by people close to you. Your loved one may fail to respond in the manner you want them to. Therefore, you also need to give quality time to your beloved to keep the relationship going fine.

This caution is necessary as there are possibilities of misunderstandings between you and your spouse and if left unchecked it may create a rift too.

Professional Life

You will be expected to work a more effectively and also work more hard than usual. Since this transit is in Saturn’s own sign, at the end of the day Saturn is likely to reward you with success in your field of work.

Colleagues at the workplace may not give much cooperation. Rather they may create hurdles to come in your work. Therefore, it would be better to proceed with a definite plan in mind and not depend much support from others.

Due to difference in method of working, sometimes arguments are likely to take place. This may strain your relations with people at office.

Those in import-export related business can make good progress if they make sincere efforts.

Do not lose focus from the fundamental areas and try to maintain a rock-solid stance. This will help you in consolidating your position in your professional life.


In case you have made some wise investments in the past, you may get benefits during this transit.

During the phase of Saturn’s transit, you may have to keep a close watch on your expenses due to the possibility of unplanned expenses. There are chances of spending for the healthcare of someone.

Hence, if would be a good idea to try the opportunities that can give you additional monetary benefits.

Good financial planning and implementation will help you in stabilizing your financial position.

Family members may be able to offer less support in terms of money.

Tips for Natives Born with Aquarius Moon Sign

  1. Spend money wisely
  2. Keeping a watch on your health
  3. Do not lose focus from the fundamental target and maintain a steady stance.

Spiritual Remedies

Worship Lord Hanuman daily

Effects of Saturn Transit on Pisces Moon Sign

Saturn is the Lord of the 11th and 12th house. It will be transiting through the 11th house. This is the house of gains and networking.

Personal Life

This period of transit will prove to be positive for you. Your level of confidence will be high and you will feel more determined to meet the challenges of life.

Relations with friends will be pleasant and they will be helpful for you. Your contacts with people in authority will be supportive to you.

You will have good name and fame in the society.

Domestic Life

Relations with the spouse and children will be cordial. You are likely to enjoy the support of family members and you will feel the harmony in your domestic life.

Your married life will be good and you will get along well with your spouse.

Single natives of moon sign Pisces are likely to find the soulmate and their search will conclude.

Professional Life

This is likely to be a good phase for your professional life. You will find yourself to be more hardworking and also have good relationships with your seniors.

You will be able to peacefully fix some old problems at professional front


You are likely to gain from your past investments. Regular income from existing sources may also keep you happy.

You will make plans for making some fresh investments.

Tips for Natives Born with Pisces Moon Sign

Don’t be lazy as only hard work can fetch you good results.

Quite a few good opportunities will knock on your door and you should wisely chose the ones which are right for you.

Spiritual Remedies

  1. Worship Lord Hanuman daily
  2. Yoga and meditation will prove to be beneficial during this period

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