Easy Ways To Improve Relationship

How to have a Great RelationshipOften people wonder and also ask, are there any easy ways to improve relationship? Is it not a simple question, but yet so many people have so many problems in their relationships. After some time they either end up breaking up or continue to live in a boring, struggling relationship or a bad, charmless marriage.

Is this problem of relationship common?

To begin with, a great relationship requires you to be great first with a great intention to have a great relationship. Imagine a regular cycle in our lives, people get excited when they jump into a relationship. They are so happy to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They want to get married and be with their wife or the husband all the time. But when the some time has passed and they have known each other better, the routine sets in and some more responsibilities require to be shouldered. This is the time when they begin to get uncomfortable when the same person is around.

It is around this time their mind begins to seek effective but easy ways to improve relationship.

What is the real challenge?

So the challenge is to continue to have a great relationship, make your partner feel important, and loved and have a great life together. Also read: How to Keep Your Relationship Strong and Fun

3 Easy Ways to Improve Relationship

Okay, we have become aware of the fact that the problems in relationships do exist. Second, they are not uncommon and now let us find out the ways to have a great relationship.Actually the solution consists of three behavioral intentions cum actions. They are so simple that at first you might laugh them off but they are very powerful. So powerful that you cannot ignore them at all and so effective that you want to start implementing them right away. Even if you have a reasonably good relationship, these three things will fire up your relationship to the next level.

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1. Give More Attention

Your partner or spouse wants to have full attention from you. You may realize that over a period of time your partner is getting diminishing attention from you. Perhaps you are physically around but busy working on your laptop or keep checking and responding to the messages in your smart phone, even if it is a dinner time or very private time in the bedroom.

Therefore, if you have a serious intention of improving your relationship then give them the gift of your presence and attention rather than giving presents and not even knowing that how your girl friend is looking  in the new hair style which she has got done only for you. Can you go for a walk or have dinner with her and leave your phone untouched? Can you have a conversation on an unimportant subject because it is very important? Do read for more ideas: How to Improve Your Relationship

One of the best gifts you can give to the person you love is to give a few minutes of undivided attention to him or her in today’s age – where everyone is distracted by a call or a message or e mail or an update notification. If you try to recall your best memories, it has to be two of you together – it did not matter whether you two were alone or in a chaos around you.

2. Show More Appreciation

If you love your dear one then it has to be communicated. This communication of love is needed because God has not fitted us with sensors to read each other’s heart. One of the best ways to express love is to appreciate your loved ones as human beings. Show that you love and care by way of extraordinary respect and appreciation for them so that they feel it completely in their hearts.

One of the ways to show appreciation would be to be a good listener, asks questions to know more about your partner’s feelings and experiences in life and be more empathetic. You could also try complimenting your partner in front of others and see your relation getting charged up.

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3. Give More Understanding and Support

Each individual lives to realize his dreams and enjoy his achievements. You have to share their dreams, geode them how to achieve their goals, support them in the process and take joy in their big or small achievements.

When you love and respect someone you’ll do more for him and you’ll be his priority in life. Real love isn’t just gifting flowers and gifts, though there is no reason why you shouldn’t do that too. However, it’s about going beyond that and doing something more meaningful in his life. Step forward to understand and support their life goals and dreams.

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When you truly love somebody you really care to see them happy, motivated, engaged and living their own fully charged life. When you really share your life with someone you go out of your way to praise them and talk about them in front of other people. You celebrate even their little achievements and in turn they want to share their happy moments with you.

To Sum Up

If you feel that every thing is wrong with your relationship or just wish that it could be better then also you can try these three easy ways to improve relationship. Of course, to improve relationship or have a great relationship there has to be serious intention and constant efforts. Use your intention and actions to give attention, appreciation, support and guidance.

Try these and see your relationship improving tremendously.

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