Annoying Habits Of Partner That Can Kill Relationship

Annoying Habits Of Partner That Can Kill Relationship

There are usually two ways the relationships end. In the first type of break up, there usually is a big fight – some kind of a showdown or a big ego clash. This is the type where there is no scope of return and the damage done is heavy. The second type of break up is more like drifting apart, which happens slowly over a period of time. When you try to analyze that what caused it, you may find a number of silly and petty things which were responsible. Know about these annoying habits of partner that can kill relationship so that you can possibly avoid a breakup in your life.

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Annoying Habits Of Partner That Can Kill Relationship

It is so sad and disappointing to see two happy partners become almost strangers to each other over a period of time. OK we know that this was caused by one or more of the habits of one partner.

We also know that habits are hard to break. But maybe if one knew about them and how to recognize them, perhaps the damage to the relationship could have been avoided at the first place.

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Let us see what these annoying habits are:

1. Too Much Obsession With Social Media

The technology and the times we are experiencing now, perhaps the screen time or the obsession with Social Media and the Apps like Chat and Shopping are definitely stealing away the precious hours which otherwise belonged to the couple for their private moments.

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Recently I was watching a TV show where a top movie star cum actor was being interviewed along with the heroine. The TV anchor asked them what has changed over the years. The movie star heroine replied that nothing has changed accept that it is difficult to step out and be seen at public places because in no time people pull out their mobile phones, click their photos and share it on Social Media.

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This tells volumes about the grip Social Media has now over our time and attention. Naturally it has to affect the relationship, if one of the partners is always on the mobile phone and checking the updates.

Therefore, if you want a happy marriage then you have stay off the phone when the partner is around. For a healthy relationship this is one of the essential relationship advice or marriage advice.

2. Too Much Nagging or Criticizing

Who likes to be reprimanded over and over? You think you are correct so you state what you feel truly, however have you at any point given centering a shot the positives? In a recommended and preferred way, 80 percent of what you express to one another should be positive or impartial and just 20 percent (only if required) ought to be critical.

If you are in the habit of reacting critically over the littlest of things – that too in a irritable tone, you are setting yourself up for trouble, since it will make him emotionally disconnect and drift away.

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3. Always Cutting Your Partner Off

In any healthy relationship good and regular communication is the force that binds both the partners. Hence both should have equal opportunity to speak and discuss about any topic.

However, if you constantly cut him off when he is talking just because you either got diverted to something you saw or remembered, or you have a similar story to share, it may eventually put him off.

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One of the common reasons for many marriages failing is lack of good or equal communication. Therefore, let your partner also speak and listen to your partner with full attention is one of the foremost marriage advice which any marriage counselor or relationship therapist would give.

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4. Being Too Reliant On the other partner

Marriage or living together is a symbol of interdependence and co-existence by sharing work and responsibilities in a balanced way. But the balance gets disturbed when one partner is too dependent on the other partner.

This annoying habit puts a lot of pressure on the other partner who is always working and is constantly expected to check on someone or do things for someone.

This habit if not checked can take its toll over time in a relationship.

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5. Taking Your Partner For Granted

This usually happens when the partners get too comfortable with each other or the marriage has aged somewhat. At that stage one partner or both the partners may take each other for granted in their lives.

It is OK when it is done once in a while or occasionally but when it becomes a habit it causes a serious problem. However, the erring partner may not admit to such a behavior.

6. No Emotional Support In Times Of Distress

If a person is going through an emotionally tough phase in life due to personal or professional reasons, and his or her partner is not at all concerned then who would this person turn to for comfort?

The person would be able to see clearly that his partner is not bothered about him nor has any special feelings, then can you blame him for feeling gloomy or let down? Even if his partner tries to justify it with many, but it would never be enough. The partner lacks empathy for him. That is the clear message.

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7. Consistently lying

Little white lies sometimes might seem harmless, but if one partner does it over and over again, eventually, it can gradually create space between the two partners and eventually kill the relationship.

This could lead the other partner think very seriously if should trust what the lying partner says. There is nothing left in a relationship if trust is gone.

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8. Constant comparisons

If your partner is in the habit of constantly creating rules and imposing them, it may become too difficult for you to live up to your partner’s expectations. The problem worsens further when your partner also gives examples of other person’s behavior and compares you with him or her.

Having too many rules can drive the other partner away. It’s hard to live up to those rules and it can be impractical to have a real relationship if your partner is constantly comparing you to someone who your partner thinks it’s supposed to be.

Video: Annoying Habits of Partner That Can Ruin Relationship

To Sum Up

Generally speaking, perhaps we all have one or more annoying habits, which we do not find irritating in ourselves. But when something comes from someone living with you, such habits can definitely drive you up the wall.

The inconvenience starts when you enter an endless loop of disdain — when you’re tired of your accomplice’s disturbing habits, or you’re sick of getting singled out for your own.

Pestering, despise and nagging can all contribute to the relationship break up or divorce in a marriage. That irritating habit may appear to be the culprit, yet it’s not the habit that is the issue; it is how we respond to it.

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