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Get Married Get Healthy

Some people may be surprised, shocked or amused on reading the topic, “Get Married Get Healthy” while many others would like to ponder over this yet once again. And they may feel inclined to believe that indeed, once you get […]

Let Go Quotes

Letting Go Quotes

Importance of letting go in life Life always moves in cyclical patterns. There are ups, downs and stagnancy. It is not necessary that everyone has same cyclical patterns. Even the same person may experience the peaks and lows of sometimes […]

Solid Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

Life is ever evolving; circumstances keep changing – sometimes very good, at times average and other times very harsh and difficult. Quite a good percentage of people who are your friends, colleagues and relatives also tend to change accordingly. There […]

How to simplify life in simple steps

How to simplify life in simple steps

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he says enough is enough. The person wishes to have lesser load on his head or shoulder of his day to day life. There is an earnest cry from within to deal […]