Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Modern Life

Meditation in Everyday LifeThe typical everyday modern life

There can be no two opinions that most of the working populations is living in a fast lane. It would be not out of the place to include non working professionals also such as college students, spouses and parents of working professionals.

Always in a rush, going from one place to another, texting on the move, most of the time making or receiving calls on mobile phones, desperately trying to keep pace with the speed at which the data is flowing in, reading and answering e mails in a hurry, just out of a meeting and preparing presentation for another business meeting.

The ill effects of modern hectic life

Where does it leave them, not time to be with the family, unable to catch up with the friends, exercise and re-recreational activities have the least priority now.

It is high pressure, high tension career which is driving them crazy. They have now time to pause for a moment and even talk to themselves.

As a result we increasingly hear the words like Stress, Anxiety, Tension, Burnout, Life Style Diseases and discuss them with our colleagues, friends and relatives.

Is there an easy prevention from the negative aspects of modern life?

If you feel related to such situations and have been looking for a permanent solution then this is the right time for you to go to age old, proven and well known to mankind technique – Meditation.

Do you have to specially learn Meditation?

Perhaps it is not required. Some of you already know it, may be you learnt it long time ago and are out of practice. May be you are familiar with the techniques of relaxation. Therefore, your job is almost done. Also see the videos on this page.

Meditation has many Forms

When you sit in a comfortable position, the clothes not too tight, adjust them if the fabric is bothering you at folds, sit with your spine straight, close your eyes (de-focus if you don’t want to close your eyes), take a deep breath in and exhale out, do it a few times, you have done the basic job of putting yourself into relaxation. Physical and mental relaxation is the key requirement of a good state of meditation.

Of course, you are free to add to it visualization or affirmation or repetition of mantra etc.

Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Modern Life

Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Modern Life
Benefits of Meditation in Everyday Modern Life

Or you might ask how meditation helps in everyday modern day ?

One of the basic objectives is to achieve a state of relaxation through which one should try to have awareness to the present moment.

The busy person described earlier in this article has his mind full of different thoughts crisscrossing all the time. It is like being in a busy street or a crowded shopping mall where a number of people are walking in different directions all the time. As the practice improves through sincerity and commitment to regularity, the mind becomes quieter and more peaceful. It can be compared to taking a walk alone in the woods.

With a quieter mind comes focus. You begin to see things in a better perspective. With better focus and clearer vision the fears, anxieties and prejudices are driven away. You are in the present not worried of future or regretting about the past. You may also say, Work Less, Achieve More ( read how to be able to do so)

With a more settled and unchained mind the efficiency to do work improves, the decision making is easier, better and less taxing.
Overall there is an increase in your performance quality and quantity. Besides some of you may be successful in Overcoming Fear of Failure ( see how to do so)

Yet you are less exhausted at the end of day.

What is the secret to meditation working for you successfully?

I have already given a hint in the previous lines.

For the practice of meditation to be truly beneficial and working for you, you need to make a commitment to be :

1. Regular
2. Sincere
3. Believer in the system and concept of meditation.

In other words, you will have to ensure that meditation became a fundamental part of your daily life:

What kind of the commitment is required?

This question is the twin brother ( or sister ) of the previous question and they complement each other very well.

In order to be regular and sincere in your meditative practice, you may have to let go of certain things to create time, space and room for benefits.

You may have to save time by partying less or watch less TV. If you are into too much chatting on phone then you may have to limit your time on phone. Alternatively, waking up little earlier in the morning could be an idea you might prefer.

Secondly, you have slowly start banishing negative thoughts, useless chatting, unnecessarily criticizing others from your life which serve no purpose.

Thirdly, the consumption of intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco (in any form), tea, coffee etc. have to be limited if it is not possible to eliminate them at all.

If you really want to develop and experience the wonderful, limitless personal growth that meditation provides—and has provided countless people for thousands of years—you have to be serious about it.

Begin with a 5 minutes every day routine which you can slowly take it forward to 30 – 40 minutes per sitting. Also meditating twice a day can be certainly more beneficial.

The benefits can be far more than the efforts put in

Print and electronic media is full of testimonials of people who have tried meditation and have benefited from it immensely. Some of the numerous benefits of meditation include:

Thus there is no new guarantee which you may require.

Just remind yourself of the benefits of age old technique which has perhaps come as a most valuable gift from Orient to everyone in the world.

Start your first session today and feel the difference.

 Video #1  Video #2

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There can be no two opinions that most of the working populations is living in a fast lane. It would be not out of the place to include non working professionals also such as college students, spouses and parents of working professionals.

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