Anger Management in 5 Steps

Anger Management in 5 StepsDo you also get angry and very angry at times? Have you been told to seek online therapy from a therapist for anger management? Perhaps you can do away with the need of going in for expensive and time consuming anger management therapy, if you follow the Anger Management Tips given here. Of course, you have to be a normal person with no serious clinical counseling requirement. We give here below, simple, useful, practical yet effective guide of Anger Management in 5 Steps.

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Anger Management in 5 Steps

Here is a list of 5 steps, elaborating what should be done, why it needs to be done and what are likely benefits. Also please refer to: Anger Management Quotes and Tips

1. Stop and Hold Yourself

Recognize that you are in a state of anger. Immediately stop whatever you are doing or are going to do. This is because in the state of anger, the actions taken are normally negative and can have far reaching consequences.

When a person is very angry, his brain is overwhelmed with emotions of all kinds. At this time it is impossible for him to see logic or reasoning. At that time he needs to vent his energy build up and mostly the actions are either destructive. While under the influence of anger he speaks words which may hurt the feelings of others. This spoils the relationship and mostly breaks the relationship.

All this happens in a few moments only. Hence it is very important to hold yourself back from saying or doing something destructive. Also please refer to: How to be Strong Emotionally and Mentally

Taking this further, it is possible that you are involved in a debate or heated exchange of arguments with someone. Maybe at that time the other person is angry too. So the additional thing to watch out for is your reaction. Do not allow yourself to be provoked under any circumstances.

If you are in such a situation then strategies like keeping quiet, using humor and removing yourself from there are to be followed. Remember the best response is no response or an apology while excusing yourself our immediately. Please do read: How to deal with criticism, critics and move forward in life

2. Take a few Deep Breaths

In a state of anger, the physiology undergoes a sudden change to the other extreme. The heart starts beating faster, blood pressure goes high, breathing becomes shallow and rapid, blood gushes to the face and voice is raised. The first step to stop this process of self inflicting damage by breathing deeply.

Begin by controlling your internal, physical responses to anger. Likely your heart rate is increased, your breathing is rapid, your face is flushed, or your voice is raised. The first step to inner control is to breathe deeply.

Take a number of slow and deep breaths. This will help you to calm down a bit and get a better hold of your state of mind and body. If you know a mantra or affirmation then repeat that a few times, like chanting OM or saying “This too shall be OK.” Some people even recommend counting from 1 to 100 before responding to an external trigger.

By breathing deeply you fill your lungs with fresh air and oxygen. This will check the adrenaline rush in your body when you are angry. Intake of fresh air and oxygen flow will relax your body, calm your mind, take your breathing and heart rate towards normal, and allow your brain to resume logical thinking again.

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3. Analyze and Understand

Once you’ve calmed down, try to see what really made you angry.  You might clearly understand better what was the real cause of anger, or you may see that your reaction was way out of proportion.

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4. Define the problem

After you have understood the situation more clearly, try to define the real problem. Maybe it is not traffic you are mad at, but you started 15 minutes late today.

5. Solve

Once you’ve defined and understood the problem, then consider possible options available for solving it. In clear and plain words, decide what exactly needs to be done to deal with the real issue that sparked your anger.

Decide to solve the problem. This step only works once you are calm, unbiased and determined. This will help you figure out what’s fair, what needs to be done and how to do it.

If it is speaking to someone, express yourself firmly, speaking calmly, without yelling, and that person will listen to you.

Anger Management in 5 Steps

क्रोध को कैसे काबू करें 5 Steps of Anger Management

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